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Depression is not broken, Liu Tao wife husband regain happiness – save Sohu actor "Qiao Renliang" because of depression Dutch act this message, let countless people deeply regret, depression has become the hearts of the people of great scourges. Depression is so terrible, it destroys the will of the people, and even the lives of the people. Nevertheless, in the face of depression, with the entertainment industry, there is a person to give us a more positive demonstration. Entertainment, keen to marry into the rich and rare. And Liu Tao, married into the wealthy woman, the most special one exists. Liu Tao shape stunning scenery, my fair Princess 3 in Musa had let her fame, she has starred in a number of roles impressed us. Soon after, Liu Tao and the capital of one of the four little Wang Ke fall in love and become the envy of the flash marriage, the rich too wide, after exit entertainment. The story here, this is "the prince and the princess married, then ending to live a happy life", but the weather is unpredictable, in a twist of fate occurred between morning and evening. Wang Ke because of operational problems, facing bankruptcy, once the debt between. More terrible than debt, the collapse of Wang Ke’s inner world. Wang Ke cannot afford I wish you a happy voyage. times, economic upheaval, multiple strikes, relatives and friends began to betray a deep depression and unable to get up after a fall. In Liu Tao’s readme, Wang Ke suffered from severe insomnia and headaches, need to take medicine every day, this situation lasted more than six months. Even one day, Wang Ke can take more than and 200 pills. Wang Ke’s condition was completely damaged. At the same time, his mood is very poor, often talk rubbish, grumpy, throwing things, and even cried, also had serious pain. While Liu Tao, from the rapid drop in the couple joy in their marriage. joy seemed endless abyss. The vicissitudes of life, was overwhelmed by a man, is also a test of a woman in the heart of the firm. Those from the outset not optimistic about their marriage, more began to clamor, even many people assert that they will divorce. Even the ordinary couple, I am afraid it is difficult to change in the face of such a choice persist, especially in the entertainment circle fame in our eyes. They are just a newlywed, know the time is not long, a shot two scattered seems to be a normal thing. However, Liu Tao’s choice is not to abandon, do not give up. She began to carefully monitor the amount of her husband, secretly put a little bit of medicine into a special vitamin, give him nutrition. Continue to talk with him, tell him yourself when things, tell their children, dragging him to go for a walk, look at the ball, to pray, bulging pregnant belly to accompany him to see the snow capped mountains, to see the sea, see the prairie. She said that as long as he is in, fame and fortune can not, as long as he saved the home. Although Wang Ke’s condition gradually improved, but the danger is to be caught off guard. On the day of Liu Tao’s birth, Wang Ke had a severe drug withdrawal reaction, the mortality rate of 50%. Then, to retrieve a life of Wang Ke will not take medicine, he said to Liu Tao, I figured out the dead dead, she has children, he doesn’t need them. Today, Wang Kecheng!相关的主题文章: