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College students due to the family dropped into the backbone of fraud gang has been condemned by conscience – Sohu news Hello, Hello, I am the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, the head of the Department of liu. Before, you have been in our unit to buy drugs for the treatment of diabetes, today to do a return visit." March of this year, who lives in Jiangsu, Haian Province, Zhao received a return visit to the phone, then a step by step into the carefully woven scam. From the customer to receive the old professor interrogation, from daily life to care is recommended to treat diseases drugs, a telephone, a cash on delivery express, to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan and other places more than the old man cheated. Recently, this large telecommunications fraud 30 suspects were Haian County Procuratorate approved the arrest. Seize the patients psychological set step by step "liukechang" asked Zhao’s personal information and physical situation, claiming to be the famous old Chinese medicine Professor Hu’s students, and revealed recently prepared to carry out a diabetes prevention and treatment in Jiangsu city of Nantong province propaganda campaign, Professor Peucedanum will personally for 5 lucky with free treatment, and let him call. A few hours later, Zhao was indeed received a phone call Professor Hu, Zhao introduced his illness and treatment, the other immediately for his illness out of treatment, said it can cure diabetes. Can cure Zhao to cash on delivery form ordered drugs 4000 yuan. A few days later, Zhao received the parcel open on see, is saffron, coenzyme Q10, calcium magnesium and other health products, suddenly heart doubts, and telephone consultation, Professor Hu said Zhao is formulated specifically for the condition of drug packaging, just use the health care products, and drugs are specially formulated to recovery. Try holding the attitude, Zhao to pay fees. Take a month later, the condition has improved somewhat Zhao again received the professor Hu telephone, inform each other after 3 months will be held in Nantong will promote, hope he can participate in and give treatment to do publicity, Zhao promised. Then, the other party asked him to apply for attendance certificates and other documents, said the document, there will be more than a dozen experts at the same time for his illness consultation, the cost borne by the state. Zhao felt picked up a big cheap, they will continue to send 45 thousand yuan to the designated account. In mid July, Zhao again received a phone call with Professor Hu, a senior medical car imported from Germany to Nantong area, medical instruments in the car has very good curative effect for the treatment of diabetes, let Zhao Mouxian out 30 thousand yuan, will be returned immediately after the end of publicity. Bent to cure diabetes Zhao find relatives to borrow money, relatives ask for use, to remind him that he might be deceived, Zhao also think more wrong, then in July 25th alarm. After receiving the report, Haian County Public Security Bureau filed on the same day. During the investigation, the public security organs found that this is a clear division of organized crime, then set up a "7, 25 fraud" handling group. After careful deployment, in August 24th, Haian County Public Security Bureau in Guangdong Baiyun District, Guangzhou will be involved in the 45 suspects were arrested. Network recruitment of telecommunications fraud gang members, Liu section chief real name Zhou Yanfeng, aged)相关的主题文章: