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Who Are They? Realtors are professionals who work as a connecting bridge in between the buyer and seller. Along with that, many real estate agents also work as rental managers wherein they introduce tenant to landlords. There is a difference in between real estate agents and realtors Vancouver . In order to get the title of realtor, a real estate agent must be a member of National Association of Realtors and also must possess many other qualification and educations. Therefore, they are better than a normal real estate agent. What Do They Do? Realtors in Vancouver bring together the buying and selling parties, enable them to .municate with each other and perform their deal. In case of rental management, they introduce the tenant to the landlord and discuss about the renting process. In return, they receive a fixed percentage of selling price in case of a sale or a part of the rent for the renting unit, mostly from the landlord. How Do They Do It? People who want to sell or rent their property leave the details with the realtors Vancouver. The interested party gets the access to the property by contacting a realtor. The agent then evaluate the requirements of buying party or tenant and show them the properties best matching their needs. This is how they work as a hub in between these two interested parties. Why Should I Hire One? First and foremost importantly is to protect you from hassle of documentation and threat of investing in a wrong transaction. Purchasing or selling a property requires a pile of documentation and it may not be possible for one understanding everything by him. Realtors in Vancouver can be a great helping hand as they are well aware of entire process and can ac.plish it quite .fortably. Along with that, real estate is a big investment and you may end up regretting if not investing in right property. Worth Noting. Its a well spread misconception that a realtors Vancouver agent work for both buyer and seller. This way, either of the party may feel his convenience is being underestimated. But this is not the case. Either a realtor works for the seller (if he is sellers agent), or for the buyer (in case of a buyers agent). In some cases, a realtor may work for the transaction itself, neither the seller nor the buyer. Their main objective is to sell the property to the most suitable person. However this is only the case with dual agency/transaction as the law and rules does not permit any realtor to act in favor of any party. If you are still not sure about the relationship between you and realtors in Vancouver, dont hesitate to ask. More questions you will ask better will be the chances of making a profitable deal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: