Comment the playground charges, who should pay for the new network – in

Comment: the playground charges, who should pay for the new network – site resources is not a problem, the real problem is money. In the form of social welfare, subsidized by the government departments to the school, so that the public to enjoy the welfare of the state of mind, then, the school and the public will feel embarrassed? Free opening of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology track and field, and now began charging. This makes a lot of dissatisfaction surrounding people. Especially the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Office of the prepaid card, 110 yuan each, play more than 10 minutes per hour 15 yuan fee, people feel that bear ability cannot play, also feel that this approach is "university cannot play". Carefully control the Shanghai Polytechnic of this notice, the free lunch is still there, but is limited to 8 to 9 p.m. every Monday to Friday, winter 17, summer 18 points, the rest of the time is not open. "Sunday and winter summer day", the school track and field can be open, but must be charged. Free time is the time of the public is chicken ribs, the charge of prime time exercise. University of Shanghai for Science and Technology of the abacus, still play a little fine. The explanation of this, so far, and none of the provisions of the relevant documents, it must give a free lunch, not to mention the need to manage costs; and, because the previous field disorderly open conflict also occurs frequently with the students of school personnel. From the school free of charge and the design of the charging period, the site is not a problem, the real problem is money. One side is the sports venues and facilities idle, while living and moving space more narrow public sports resources for these "envious"; while the real cost of management and the possible liability risk, while the public want to provide a health benefit for themselves. These contradictions, not only in Shanghai, many cities in the country are almost in the face of. Although under the leadership of government departments, there are more and more schools to come up with a certain period of time, the venue provided to the community, but a piece of paper guidance, basically still stay in the obligation to provide the stage. This should be the main reason for the enthusiasm of schools and other institutions is not high. After all, appearance is just, have to catch the human, there are facilities for loss, more managers are required to work overtime in holidays, an embarrassing situation which — the surface, more doors in the open, but people still feel thirst. The movement between the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and the residents of the transaction, in fact, is a sports venues and facilities of the party, trying to break through the guidance of the blind file, to solve the reality of the embarrassment of a test. The level of fees regardless, it is just a matter of expediency. In the long run, sports venues and facilities including schools, scientific and reasonable should be open to the community, various ways of alleviating the city residents’ daily fitness difficulties in a way to save money, the most convenient, the most worry. But this is not the way to solve the problem, by the way the economy is leveraged, by both the schools with the resources and the citizens who are eager to get free lunches. On the one hand, the bargaining power is not in line with a reference; on the other hand, in the complete set of sports and fitness City, the relevant departments to the public debt is enough. 20 loose相关的主题文章: