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Do not want to publicize the Hui ang, but enough to hold the people’s appetite! Auto – Sohu after the beginning of autumn the Shanghai heat is still not receded, through the summer hot Shanghai people look forward to cold weather. However, more people look forward to is about to debut in the fourth quarter of this year, Volkswagen Volkswagen new flagship sedan. Recently, the car business was invited to participate in the Hui ang drive, as Volkswagen’s first C car, the reporter is also full of expectation. After landing, the reporter went straight to the venue, silver Hui ang and Benz E level, the BMW 5 series, Audi A6L put together. To tell the truth, first saw Hui ang, in front of several old luxury car he is not a disadvantage. As the first public history of the true sense of the C class car, Hui ang also appeared to meet the SAIC Volkswagen to high-end market ambitions. On the spot, Shanghai public confidence that Hui ang and Benz E level, the BMW 5 series, Audi A6L in a showcase well illustrates this point. Volkswagen intention to mention "popular flagship" four words, most people will think of the Phaeton, after fourteen years of Phaeton officially discontinued in March 15th. Statistics show that in 2002, Phaeton mass production, with the Audi A8, Bentley continental GT based on the same platform to build, because the aluminum body structure, handmade and other characteristics is remarkable. However, since the market, Phaeton sales is always in the doldrums. I hope the public can achieve annual sales of Phaeton sales of 20 thousand cars, but until today, Phaeton had never finished the sales. Its highest annual sales record is only 11 thousand. In sharp contrast, is its high R & D and manufacturing costs. The industry believes that the high price of the low profile and high manufacturing costs, is not the main reason for the public expectations. More often, it is popular as "passat". The Phaeton lesson, people can not help but worry for the future of Hui ang. Everyone is most concerned about, this revealed a high spirited and enterprising spirit of the new car, can change the Phaeton decline, the Volkswagen flagship model to a new height? Although the Hui ang in appearance, interior configuration and power system are remarkable, but you know, in the fierce market competition of automobile market, other luxury brands are not a vegetarian, configuration upgrade, prices, brand awareness is high for the not listed Hui ang brought pressure. "The first Hui ang price is not high, we do not want to fight for the market through the latter price, we want to do the excellent product quality and superior customer service service system to win the recognition of consumers, in addition we have nearly two million potential users can transfer the passat." SAIC Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. Shen Hongguang, deputy general manager, told the automotive daily. For everyone concerned about the sales target problem, Shen Hongguang said that there is no development of sales targets, it will not force the dealer library, we want to do is only through the promotion of the brand. In the event of someone asked: "will not worry, Hui ang Chongzou Phaeton?" Shen Hongguang said, do not worry! Details see strength Shen Hongguang.相关的主题文章: