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Every day, only know to calcium? You really know how to calcium? Mother and daughter of the original welcome to share the forwarding of the Sohu, media reprint please contact the author! The doctor about dove, pregnant do not know what time from the beginning, mothers have entered a era of universal calcium. Whether or not to understand, anyway, watching others began to eat, he also began to fill up slowly. I am not against you for calcium, calcium really is the premise. If in the absence of clear premise of their situation, blindly, I think it is not a wise choice. What is the harm to mothers calcium and their baby? The mother would appear loose teeth, back pain, dizziness, anemia, hydrochloride numbness, cramps and other symptoms, may cause diabetes and osteoporosis; pregnant mother calcium will directly cause the baby development of bone and tooth development, and even affect the baby’s nervous system and mental development. If the mother is a calcium deficiency? If pregnant women appear leg cramps, joint pain, loose teeth and other symptoms, is likely to have calcium deficiency. Specific results need to go to the hospital for further examination. The mother how to calcium? The mother calcium should begin after 4 months of pregnancy, when the baby bones began to develop, need to absorb large amounts of calcium; calcium for choice, using calcium carbonate as the calcium source of calcium is preferred; calcium is the best time to sleep the night before, instead of the normal meal for food. In addition to calcium, there are other options? Is not to say that the calcium supplement must through the plate, food has always been a popular way of calcium you. A reasonable diet can achieve certain effect of calcium intake, but pregnant women’s demand for calcium is relatively high, every day by way of Sibu intake has certain difficulty, so even Sibu, also need to add some extra calcium products. Milk, seaweed, kelp, soy products, green vegetables can provide more calcium for pregnant women; in addition, there are some food is not edible food and calcium at the same time, will affect the absorption of calcium, including: spinach, bamboo shoots, carbonated drinks, hamburgers, French fries, etc.. Mother calcium is one thing that must be paid attention to during pregnancy. However, calcium is not a blind thing, need to make the right choice according to the actual situation. Is not to say that others are missing, they must be made up; nor is it that others say nothing, I do not tube. If you need to, you mother must be scientific and reasonable arrangement. The original article, without authorization, shall not be reproduced dove doctor, your family doctor, more parental health knowledge, please pay attention to micro signal: [air863], @ dove micro-blog: Doctor of child health problem questions questions, communication, sharing, exchange "相关的主题文章: