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Do not forget the early heart   color feast should be wary of "hedge" Bianwei – Anhui Channel – reporter Zhang Lijing – the tide of capital to raging like a storm. When the level of the big trend in the market, hedging plate began to "restless". In the commodity futures market volatility in the market this year, due to the "fancy" variable hedging for speculation, some industry predators "choke water". Insiders disclosed that in the field of non-ferrous metals, because the market is more and more obvious, a lot of people looking forward to the bull market, some of the original should be short hedging positions in the blink of an eye into a long, sharp wind control alarm enterprises. The colored bull Pumianerlai hedging plate swing to celebrate the "eleven" National Day at home during the London metal market still affects the K-line market investors colored heart. Aaron Xixian during or after inflation, or 0.42% weeks. Closing at $20000 ton. So far this year, non-ferrous metal news constantly, Shanghai "inspirational debut", since November last year, 80000 yuan a ton, the road now rose to 129920 yuan per ton, rose a total of 49920 yuan or 62.4% tons. During the colored family of aluminum, zinc, nickel futures prices rose more than 30%. Nonferrous Metals bull Pumianerlai, A shares not resigned to playing second fiddle. According to the Chinese Securities Daily reporter statistics, since the end of January this year, the low flush smelting plate increase of 56% during the year, far outperforming the broader market; over the same period, the CSI 300 index rose 15.3%; flush coal mining sector rose to 35.2%; the steel sector rose 24.5%. From the stock point of view, since the end of January this year, rising nonferrous metals rose 83.4%; Tin shares rose 34.6% or 46.2%; germanium. In the medium term, since the market in July, since the adjustment, colored plates continued to move, following the 16 day of August 2nd, even after the trend of Yang, and in the year of August 26th, launched a small rise in the market in September 6th. Founder Securities in a research report on the two quarter Chihong said, one quarter of the company operating profit 80 million. Two quarter zinc price of 15119 yuan per ton. The current price of 17000 yuan to 30 million tons of shock, if the second half of the average price of $17000 in the second half of the profit is expected to reach 350 million yuan, the results will be significantly improved in. Taking into account the company to enjoy the price elasticity of metal and SOE reform is expected to maintain the recommended investment rating. Not only the domestic, international investment bank after another singing to sing more metal prices. Societe Generale (Societe) is expected in the fourth quarter of this year, the average price of tin in the $18500 per ton in. Bhar, head of research at the bank’s Robin, said, "tin prices are likely to rise to $20000 a tonne by the end of the year." Under the big market this year, the Shanghai tin holdings and turnover rising. A tin production company responsible person admitted that the end of last year, 80 thousand yuan per ton price was desperate, the price of 120 thousand yuan in the time was not imagined, but now it is相关的主题文章: