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Excessive drinking death continued: Bridesmaid Wedding Party to pay 50 thousand yuan will be charged the drink the Southern Metropolis Daily News (reporter Wang Yu) in September 15th 11, at 12 pm, Wenchang, the town of Vega Hotel on a wedding, 28 year old Yang due to alcohol poisoning, cause vomit choking, suffocation death, the incident caused wide attention. In many days, the reporter learned from the family of the dead Yang, at present, the family has negotiated a good compensation matter with the wedding party of the same day, the other party compensation 50 thousand yuan. At the same time, Yang’s family is preparing to collect relevant evidence to bring a litigant to the court to drink in the wedding banquet. On the evening of 14 th, Yang Yaqing, the uncle of Yang, told reporters that his family member had consulted for several days and decided to prosecute the party who had been drinking with Yang on the same day. "Those people booing in video." Yang Yaqing told reporters, Yang drank much wine has the specific family are not clear, but it certainly is absolutely impossible, Yang WeChat as rumored to drink 3 bottles of wine and 3 bottles of wine and 20 bottles of beer, the next family intends to report to the public security organs, investigating these malicious rumors netizens. "The marriage organization has consulted with our family members, and the other party is willing to take 50 thousand yuan as the burial fee, and we agree." Yang Yaqing said, the family agreed that a death and wedding party Yang although have responsibility, but not directly responsible, Yang after the accident, the wedding party organization is also very shocked and saddened, "everyone is a friend, who did not want to happen, we understand." Yang Yaqing said, however, in the video in the same day with the deceased yang to drink with people, family members of the heart can not be too late. Yang Yaqing believes that the niece of Yang’s death is most likely because they drink with friends they caused, "although it is not know each other is not Quanjiu, but at least the other to do not have the duty of care." Yang Yaqing said, at present, family members are planning to collect relevant evidence, to bring a lawsuit to the court, suing the parties to drink in the wedding party. 伴娘饮酒过量身亡续:婚礼方赔5万元 将起诉劝酒者   南国都市报9月15日讯(记者王渝)11日凌晨12时许,文昌文城镇维嘉酒店一场婚礼上,28岁的杨某因酒精中毒,导致呕吐物堵塞了呼吸道,窒息身亡,该事件引起了广泛关注。时隔多日,记者从死者杨某家属获悉,目前,家属已与当天婚宴的组织方协商好赔偿事宜,对方赔偿5万元。同时,杨某家属正准备收集相关证据,欲向法院提起诉讼状告婚宴中一同喝酒的当事人。   14日晚上,死者杨某的叔叔杨亚庆向记者打来电话称,目前,家属方经过几天商量,决定要起诉当天和杨某一起喝酒的当事人。“就是视频里那些起哄的人。”杨亚庆告诉记者,杨某当天具体喝了多少酒至今家人都不清楚,但可以肯定是的,杨某绝对不可能向微信中传言的那样喝了3瓶白酒、3瓶红酒和20瓶啤酒,下一步家属打算向公安机关报案,追究这些恶意散布谣言的网民。   “婚姻组织方已经和我们家属商量好了,对方愿意拿出5万元作为安葬费,我们也同意了。”杨亚庆说,家属一致认为,杨某的死亡与婚宴组织方虽有责任,但不是直接责任,杨某出事后,婚宴组织方也非常感到震惊和悲痛,“大伙儿都是朋友,谁都不愿发生这样的事,我们理解。”杨亚庆说,然而,针对视频中当天与死者杨某一同喝酒的人,家属心中迟迟过不了这个坎。   杨亚庆认为,侄女杨某的死亡极有可能是因为这些一同喝酒的朋友劝酒所致,“虽然现在还不知道对方有没有劝酒,但至少对方没有尽到看管责任。”杨亚庆说,目前,家属们正打算收集相关证据,欲向法院提起诉讼,状告婚宴中一同喝酒的当事人。  相关的主题文章: