Comments received stock index 3000 points to guard the risk of gem fell more than

Comments received: stock index insurance keep 3000 points gem refers to more than 2.6% Phoenix Financial News in September 12th, the two cities opened upward fell, followed by low maintenance shocks, stock index approaching 3000 points mark. In the afternoon, the two cities continue to shock down, accelerated decline. Once the stock index fell 3000 points, fell more than 2%. Near the close, brokerage, insurance sector to support the market opening mode. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3021.98 points, down 1.85%, turnover of 221 billion 850 million yuan. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10461.58 points, down 2.8%, turnover of 318 billion 300 million yuan. Gem closed at 2145.56 points, down 2.61%, turnover of $85 billion 730 million. Plate, rare earth permanent magnet, nonferrous metals, trade, integrated circuits and other plate decreases, fell more than 4%, none of the two cities rose, fell across the board.       News: Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand: the Thai high-speed rail is the fastest at the end of this year to start early next year, Thailand Deputy Prime Minister Ba Jin accepted 11 Chinese media in Guangxi Nanning said that Thailand railway cooperation agreement because some terms have not been settled, the problem is under discussion, the settlement of investment into interest, land acquisition and environmental impact. Will be the fastest at the end of this year or early next year to start. (CNR) inter agency market is "poverty alleviation board" two items listed intends to finance 80 million Card Association’s inter agency private product pricing and service systems department said yesterday, the establishment of the "Chinese financial poverty alleviation service platform" has been officially launched operation, referred to as "China’s poverty alleviation board". At present, China’s poverty alleviation board is divided into information display, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation think tank, etc.. Currently there are two poverty alleviation projects, which are related to the development of local tourism resources, the total financing needs of not more than 80 million yuan. The HKEx intends to the end of October 3 Shenzhen Hong Kong market exercises "Bloomberg" reported on Monday, the Hongkong Stock Exchange issued a notice to the broker, will test in October 22nd to 23, to ensure that market participants ready market exercises, and will be held on October 29th to 30, and in November 5th to 6 on the market exercises in order to verify whether the market participants, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through transactions ready. Aerospace technology policies are working at the air day integration roadmap gradually clear recently, Vice Minister of science and technology in Beijing held a technical field of "space" in 13th Five-Year planning seminar, the meeting clearly, the Ministry of science and technology will further clarify the development of ideas and technology in the field of Aerospace Science and technology key task, complete the planning and publishing work as soon as possible. (Shanghai) Ma Jun: inhibit the inflow of funds into the real estate bank chief economist Ma Jun and the SOE debt growth in the Central Bank Research Bureau said that China too soon to reduce the leverage ratio, will damage the growth of economy and employment. But China needs to find a way to slow debt growth. China needs to introduce a number of measures to curb the real estate market bubble, and to prevent the inflow of hot money into the state-owned enterprises to produce inefficient investment. (China Business News): flush: market sentiment is bearish, investors do not choose the opening point of the overall market today, no hot spots, only PPP plate]相关的主题文章: