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The introduction of the eight provisions for nearly 4 years, nearly 70% of respondents felt the social atmosphere has obviously improved cartoon: Zhao Guopin recently, the Guangdong Provincial Commission for discipline inspection official website informed the typical problems and the 4 leading cadres in violation of the spirit of the eight Central provisions, Jilin Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission also informed the 7 typical problems. Just past the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day coming soon, it is time intensive visit close friends, but also a variety of social relations, in violation of the eight provisions of the spirit of the behavior and the "four winds" to focus on the outbreak of the time. Last week, the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center through a questionnaire network, a survey conducted on 2002 people: 69.4% of respondents said that the introduction of the provisions of the last 4 years, the social atmosphere has improved significantly. But at the same time, 54% of respondents bluntly, during the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival, around the provisions of the spirit of violation of the provisions of the behavior of the trend is indeed rising in eight. 54% of respondents felt that the provisions of the spirit of the act in violation of the provisions of the two sections of the trend of the age of 35 Wang Ping home in Beijing city of Victoria, the work unit in the second ring, driving to work every day. From the beginning of the week before the Mid Autumn Festival, Wang Ping was aware of the way to work began to become congested, half an hour’s journey, and now often have to open 40 minutes. He had to get up 15 minutes early in order not to be late. "A few years ago a mid autumn festival, on the road vehicle license field up, burst blocking, Beijing is said to have a gift. After the introduction of the eight provisions, the feeling of the Mid Autumn Festival is not so blocked. This feeling was terrible, I do not know is "gifts wind back"." The survey found that 54% of respondents felt in the mid autumn National Day period, around the eight provisions violate the spirit of behavior there is rising trend, 26.2% of respondents felt that bad, only 19.8% of respondents did not feel. In violation of the provisions of the spirit of the eight acts, the most common is to receive gifts Jin Lipin (66.3%) and illegal public funds (61.8%). There are other: spamming allowances and subsidies, bonuses and real (51.6%), (39.8%) Gongjusiyong, public funds to travel (38.6%), access to private clubs (28.1%) etc.. Only 2.8% of respondents said they did not. Research has long been engaged in anti-corruption work as deputy director of the research center of Peking University, Zhuang Deshui, in his opinion, after several years of strong anti-corruption, the tiger flies to play together, everyone can see the enforcement of central anti-corruption determination and the anti-corruption policy, the head also have this string, therefore, the current overall on the violation of the provisions of the eight phenomena have greatly improved, anti-corruption situation is still relatively stable. But it is undeniable that, although the central repeated orders, but in some places, there are eight violations of the provisions of the act, especially on holidays, such behavior would have looked up trend. Zhuang Deshui analysis, this is because in some areas, the officialdom political ecology has not fundamentally changed, the supervision system still exist supervision blank phenomenon in some areas, causing some people take chances, we think the corruption is China crossing the street". Especially in the major holiday nodes, human exchanges frequently, more easily相关的主题文章: