During the NPC and CPPCC period, the public security situation was good, and the police situation in-ssdao

"NPC and CPPCC" during the Nanning security police declined nearly 50% criminal cases of contemporary life daily news (reporter correspondent Lu Di Hu Yongping) after the completion of the security tasks at the same time, the Nanning police as much as possible to reduce the impact on the lives of the masses, to construct "Internet plus traffic" service mode; key venues and security line to achieve full 3D modeling…… In this year’s "NPC and CPPCC" period, the Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau fully involved in security work, in the meantime, Nanning good law and order, police criminal cases fell by 48.45%. Among them, there are many bright spots and stories. Nanning police use new equipment to control the unmanned aircraft (police for map) high efficiency 1 seconds verification inspection personnel identity "NPC and CPPCC" period, all kinds of activities, the participants, bring great challenges to security work. According to statistics, this year’s "two sessions" series of activities reached more than 200 screenings, of which the various types of high-level forums reached 34 (6 more than last year). As of the afternoon of September 14th, the number of participants in the "two sessions" series has exceeded 600 thousand people. In addition, this year the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center of new venues opening new venues area of 240 thousand square meters, the opening of the general assembly, "the charm of the city" and other important activities and also moved to the new exhibition hall exhibition held. Plus in June this year launched Operation of Nanning Metro Line 1 to Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, a large number of items of seamless access, personnel flow at a high speed, bring great challenges to the security work. It is worth mentioning that the public security departments specializing in the development of face recognition system for the first time, Nanning city into the city public security checkpoints and dozens of Security Exhibition Center, exhibition hall, on-site accreditation, can automatically compare the inspectors identity of the vehicle information in a second, greatly improving the work efficiency. High tech   key venues and security line modeling of 3D this year, Nanning police continue to "NPC and CPPCC" security needs as a driving force, vigorously promote the wisdom of the police "and" big data "project, to further accelerate the visualization of geographic information platform, police command and dispatch system, three security system upgrade application security, set up a" Nanning City Public Security Bureau big data security application platform". "NPC and CPPCC" key venues and security line to achieve full 3D modeling, urban road length of 300 km 360 degree street, 8068 road "Webgather" HD video surveillance and capture more than 250 security intelligent bayonet lock tracking targets of suspicion. In the "NPC and CPPCC" level three security joint command, can "one click" show all venues security personnel, road patrol vehicles, patrol police, call at any time all kinds of security work plan plan, also can call at any time within the region all security video, connect all the public security organs of law enforcement investigators place the camera screen, intuitive understanding on the surface of the security situation and personnel, vehicle dynamic tracking, law enforcement case, real-time monitoring. Strict prevention of   all kinds of criminal suspects and arrested 2000 journalists in an interview that, from August onwards, Nanning police continue to carry out the 4 public order unified action to eliminate pornography social evils, strengthen the "NPC and CPPCC" event and residence week " “两会”期间治安良好 南宁刑事案件警情下降近五成   当代生活报讯(记者 卢荻 通讯员 胡永萍)在完成安保任务的同时,南宁警方尽可能减少对群众生活的影响,构建“互联网+交通”便民服务模式;重点场馆和安保线路全部实现3D建模……在今年“两会”期间,南宁市公安局全力投入到安保工作中,其间,南宁市治安秩序良好,刑事案件警情下降48.45%。其中,有不少亮点和故事。 南宁警方利用新装备管控无人飞机(警方供图)   高效率 1秒钟核查受检人员身份   “两会”期间,各类活动多,参会、参展人员多,给安保工作带来巨大挑战。据统计,今年“两会”系列活动达200多场次,其中各类高等级论坛达到34个(比去年增加6个)。截至9月14日下午,“两会”系列活动参会人数已超过60万人次。此外,今年南宁国际会展中心新场馆启用,新增场馆面积达24万平方米,开幕大会、“魅力之城”等重要活动和展区也转移到新展馆举行。再加上今年6月开通运行的南宁地铁1号线可以与南宁国际会展中心无缝直达,人员、物品大量高速流动,给各项安保工作带来巨大挑战。   值得一提的是,公安科信部门专门研发首次使用人脸识别系统,南宁市入城治安检查站以及会展中心、展览馆的数十个安检口、现场办证点,均可在1秒钟内自动比对核查人员身份、车辆信息,大大提高了工作效率。   高科技 重点场馆和安保线路3D建模   今年,南宁警方继续以“两会”安保需求为推手,强力推进“智慧警务”、“大数据”工程,进一步加快警用地理信息平台、可视化指挥调度系统、三维安保系统等应用升级,搭建起“南宁市公安局安保大数据应用平台”。“两会”重点场馆和安保线路全部实现3D建模,市区总长300公里路段实现360度街景呈现,8068路“天网”高清视频监控和250多个治安抓拍卡口实现智能追踪锁定嫌疑目标。   在“两会”三级安保联合指挥部,可以“一键”显示所有场馆安保人员、路面巡逻车辆、巡逻警力,随时调用各种安保工作方案预案,也可以随时调用区域内全部治安防控视频,接通所有公安机关执法办案场所摄像头画面,直观了解掌握面上治安形势和人员、车辆动态,跟踪执法办案情况,实时监督。   严防范 抓获各类违法犯罪嫌疑人2000名   记者在采访中了解到,从8月起,南宁警方持续开展4次治安整治集中统一行动,大力扫除“黄赌毒”社会丑恶现象,加强对“两会”活动现场和住地周边及治安混乱区域、场所的整治,形成了强大的严打整治氛围。“两会”期间,南宁市刑事案件警情下降48.45%。   进入“两会”安保实战阶段,南宁警方进一步构建起“水、陆、空、网”立体式的现代化安保体系。   在地面,在全市18个出入城路口设立安全检查站,构筑环邕“护城河”防线,启动三级查控勤务,对进出城车辆、人员、物品实行24小时全天候检查。8月26日至9月14日,警方累计已检查入城车辆50余万辆、核查人员近百万人,抓获在逃人员62名,查获各类违法犯罪嫌疑人近2000人,查获危险品、违禁品一批。   此外,新购置配备了一批最新型无人机驱逐、干扰设备,可对“两会”期间违规进入重点活动区域飞行的“低慢小”无人机进行有效处置,共查扣违规飞行无人机3架,教育警告8人,现场劝阻违规放飞行为4起,保障空中安全。   相关报道:   《南宁市纪委通报6起违反中央八项规定精神典型案例》   《南宁上半年治安满意度创新高 电动车被盗警情下降》   《南宁地铁1号线试运行1个月了 这些治安问题挺头疼》相关的主题文章: