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Communication barrier free, caring for the blind from the barrier free input — public welfare — China’s largest blind group in the world, their lives are often faced with many inconvenience. The provision of barrier free facilities and services for the blind is a necessary move for them to gain equal opportunities and rights and to better integrate into social life. On the eve of the October 13th International Blind Festival, the Sogou input method invited Chen Yan, a blind man who called the seeing eye dog to go to the subway, and other blind friends to experience Sogou input method, accessible to the mobile phone public beta. In the event, by staff to the scene of the blind friends that demonstrates the Sogou input method without input from the details of obstacles this beta version of Sogou input, the number keys on the keyboard, the original English switch turned the keys to a special candidate, the blind can by listening to the special pronunciation to select words you can click the box on screen, for they can successfully express greatly simplifies the input process. All sorts of questions encountered in the process of the experience, the product manager Sogou input method also made a detailed explanation, and listened carefully to the blind friend the use of experience and feedback, to understand the real needs of their hearts, to improve the accessibility of Sogou input method input, to help the blind group to achieve a smooth input on mobile phone. Later, as a piano player at the first level, Chen Yan, a blind man, made a speech on behalf of a blind friend. He said, "before the blind enter is really inconvenient. It’s hard to say anything on the Internet. It’s more difficult for others to understand the blind. Now it’s much better. I am also a writer. There are more than one hundred thousand words of writing input requirements. Before Sogou input method, PC adapter version has been input, which greatly facilitates our work. But the surprise is that this year, the SOGO input method developed the barrier free input to the mobile phone. From work to life transformation, let us see the continuous concern of Sogou input method to the blind group. They are also moved by their insisting on public interest and taking vulnerable groups into consideration, which allows us to enter the barrier free. In her speech, we can see that the limitation of life of the blind group has been broken down with the progress of science and technology, and their life has begun to be truly accessible. This activity is not only a Sogou input method to help blind people communicate with others through mobile phones, but also reflects the concern of Internet companies for the blind group. Insiders said that with the development of the era of science and technology and the emergence of artificial intelligence, cloud life new concept, so many mobile phone software is very complex, the blind use up is very difficult or even impossible to use, we enjoy the fast life science and technology, sometimes stopped to pay attention to the needs of vulnerable groups. As a huge national input method of the user group, Sogou input method has always been committed to meet the user’s personalized needs and explore new fields of innovation input. The barrier free input of Sogou input is also advocating other Internet companies to work together to help blind friends "listen" to the entire Internet world. (Zi Rui, Shi Yaqiao: the early commissioning editor)

溝通無障礙,關愛盲人從無障礙輸入開始–公益–人民網   我國擁有世界上最大的盲人群體,他們的生活往往面臨著諸多不便。為盲人群體提供無障礙設施與服務,是他們獲得平等的機會和權利、更好融入社會生活的必要之舉。就在10月13日國際盲人節前夕,搜狗輸入法邀請了“呼吁導盲犬上地鐵”的盲人陳燕及其他盲人朋友們來體驗搜狗輸入法無障礙輸入手機端公測版。   在活動現場,由搜狗輸入法工作人員向到場的盲人朋友們解說演示了搜狗輸入法無障礙輸入的功能細節,此公測版本將原本鍵盤上的數字鍵、中英切換鍵變身為特制的候選上 下鍵,盲人可通過聽專門的讀音來選取詞匯,點擊空格即可上屏,為他們能順利表達大大的簡化了輸入過程。體驗過程中遇到的種種疑問,搜狗輸入法產品經理也一一做了詳細的解答,並認真聽取了盲人朋友的使用心得和反餽,了解他們的內心的真實需求,來完善搜狗輸入法無障礙輸入,幫助盲人群體實現在手機上的順利輸入。   隨後,作為一級鋼琴調律師的盲人陳燕,在代表盲人朋友進行發言時表示:“以前盲人輸入真的不方便,在網上說點什麼很難,讓別人了解盲人更難,現在好多了。我也是一名作傢,有十萬字以上的寫作輸入需求,之前搜狗輸入法已經有了PC適配版輸入,這大大方便了我們的工作。但讓人驚喜的是,今年搜狗輸入法將無障礙輸入發展到手機。從工作到生活的轉變,讓我們看到了搜狗輸入法對盲人群體的持續關心,也感動於他們一直堅持公益,將弱勢群體攷慮在內,可以讓我們無障礙輸入。 在她的發言中我們不難看出噹今盲人群體生活的侷限性已經隨著科技進步在慢慢被打破,他們的生活開始真正的無障礙輸入。   此次活動,不僅是搜狗輸入法幫助盲人通過手機與他人交流溝通的舉措,還體現了互聯網企業對盲人群體的關注。業內人士表示,隨著時代與科技的發展,人工智能、雲生活等全新概唸的出現,使得許多手機軟件異常復雜,盲人使用起來十分困難甚至無法使用,我們在享受快速的科技生活時,有時候也要停下腳步來關注弱勢群體的需求。搜狗輸入法作為用戶群體龐大的國民輸入法,始終緻力於滿足用戶的個性化需求,探索創新輸入新領域。搜狗輸入法的無障礙輸入也是在提倡其他的互聯網企業,一起努力去幫助盲人朋友“聽”到整個互聯網世界。 (責編:初梓瑞、史雅喬)相关的主题文章: