Curious! The 20 day old baby girl on the eve of operation cough throat

Curious! 20 day old baby cough throat surgery on the eve of the little girl, a throat teratoma teratoma, the night before the operation, the little guy coughed, he gave to " " tumor; resection; cough out. " it’s the first time that a doctor has met such a strange thing for so many years! " yesterday, director of Neonatology, children’s Hospital of Wuhan city had air conditioning Ling Kan way. The little girl Xuan Xuan is Hubei Anlu people, after the birth of infants often eat slightly choked, hurry to swallow, the family has been worried about. In September 26th, when Xuan Xuan mouth cry, mother Lee saw a dark coffee foreign body in her mouth. Think what foreign body stuck in the throat, busy with children came to the Wuhan children’s hospital. Inspection found that the original foreign body is a teratoma from the womb with them, and their tongue grew together, taking into account the pharynx, tongue is rich in blood vessels, to be safe, need surgery to remove. The evening of the day before surgery, neonatology has air chief physician is ready to work when they heard the nurse on duty said Xuan Xuan burst into tears. The director had busy to see, Xuan Xuan found originally in the root of the tongue teratoma, in the throat tube range increased a lot, with Xuan Xuan every time while swallowing up and down, like Dr. " " peekaboo;. Just want to carefully check the director, the little guy suddenly coughed, it was hiding in the blood even teratoma tongue spit out together, at the foot of small size of tomatoes. Second days of operation, because Xuan Xuan " " has been cancelled; self-healing; and everyone joked that this child is really good " ". After investigation, the child is not tongue teratoma residue, only a small wound. One more day, Xuan Xuan can go home with his parents. Xuan Xuan, director of the hospital’s new pediatric physician, she is the most fortunate child she has seen in the past, Dr. Xia Zhongfang. She speculated that teratoma long at the base of the tongue, throat to swallow, leading to its loosening. When Xuan Xuan burst into tears, the teratoma was completely out of the way. Xia Zhongfang said the director, teratoma is a common tumor of ovarian germ cell tumors, benign teratoma of the Xuan Xuan, took out will not be long. " Xuan Xuan is just an example, parents do not follow their own treatment. Affected by the growth site, implantation, the treatment is not the same. " she reminded, if the teratoma is rich in blood vessels, where the parents in case of self extraction, it is easy to cause massive bleeding. In particular, the newborn, blood loss 50ml will threaten life, if the parents find abnormal, should bring the child to the hospital. (reporter correspondent Gao Chenchen Zhang Jingyi)相关的主题文章: