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Emergency superwoman Orioles air rescue   point for users praise – Yunnan channel — people.com.cn original title: emergency superwoman Orioles air rescue point for users praise aircraft emergency alternate patients hospital rescue doctors by users praise the day before yesterday, Beijing flight to Shenzhen on the 16 year old man suddenly syncope. The plane was in the search after the broadcast, on the emergency superwoman Orioles immediately involved in the rescue. After examination and understanding of the situation, she initially judge elderly hypoglycemia, the flight attendants help patients fed syrup, about 15 minutes after the old man regained consciousness after the plane lands in Ji’nan. Things after exposure, many netizens said the patient met emergency department doctor is really the midst of sadness, and praise of the doctor’s behavior. Passenger syncope female Superman shot yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter contacted the Orioles, she told reporters to restore things. On the morning of the day to take the Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9581 to Shenzhen for a meeting, to catch up with the plane early, she boarded the plane and fell asleep. "Shortly after takeoff, I vaguely heard the radio said" excuse me, passengers have no doctor, trouble over a favor, "I consciously stood up." In memory of the doctor said she saw the rear of the cabin surrounded by a circle of people, approached to see an old man sitting on the chair by the window, the family beside the anxious. "At that time, he soon lost consciousness, clammy skin, sweat, and carotid artery pulse are very weak." See this case, the Orioles immediately let the flight attendant put a blanket in the aisle, and let the patient lie down, flight attendants brought oxygen bottle for oxygen inhalation. Because there is no medical equipment on the plane, check the body is very limited, I can only judge according to the patient’s condition. And the cabin space is narrow, and the man is lying on the ground. I can only kneel on his head and feet." After asking her family, she ruled out the possibility of hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage. Later that day the elderly in order to catch the plane, 4 in the morning to get up, and did not eat breakfast, the night before palpitation, sweating, the Orioles judgment should be hypoglycemia. Then, the flight attendant’s help, "superwoman" to the old man fed some sugar, and gave him a piece of candy in his mouth. 15 minutes later, the old man regained consciousness, the skin temperature has returned to normal, but still very weak, unable to get up. Thanks to the timely rescue for patients with Shenzhen Airlines staff told reporters, after the incident, the flight attendants in the first time to tell the captain, the airline immediately launched an emergency plan. Because when the aircraft is in flight from Ji’nan airport near, considering the physical condition of the elderly after the aircraft alternate Ji’nan airport. "In the process of landing because the buffer is large, flight attendant has been hand guarding the old man’s neck, which is very professional, very touching." Ying Ying said that the plane landed after the ground emergency personnel rushed to the device with a few minutes will be transferred to the patient. The whole process will be more than half an hour, the airline responded very quickly." Afterwards, "superwoman" will be the accident sent to the Internet, many users comments like, for help, "encountered such a thing, estimation of each medicine)相关的主题文章: