Depositors bank card is not stolen from the bank was sentenced to bear 70% responsibility bree daniels

Depositors bank card is not from the body brush stolen bank was sentenced to bear 70% of the responsibility of Nanning city Xingning District Court recently hearing with fraudulent bank card case, the public Gan card but leave the body stolen brush, court bank bear 70% of the responsibility. According to reports, in May 21st last year, a certain bank of sweet ATM to his bank card deposit 17 thousand and 900 yuan, the balance of the card more than 1.89 yuan. That night, Gan received a 3 letter sent to the bank, suggesting that his account deposits were extracted more than 18900 yuan. Bank card in the body, but not the money of the card, a call to call a bank customer service immediately, and call 110. After the police investigation, a bank account is a bank of Binyang was taken by a bank of ATM machine, the case has not yet been detected. In January this year, a bank of Nanning branch will be willing to sue a court to require compensation for the loss of deposits, and pay interest losses. Nanning branch of a bank that they have no fault, should not pay for the loss of a gan. By the public security organs retrieved the ATM video confirmed that in the remote teller not Gan himself, the Court confirmed that the case of the transaction is credit card transaction. Nanning branch of a bank involved in the transaction failed to identify counterfeit cards, resulting in the loss of a GaN, in violation of the basic requirements of access to the most basic security obligations, which should bear the main responsibility. The court also held that Gan not password safekeeping obligations, should bear secondary responsibility. The 73 sides of the responsibility to open, the bank bear the responsibility of 70%, more than $13 thousand compensation. The court warned that if encounter fraudulent bank cards, the parties should be three "as soon as possible": the issuing bank customer service phone call as soon as possible, for temporary loss; in ATM, the bank or shopping malls as soon as possible to conduct inquiries, withdrawals, consumption, shows that separation card; local public security organs as soon as possible, or obtain a receipt of the report the notice and other documents.相关的主题文章: