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Crazy people: no pregnancy sac may also be pregnant! – Sohu mother and child with her husband for 4 years, was not ready to have children. About 1 and a half years, want a baby, just began to think of letting nature take its course, even when ovulation is not know. Later, under the building, learned to look at ovulation test paper, the observation of the situation during ovulation, every month that would hit that, the results have been disappointing. My aunt has been pushed, pushed after the outrageous, 10 days, twenty days, especially not allowed. To check the estrogen. Her husband also went to the West China to check the sperm, the doctor said weak sperm, but does not affect the pregnancy, opened a few thousand drugs. At that time my husband got very nervous, every time he has sex, nerve will pull head pain. I was very thin, but a lot of belly meat, I want to be a cold house, ate two months to buy medicine, moxa moxibustion. A variety of B ultrasound monitoring ovulation, always pregnant. Last month decided to do salpingography, to the hospital, told the doctor, she advised me not to do, said this is a traumatic examination, the body is not good, I was afraid to hear the doctor say that the decision to give up. Then she said she can eat Tiaojing cuyun pill, let me go to the pharmacy to buy 7 boxes, what brand I forgot, but not Tongrentang, a box of 45. Then I bought a bottle of medicine VE eat together, only 6. The results of this month with the ovulation test actually measured not strong Yang, I thought might be the cause of this drug, only wait for the next month, haven’t used ovulation test, love is also very natural. I did not pay attention to him, the morning of the second day to buy a variety of different brands of paper, a test, there are! Asked about the creation of the creation of friends, there is a mother before the situation with me, she said that there is a wall 14mm, not to big aunt. Then I test every day to see if there is no deepening, the results deepened, but very slow. You want a baby kiss, I’m not sure is not energy-saving work, but my husband said, the mood and the atmosphere is really important, probably too nervous or affected. So let’s take it easy. The baby will see the fate. Maybe the train is not late. Therefore, to win this important battle, we must adjust themselves. Come on。 To share with you a funny thing, today registered, took the wrong husband’s medical card, blood when the doctor was startled, thought it was a man to test hcg. This article from the ‘crazy man APP user -An big’ share, the copyright belongs to the original author.相关的主题文章: