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Did you brag when you practiced in Shaolin Temple? Two men fight for 1 dead – Sohu news argues for whether they practiced in Shaolin Temple, Wenzhou Longwan District man fan and fellow party a first quarrel, and then pushing, wrestling, eventually a broken beer bottles into the inside of the fan fan because of thigh, lead to acute massive bleeding to death. Surging news () February 19th from Longwan District procuratorate was informed that Fang has been suspected of intentional injury was prosecuted, the court time is uncertain. Last October 14th afternoon, 46 year old Fang and a few friends in their grocery store drinking, nearly sixty of the unemployed fan pass by, because they know each other, go in and chat together. In the meantime, fan said he drinks well, Fang think fan boast. "I’ve practiced in Shaolin Temple for two years, and I don’t brag." Fan said. Fang asked him the name of the abbot of Shaolin Temple at that time, fan said forget. Fang more don’t believe: "how did you know the Abbot’s name?" It must be bragging." Fan after listening, put the "Kung Fu" posture, pushed the party a bit. It makes a very angry, he picked up a bottle of beer to a knock, frighten fan fan, but more close to the side of A. Immediately, Fang from the store out of two bottles of beer, knock each other after walking to fan. In the scuffle, Fang waved a broken beer bottle and stabbed him into the inside of his left leg and pulled him out. After the incident, Fang surrendered himself. Fan was sent to medical rescue, because of femoral artery rupture, acute massive blood loss, died after treatment invalid. The public prosecution believes that Fang intentionally injured another person’s health and caused one death, and the criminal liability for intentional injury should be investigated. Because it does not affect conviction and sentencing, the public prosecution organs did not verify whether fan practiced in Shaolin Temple".

“在少林寺练过”是不是吹牛?两男为此斗殴致1死-搜狐新闻  为争辩自己是否在少林寺练过,温州龙湾区男子范某与同乡方某先是口角,继而推搡、扭打,最终方某将破碎啤酒瓶扎入范某大腿内侧,导致范某因急性大失血死亡。  澎湃新闻()2月19日从龙湾区检察院获悉,方某已因涉嫌故意伤害罪被提起公诉,开庭时间未定。  去年10月14日下午,46岁的方某与几个朋友在自己的杂货店内喝酒时,年近六十的无业人员范某路过,因彼此认识,就进去一起聊天。其间,范某说自己酒量好,方某认为范某吹牛。  “我在少林寺练过两年,不会吹牛。”范某说。  方某便问他当时少林寺方丈的名字,范某说忘了。方某更加不信:“练过怎么不知道方丈的名字?肯定是吹牛。”  范某听后,摆出“功夫”的架势,推了方某一下。  这让方某怒火中烧,他拿起啤酒瓶往地上一敲,吓唬范某,但范某反而更靠近方某。  随即,方某从店内拿出两瓶啤酒,互相敲击后走到范某面前。扭打中,方某挥着破碎的啤酒瓶捅进范某左腿内侧后拔出,范某倒地。  事发后,方某投案自首。范某被送医抢救,因股动脉破裂、急性大失血,经救治无效死亡。  公诉机关认为,方某故意伤害他人身体健康,致一人死亡,应以故意伤害罪追究刑事责任。因不影响定罪量刑,公诉机关并未核实范某是否“在少林寺练过”。相关的主题文章: