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"Election day" came to see how more than 100 million Americans vote for the president? Beijing,, November (Xinhua) (Kong Qingling) in the United States on the day of voting in the presidential election in November 8th, nearly 100 million U.S. voters will go to the polling station to vote on the day of their sacred vote, elected president of the United States, the fifty-eighth. Republican John Trump and Democrat Barack Hilary will also usher in the "final exam", who can get more than half of the electoral votes, who will be able to finally reach the summit presidency. However, the process of Americans vote for president, the outsider, is rather complicated and delicate. Simply put, the United States to implement the electoral college indirect electoral system, a total of 538 electoral votes. More than 100 million American voters do not vote directly elected president, but the decision of the state’s electoral votes which presidential candidate, and ultimately get at least 270 electoral votes to win the candidate. The States "winner" local time October 20th, North Carolina opened an early vote, the local people lined up to a polling station. The United States presidential election 4 years, the national voter turnout is usually held on the first day of the election on the first Monday of November, which is called "presidential election day". This year’s election day is 8, all American voters to vote at the designated place on this day, the presidential candidate in the state to make a choice between. It’s important for a candidate to get the number of votes in a state, but if he ends up losing in the state, it means he has lost all of the state’s electoral votes. Because in most states, a presidential candidate won a majority in the state election victory, he has this state all the electoral votes, which is called the "winner". Moreover, the greater the number of people in a state, the more electoral votes, the election has become an important state. In the previous presidential election, a large number of states have become an important target for the presidential candidate. In 50 states and Washington, the largest population in the state of California’s electoral votes to 55, followed by Texas (34), New York (31) and Florida (27), while the small population of Alaska in California only 3 electoral votes. Among them, California and New York, the two states has unshakable support Piaocang Democratic candidate Hilary clinched the electoral votes has reached 115 votes, while Trump only 49 votes. Some analysts said the reason is not the absolute control of Trump Republican strongholds, Texas, Georgia and Arizona has epoch-making reduced to "swing states". 270 electoral votes = win Trump and Hilary. Because the United States presidential election, the electoral college system, so the election day is actually a vote on behalf of 50 states and the District of Columbia, the district’s 538 "electors"". From a legal perspective, the new president of the United States is not directly elected by voters, but by the Electoral Commission in December, indirect elections generated. However, because the electors of the state are subject to the voters’ preferences and the voting intentions are determined by the voters)相关的主题文章: