Do China intelligent industrial soul yunos unveiled the fourth CHITEC Mianyang science and technolog

Do China intelligent industrial soul YunOS unveiled the fourth CHITEC Mianyang Sohu of science and technology in September 21st, to the "scientific and technological innovation of civil military integration · · open cooperation" as the theme of the fourth session of Chinese (Mianyang) science and Technology City International Science & Technology Expo held in Mianyang. The Expo exhibition area of 70 thousand square meters, a total of 887 exhibitors, 2067 exhibitors projects, 9141 pieces of exhibits on display, electronic information, automobile, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, bio chemical industry. At the same time as the national major scientific and technological achievements the highest standard showcase platform "12th Five-Year" National Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition, also in the theme will be held in Mianyang exhibition. The YunOS follow the "12th Five-Year" National Science and technology innovation achievements exhibition in Mianyang High Tech Expo, booth is located in the "major science and technology exhibition 12th Five-Year" special "core electronic devices, high-end general chips and basic software products exhibition, display a variety of intelligent terminals equipped with YunOS system, intelligent mobile phone and Internet coverage car, smart, smart wearable Home Furnishing the field, including Meizu, doov, Konka, Roewe, Fiyta and other variety of YunOS brand products were unveiled the booth. Alibaba group staff for Sichuan provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming, governor Yin Li, leader of the YunOS system equipped with the first Internet car YunOS magic charm blue E display: the Internet and the Internet car Charm Blue E is a first support and the first Internet car Roewe RX5 Internet, YunOS intelligent ecosystem based on let the Charm Blue E can carry out remote control of the Internet car: you can use the charm blue E car keys to unlock, realize the mobile phone to send commands to the vehicle navigation map and open the trunk, the follow-up will join the remote control, air conditioning and other functions authorized by the owner. The charm of YunOS: the first brand doov mobile phone as a focus on achievement of female female mobile phone manufacturers, doov, their entrepreneurial idea is "the interpretation of the intentions of high-tech as the carrier of female love, strive to become the first female mobile phone brand." The YunOS system from the aspects of power doov, such as the exhibition site shows the annual flagship model doov A8, this product uses MT6750T eight core processor, with the depth of optimized YunOS 5.1.1 parameters to the level of the flagship 4GBRAM+64GB ROM, the self love of female friends, this is a can do you require a variety of self, and completely in the daily operation to meet the ultimate experience of a rare products. The strength of YunOS: the first police intelligence operating system in addition to birth in the consumer market, the market is also in the YunOS industry with a number of manufacturers to cooperate. The PMOS police security operating system YunOS and the first Research Institute of the Ministry of public security cooperation as an example. It is based on YunOS to carry out deep security reinforcement, and the use of domestic security firmware and the State Password Administration approved password algorithm for generation, storage, transmission.相关的主题文章: