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Deep grilled: in addition to pseudo charity, the network anchor what gray thing? After the Sohu of the media industry since the Internet technology platform, there have been too many wonderful characters and events to let people be struck dumb. But in the field of Internet broadcast segments, the public and the industry discovered, and the network anchor happened thing, really is a self, the suddenness of a thunderbolt rapid "screen", constantly refresh on the bottom line, the principle of cognition. In other words, in order to win the attention and attention, and thus get a huge amount of revenue, a variety of network anchor hole open. Recently, a leaked online broadcast platform network anchor of "pseudo charity" in the event, quickly became a hot event at the same time, the anchor was also netizens criticized. In fact, the pseudo charity is just a lot of gray matter in the network anchor tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of gray matter, let people unexpected, but also to make the network anchor negative word. Pseudo charity event continues the negative impact of upgrade earlier, although the network anchor will do anything slightly in the broadcast platform, but overall still in their consumption, entertainment, innocuous, such as deliberately ugly, men play female, eat light bulbs. The pseudo charity events not only provoke anger, also rise to the legal level. Not only the event continues to ferment, and the negative impact of negative escalation. In simple terms, the pseudo charity event is some live team because of interest and uncover insider shakes out completely. Live for poor people to send money, but the money will be recovered after the end of the broadcast. Even in order to deepen the impression of users of poverty, the child’s face will be contaminated with mud. After this incident exposure, users have condemned this behavior. Sichuan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan Public Security Bureau official micro-blog @ Liangshan police for "anchor do pseudo charity" a news release, the relevant personnel have pseudo charity drive from Liangshan, if someone cheated huge amount can be reported to the local police station. It is worth noting that the pseudo charity event similar had already occurred more than, let people chill. The reason why the network anchor is keen to do fake charity, not because they really love, but to earn more money. The first is to live charity as a gimmick, use the Internet to attract attention and sympathy, let the fans donate money brush gift, a series of activities and even fans playing micro business, internal advertising, eventually earned disk full bowl full. Pseudo charity event let users see the network anchor the grey side, also let live this water more and more deep, more and more muddy. The gray incident out network anchor really can play in addition to the pseudo charity disgusting things, there are a lot of gray matter network anchor. Not only in the moral and bottom line edge, but also from time to time to touch the majesty of the law. The emergence of a large number of these grey thing, people have lamented the network anchor really can play, not generally open brain. In early November, a network broadcast platform, a male network anchor "drug" behavior in the broadcast, the police investigation quickly, the urine test that the not drug addicts. But because of its continuous imitation of drug abuse in the webcast相关的主题文章: