Devil frog man frog male exposure Satoshi Tsumabuki decoration

"Devil frog man" frog man Satoshi Tsumabuki exposure Shun Oguri Tokyo and Satoshi Tsumabuki attended the October 13th metamorphosis movie "devil frog man" premiere Satoshi Tsumabuki starred in the movie "devil frog male" Sina entertainment news according to Japanese media reports, actress Shun Oguri, Ohtomo Keishi directed the film "devil frog man" will be released in November 12th of October 13th, the film premiere held in ceremony Tokyo, "the frog" male actor finally exposed, was played by Satoshi Tsumabuki, who expressed surprise. The movie "devil frog man" according to Pakistan Ryosuke comic book, starring Shun Oguri, Ono Machiko, Nomura week equality starred in a live version of "Rurouni Kenshin" friends and history as a director. The film tells the story of police hero Ze Cun wearing trace frog mask killer, his wife and children as the target on the other side, he continues to investigate the story of despair. After the film actors continue to open, only the man who played frogs are not open, when he appeared on the stage, the presence of 1200 spectators couldn’t help screaming, Satoshi Tsumabuki said: "I also worry that if you still not surprised degree younger Nomura Zhou Ping do, did not expect the screams so big, very good." Shun Oguri said: "because of the imprisonment of the play, so basically not to go out of prison life." The image of Satoshi Tsumabuki in the film for the first time exposure, he shaved head, wearing a black jacket, looks somewhat scary, impressive. The cartoon theme was to explore the jury system, the male frog whenever rainy night killing, were killed for various punishment, or "private line", leaving the scene of the secret message. Very hard for the villain Satoshi Tsumabuki, a strong sense of presence. Trailer Nakatsuma Ogishi played the frog man and played the role of the police acting in the village of Shun Oguri showdown much attention. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: