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Completely stunned: the prime minister can not afford housing, the real estate market how the fire? Sohu financial source: WeChat public number: national cultural history from the original "you are such a Song Dynasty", Changjiang literature and Art Publishing House in September 2016, by the authorized reprint. In history, the most active real estate market is two times, non song. At that time the real estate turnover rate is very high: "the pattern, no fixed main house." In order to meet the needs of frequent transactions of real estate and the city streets are called "residential real estate intermediary, broker". Why the Song Dynasty real estate market so active? Not surprisingly, the Song Dynasty commodity economy developed, the city of just unfolding, frequent population movements, like today’s trend, the rich also love to big city crowded, song Hong Mai observed, "scholar fortune ridge acres, expensive for the Duke and the father of that old cottage is not habitat, and update its the house of many do…… From the village and moved to Tuan Town, city and county since moved to also be more". A man from the countryside to the city, we must first solve is to have a place, shelter, or purchase or rent, so they created a hot real estate market. According to estimates, Mr. Bao Weimin, the late Northern Song Dynasty, Bianjing the urban population density is about 12000-13000 square kilometers (units); the Southern Song Chun?, Ling’an house in the city the population density is about 21000, safehome years and may even reach 35000. Today, New York, London, Paris, Hongkong, the population density of less than 8500, Tokyo and Guangzhou, the population density of the city is about, about 14000 in the city of. In other words, the population density of the city of Song Dynasty surpassed that of today’s international metropolis. City population density is so high, will inevitably lead to the big city commercial housing supply, housing sales price and lease price more push higher, the Northern Song Dynasty, Bianjing less have a mansion on the rich, an ordinary family housing, bid 1300 through; and at the end of Northern Song Dynasty, the imperial mansion the price is soaring to tens of million in purchasing power, converted into Renminbi, or at least more than 50 million yuan. No wonder the feeling said, "the heavy city, the two towers under the feet high, and the price of gold, the non smoked Qi family, in the play". As the capital of the price is too high, the government has no song for all want to provide residence, so many of the Song Dynasty officials can not afford to buy the house, but when the "rent", a Song Ming Chen Han Qi said: "the government officials to come, official and private homes in Beijing Jiu Yu than is home." Ou Yangxiu, to "know Jian school and sentenced Jingkong yuan, equivalent to the speaker of the house of Lords and the state appeal court, or only in the opening of renters, and the house is very simple, he once wrote a poem complained:" the neighbor note Chung sinus, overflow street courtyard. Go out worry about the vast, closed doors for fear of illuvium." This old house, every heavy rain on the water. When Yu shizhongcheng (equivalent to the speaker of the house of Commons) of Su Zhe, also can not afford to buy a house, has been living in rental housing. His friend Lee moved into the new house?, Su Zhe poetry phase he, also expressed his envy: "I’m seventy years without housing, the axe denden chaos. The children"相关的主题文章: