College students drowned reservoir family claims 220 thousand court sentenced the deceased 9 into re-tsumori chisato

College students drowned reservoir family claims 220 thousand court sentenced the deceased 9 into duty original title: students drowned themselves 90% times JINGWAH reservoir bear news (reporter Zheng Yujia) 21 year old sophomore Mike and two partners to play the edge of the reservoir accidentally drowned, Mike’s parents Miyun District Banchengzi reservoir management office, the reservoir of farmed fish Guo and his son together and play companion Gumou sued the court to require three defendants jointly 22 yuan compensation. The reporter learned yesterday, the Miyun court verdict, Li itself bear 90% of the liability, the reservoir bear 5% of the responsibility of compensation for 5 yuan, two companions each bear 2.5% of the responsibility, because the plaintiff is not clear that the prosecution of another partner, the partner Gumou to pay more than 2 yuan. The students drowned reservoir claims 220 thousand families last July 28th afternoon, sophomore Mike and Gumou, Lee went to Miyun Banchengzi reservoir management office on the eastern side of the reservoir shore water drowned after play, mike. "It was very hot on the day of the incident, I went to the reservoir to play with Xiao Li and li." Valley after a recall, they can not stand on the shore of swimming, Xiao Li would like to try the water depth down, I was also reminded him of water depth, but I did not care to chat with Lee, then heard his cries for help". "We heard the cry for help, rushed over to save", Gumou said, at that time the shore a couple brought a rope and a spare tire, I put the spare tire on, Lee took the rope, because the water is too deep, I can’t find Li returned to the shore". Valley then call the police and inform the parents of Xiao li. After the incident, the reservoir management office sent a boat to catch up with the rescue, but did not find Xiao Li, after the fire brigade arrived, the search and rescue to the night more than 7 points will be salvaged the remains of li. Mike’s parents think that the existing management oversight Banchengzi reservoir management office, allowing illegal contractor Kwak at the edge of the reservoir management, "Guo at the edge of the reservoir operation to attract son fishing, which leads to the occurrence of tragedy, which is composed of a valley reservoir play proposal". Therefore, Xiao Li’s parents sued the management department, the contractor and the companion Valley, a joint liability and compensation of 22 yuan. The court decided to bear 90% of its own responsibility in the case of Miyun court hearing the case of the two. Think the Banchengzi reservoir management, reservoir non artificial swimming pool, Xiao Li as adults, should be aware of the danger of water, but water is still active, the consequences should take responsibility. And the management has been done to remind, warn, in the reservoir surrounding roads, spraying set multiple warning signs, signs, the prohibition to the reservoir, fishing, skating and other slogans play everywhere, very clear. After the management of the reservoir water purification and aquaculture operations contracted to the defendant Kwak, the annual holiday to inform the relevant personnel to do safety management. The contractor Kwak’s agent believes that the reservoir without other operating items in addition to fish, fishing has secretly are away, they try to reservoir management obligations and duties of care, "Mike as reading students are adults, regardless of the shore that caused the accident in the reservoir to swim, its important responsibility Li Jian.相关的主题文章: