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Donnie Yen film Kung Fu was 200 pounds of bright muscles from Thailand – Sohu entertainment movie "chasing the dragon" boot according to Donnie Yen as the "our" Sohu entertainment news   the day before, Donnie Yen and Jing Wong cooperation movie "chasing dragon" was shot in Thailand. "Chasing the dragon" "our" remake from the classic Hong Kong films, in addition to Donnie Yen as "our" in the movie, a retro fan shape more eye-catching gentleman, who is also the producer of the scene, every action scenes are stared carefully, close combat when seeking realistic, scared Thailand muscular male terrified. The "lame Dan" can also play a fifty "chasing the dragon" of the Thailand location in Aamnoen Saduak market on the water, on the same day, Donnie Yen as "our" with brother and local drug negotiations, was suddenly the other plot, bare-handed was nearly 50 knife wielding killer siege, as deus ex, pestle "our crutches" used to really work, holding each other BOSS escape. Although still insist on The climate does not suit one. in Thailand for only two days, some also need to often drink The climate does not suit one., protein supplements adhere to the high strength work, Donnie Yen is still the professional director and also discussed the lens, on-site guidance to Thai actors. Before the start, Donnie Yen constantly teach Thai actor action reaction, even tried several positions in the official time and Thai actor close combat, and continue to carry out on-site guidance, until you reach the required effect is OK. High requirements of petrified muscles from Thailand in the film "our brothers" with other leaders of deus ex hostage scene, in order to highlight the "spell" emotions, Donnie Yen suspected of Chen family class Kang Yu played not Madden, personally do demonstration action, how to teach Kang Yu desperate raised two hundred pounds of muscle in Thailand…… Scared to play the Thai actor stunned. Fortunately, in the shooting actor by borrow force, Donnie Yen completed the movement, it is perfect. It has high requirements of the Kung Fu Donnie Yen, the producer of the film starring and will be a sincere to the meat of the sincerity of the. Jing Wong invited Donnie Yen to be partners, are expected to rely on the history of the strongest "our" classic reconstruction.   相关的主题文章: