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"Every day," Malone Jolin on hand to sing "quiet" Sina entertainment news in the latest issue of "every day" will be broadcast on TV in Hunan today. Rio Olympic athletes China first variety show staged "Olympic Star tournament", "solo vocals" Malone Jay Chou "quiet", romantic hand Jolin [micro-blog]. The term "every day" is still the theme of the Olympic Games, Malone, Zhang Guowei, Xue Changrui, Wu Minxia, Qin Kai, Chen Aisen, Lin Yue and Hezi, Long Qingquan, Xiang Yanmei, the 11 Olympic athletes together, and Chinese table tennis team coach Liu Guoliang singing competition, this is the table tennis for the first show after returning. Malone to sing Jay Chou classic song "quiet", while singing, Malone went to the station side took idol Jolin’s hand, slowly walk to the central station in the company of Jolin finished the song. Jolin praised Malone: "sing very well, after my concert invited you to be a guest". Malone’s response is filled with innocence: I do not have to pay money to see the concert later!" Cause the audience laughed. Wang Han asked Liu Guoliang, as a "parent" to see how this scene feeling, Liu Guoliang replied: "today I am very happy for Malone". In addition to Malone’s "quiet", the track and field team on behalf of Zhang Guowei’s "a person’s lonely two people’s fault" is also creative. Weightlifting team to represent Yanmei soulful interpretation of "father", moved the audience; the diving team on behalf of Lin Yue "LOVE U2" with William Chan [micro-blog]; a "thunder fencing team represents the love you" by Wong Cho Lam [micro-blog] praise: "very standard cantonese!" It is reported that the "every day" will be broadcast in September 9th after the Hunan satellite tv. (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章: