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Expert: Chinese energy Internet enterprise shall play a leading role — energy — original title: Expert: China energy Internet enterprise shall play a leading role recently, the first 2016 energy Internet leader forum sponsored by the China energy newspaper released data show: at present, China has become the first country for renewable energy investment, investment growth to 20%, by 2020, renewable energy and related industrial chain added value will exceed $600 billion, energy supply and new energy investment market will reach $300 billion, the future of the energy industry has great potential. So in the last two years, the rise of energy in the energy field of the Internet is what the future will play a role in the energy industry? Study on the development of the electric power planning and Design Institute of energy director Chen Zheng believes that the Internet is the Internet technology energy and renewable energy development and application to energy exploitation and distribution of all aspects, the energy becomes distributed from the centralized, electricity, oil and gas, transportation, information network set up an energy sharing network. At the same time, the Internet has become an important energy strategy to support China’s energy revolution, to increase the proportion of renewable energy, promote clean and efficient use of fossil energy, improve energy efficiency, promote the comprehensive opening of the energy market and industrial upgrading to form a new economic growth point is very important. Although it is a new thing in recent years, but the Internet is becoming a hot energy enterprise to layout, calculated from the distributed generation, energy storage, intelligent microgrid, active distribution network, smart grid networking, big data, cloud, and then to the new energy vehicles, charging pile, when the lease, new technologies and new models and new products continue to emerge, commercial. The security of National Energy Bureau Director Tong Guangyi said that the current should start from the pragmatic theories and ideas because of the smart grid, smart grid in China are very mature, the policy on the National Energy Bureau of the NDRC and officially promulgated relevant guidance documents, smart grid means, from idea to target are very clear. Therefore, it should be based on the existing smart grid, so that the depth of integration of the Internet and smart grid, will go to the energy internet. "The core of a new generation of energy systems is the grid. The power grid undertakes the task of transmitting electric energy, which is connected with a large number of power generation enterprises and energy supply side enterprises." The Research Office of the State Council on Trade Secretary Tang Yuan said that the two communication system and Internet smart grid constitute the ecological system of the energy of the Internet, can establish a new energy market trading system and business operation platform based on this ecosystem. "This can maximize interoperability and complementarity of coal, oil and natural gas, electricity and heat energy can be one or two times, the development of energy storage and electric vehicle applications, smart energy and value-added services, green energy and energy trading flexible data synchronization using new mode and new formats, to achieve optimal scheduling the energy flow and efficiency." Tang Yuan said. In addition, to promote energy network construction, must follow the government guidance, enterprise main body, market oriented principle, but the government can not win, to play a guiding role, the introduction of more)相关的主题文章: