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Correct the child’s behavior is not lack of this link – Sohu baby little plum elder sister: we always thought determines behavior, but do not know the behavior will also affect the thought, in fact what thoughts and behavior between them what kind of relationship, we do not seem to really understand, but do not know the will of our education produce success vital role. We always think that bad mood have to think of ways to vent, not knowing this is a right way, it will not only make you feel smooth, it will make you feel worse, your emotions are more likely to become irritable. Why can’t we always control our emotions? Today’s content will open the answer for you! We usually always blame and criticize the child, and the child does not have to become what you want, how can we really change the child’s wrong behavior? How can we really change the child’s ideas? No one seems to tell us this, so let me tell you today! Today I saw a learning video, a teacher when he was in university has an interesting and boring story, I feel very interesting, but also brought me a lot of ideas, this is the story, the teacher in the University and his roommates playing in the bedroom look, has the fastest speed in who can wear the pants in the case with a urine, the winner can get 200 yuan of money to fund the bedroom, the 4 of them looked at each other, nor is more than and 20 minutes without urine. Interested friends can call on the parents of children play this game, I believe that winning is a child, ^_^, this is just to give you a small joke, we are children of parents, will not play such a boring game! Although the story feel very boring, but bring me an inspiration, pants this thing for a child is really simple, even if you give the child to wear more pants, children will be according to urine not mistaken, but why. Such a simple thing that we are adults change? In fact, this is our concept in action, we have to accept education is not wearing pants pants pee, parents always said: "it’s a shame, but also so big pants, slowly not wearing pants pee into our thought, become our concept of" pants it is a shameful thing". So when our children are babies, we watched the children urine trousers, often tease the child said: "Diudiu, pants!" In fact, this is also a reflection of our potential conditions. It is also worth noting that this behavior is a person’s natural instinct, and our ideas have changed our instincts! Remember a question? What is the difference between man and animals? We all know that people have consciousness of people to accept the education, and the growth of people experience acquired, and further enrich people’s ideology, we will gradually grow to form their own ideas. We usually teach!相关的主题文章: