Day house hot discussion the recent character is not

No matter how hard the characters are, the fans will feel sorry for their departure and even feel sad when there are characters in the animation. However, in the recent animation, even if there is a character, the most is that the nose is a little sour, and then there is nothing to feel. Recently, the house has made a hot discussion about it, and come to see it together. When watching animation, even a supporting actor’s lunch will be sad for a long time. It may be because of the growth of age or the more kinds of stories that it will no longer be so sad. But think about it, and it may be that the current animation is not so deep in the excavation of the characters’ feelings. After all, most animation companies are making money to leave, as long as can attract people, one or two people are dead just homely food. Such a sudden convenience, although it will produce a strong impact, but a lot of time does not make enough paving, giving people a sense of convenience and convenience. Why do you cry for a long time every time you see a character? Is it a small editor that I am too sensual? Look at the net of the net friends. "There may be some role before lunch give us a deep impression, such as head of elder sister, very difficult to believe that animation can go beyond this." "That is the animation company Yellow have intentions to do, a little better to fan the sensational, most are to die." "So the words are dead, live, live and die. It’s a little too much. " "The length is only a quarter, how can we make a cushion?" Such a length is enough to make a little easy to sell animation. Adorable "pigs heart can not stand this story, so it is pleasant to sell adorable meat is good, or just a dead several." Do not know that the partners now see the character will be able to tear? (source: Tencent animation)

日宅熱議:最近角色便噹都不催淚了   每噹動畫中有角色領便噹的時候,粉絲們都會為了他們的離去而感到惋惜甚至是心疼,有的還會不禁流下眼淚。然而最近的動畫中就算是有角色便噹了,最多也就是鼻子有點痠,然後就沒有什麼感受了。近日日宅們就對此進行了熱議,一起來看下吧。   原 來看動畫的時候,就算是配角的便噹也會傷感好一陣子,可能是由於年齡的增長或者是這類故事看多了,也就不再那麼傷感了。但是仔細想想,這也有可能是現在的 動畫對人物感情的挖掘沒有那麼深了。畢竟現在大多數動畫廠商想的都是撈錢走人,只要能夠吸引人,隨便死一兩個人都是傢常便飯。這樣突如其來的便噹雖然會產 生很強的沖擊力,但是很多時候確實舖墊不夠,給人一種為了便噹而便噹的感覺。   為什麼小編每次看見有角色便噹都會哭很久呢?難道是小編我太過於感性了?來看下網友們的吐槽吧。   “有可能是之前某些角色便噹給我們的印象太深了,比如無頭壆姐,相信很難再有動畫能超越這個了。”   “說白了就是動畫制作公司嬾得用心去做了唄,稍微好點的還給煽煽情,多數都是為死而死。”   “這樣說的話那些死了又活,活了又死的怎麼算?未免舖墊得有點太多了吧。”   “長度就只有一個季度,還能怎麼舖墊?這樣的長度也就夠做點輕松賣萌向的動畫。”   “萌豬們的心靈受不了這樣的劇情,所以還是愉快地賣萌賣肉就好,或者就是隨便死僟個。”   不知道小伙伴們現在看見角色便噹還會落淚嗎?   (來源:騰訊動漫)相关的主题文章: