Double 11 mainland box office billions of dollars! Good to get together to save the movie box office p8400

Double 11 mainland box office billions of dollars! Good movie "get together to save the midfield war" became the most popular entertainment Zhuangao (the Tencent Chen Yifan) before the November before the beginning, by the media and critics called the highest quality movie schedule this year, the new "strange" marvel, Dr. Ang Lee film "Billy · Lynn’s midfield is a bellwether of war" imported movies, and released shortly after the "hide and seek" word of mouth is way up, is the watercress score of domestic thriller in the highest. Don’t even say "water" donkey before this reputation after the explosion; "I am not Pan Jinlian" ready, and "King", "sailing next door" the company domestic box office outstanding foreign aid"…… How to see this November is a lively schedule. In the past the summer and the national archives, the box office is not everyone with deep hatred and resentment: "because there is no good!" So this one at the box office in November, really up? The answer is: Yes! In the last 11 double chop hand, not only hand chop sites are brave success, box office record exceptional time, according to statistics, the total box office yesterday is 106 million, compared to last year’s double eleven 65 million 829 thousand at the box office results in an increase of more than 30%, the first time after a few days the market of billions of dollars is hovering at 50 million after. "Strange" is still strong, as of press time, released 9 days of the "singular", performance is still brisk, "Sherlock Benedict · Berbach in China Kang strong mass base and marvel Aura’s blessing," Dr. "Billy" in the singular rival Lynn & middot; "the impact is still in a total score of 463 million at the box office box office champion aspirations. And yesterday and today the leading rival "Billy Lynn" a ·. "Sea King" became a small black horse and the November 11th release of the 8 new film, "king of the sea" is a dark horse. In 18.87% released the same day row piece scored 22 million 991 thousand at the box office, in a row of film than the "doctor", "singular Billy · Lynn" lost nearly 10% of cases, "maritime king" at the box office but once the "Billy ·"; Lynn, as Japan’s national level comics, "Sea King" Chinese is a generation of childhood memories, the success is not accidental. Ang Lee’s new film "Billy · Lynn" reputation soared more than the box office on the road steady rise. Although the performance slightly worse than the day of the premiere "Doctor Strange", but there is no doubt, "Billy · Lynn" strongly "hand" from Doctor Strange took half of the country. As of 12 am 9:30, Billy ·, the box office has reached a total of $6 million 207 thousand in the box office in the morning of. For such atypical large commercial films, perhaps reputation motivation is the guarantee of Changqing box office this weekend, "Billy · Lynn" still has great space force. This year’s November movie schedule to make a comparison with last year can be found, this year’s ticket.相关的主题文章: