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Draconids 8 will visit the earth Chinese area visible comet exploration meteor rain data figure: draconids draconids to visit earth. Astronomy experts, 8, 14, draconids will usher in the "great", China’s interest in astronomy fancier can try in the 7 day or 8 day night observation. It is understood that draconids the parent comet named 21P, it is discovered by astronomers in 1900, running for a period of 6.61 years. The active period of the meteor shower is very short, only from October 6th to 10. Compared with other draconids meteor shower, the running speed is relatively slow, to observe and take pictures. Compared to other signs, draconids is more active. Usually the year, its flow in around 20 meteors per hour, until 1933 and 1946, it appeared two times a large outbreak, which in twentieth Century to become the most brilliant meteor, it also has become one of the most famous meteor procession. This year there is no outbreak of the meteor shower is expected, the maximum value appears at 8 on 14, when China’s day. For our observers can choose 7 days or 8 days of night observation." Astronomy education experts, Tianjin astronomical society director Zhao Zhiheng said, "when the moon is in want of perfection, and there will be interference before midnight moonlight, though the moon after midnight went down, but the radiant draconids also drop very low, the observation condition is not very good." Astronomy experts cautioned that the current distribution structure of human beings can not accurately calculate the meteor shower parent comet dust particles, which can forecast like solar and lunar eclipses that occur and the size of the meteor shower forecasting. The public should be psychologically prepared for this observation. (reporter Zhou Runjian)相关的主题文章: