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Do not take the unusual way of domestic mobile phone design personalized large collecting with the rapid popularization in recent years, intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone update more quickly, and now the mobile phone is basically the same shape, which leads to the gradual homogenization of mobile phone. A mobile phone to give people the first impression is often brought about by the appearance, especially the pursuit of personalized young users, prefer a distinctive appearance of the phone. This period, Sina phones will give you a few personalized design of the phone, interested friends can look at. Ultra narrow frame: Nubia Z11 Standard Edition (parameter quote forum software) Nubia Z11 as the most cutting-edge Nubian flagship product, make a fuss on the border, with no visual design, a hand like grip on the screen, while the original narrow border has also brought a strong single hand operation performance. Of course, as a new generation flagship, Nubia Z11 is also unambiguous in hardware, using the latest Xiaolong 820 processor, one solution to the problem of reduced frequency heating. Click on the picture to see the Nubia Z11 Nubia details Z11 using Aluminum Alloy fuselage design, front cover a second generation aRC visual frameless glass 5.5 inches 1080P resolution screen, using Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, with 4GB running memory, 64GB storage fuselage, rear fingerprint recognition, before and after 800W 1600W pixel camera, rear camera pseudo SONY IMX298 stack type CMOS optical image stabilization and mixed phase focusing, built-in 3000mAh battery, fast charging 3 Nubia fusion technology makes the charging efficiency of 27%, using Type-C interface, the thickness to 7.5mm, weighing about 162g. Click on the picture to see the details of the Nubia Nubia Z11 Z11 support NFC and HiFi experience, the network is also used in the whole Netcom new standard 3, support 4G+ full Netcom, dual sim card, dual card inserted experience and the latest VoLTE HD voice experience. Z11 run based on Android 6 Nubia UI 4 system, taking into account the simple interface and practical features, joined the Nubia roaming, super screenshots and other experience. Nubia Z11 version of the standard reference price: 2499 yuan rear dual camera: HUAWEI P9 Standard Edition (full Netcom parameter quote forum software) speaking of this year’s flagship camera, have to mention is the HUAWEI P9 for the first time in cooperation with Leica, Leica HUAWEI P9 dual camera can be said to be quite one of attractive selling point, in addition to the above configuration of HUAWEI it gives a satisfactory answer, for the pursuit of camera users, HUAWEI P9 is a good choice. Click on the picture to see the details of the HUAWEI P9 HUAWEI P9 full metal body fuselage, the fuselage with 5.2 inches 2.5D arc screen, resolution of 1920×1080 pixels FHD level, showing good results, yuan相关的主题文章: