Classic routines to learn oversized coat + boots, let you match a street (video) poper

Classic routines to learn oversized coat + boots, let you America into a street fashion this year in two key words: boots and Oversized, today we have to look at specific to these two essential winter combine to create a single product, the early winter chic collocation look. Oversized coat + boots to say the first thing is oversized coat + boots of the classic routines. Oversized coat is now the hottest coat in a broad outline, version, loose, let the girls up to master a straightforward and unrestrained uninhibited type fan, gas will be doubled. If you are a tall and thin girl, like my cousin Liu Wen, coat + jeans + boots feet is handsome. If you are a plump figure, then you must collocation oversized coat + black jeans + black pointed boots for society. Whether it is the choice of black single product, the combination of Panasonic tight shoes and shoes with the same color, these points are common themes in order to help you better show thin high. In addition to black jeans, you can also choose micro bottoms or baggy pants and have a good modification for the legs, can hide meat thin. In addition, although the oversized coat itself is loose enough, you can have more space to choose a more thick inside. But to tell the truth, although such a warm, it will only make you look more bloated. You know, the key lies in the control of oversized coat, wearing a method of using stack. The temperature is not reduced, but can appear more slender fan. This is the recommended oversized leather jacket coat + + primer shirt in a method. But enough to wear stack capable of simple, warm and stylish with perfect. Small girls in addition to choose thick and short boots, and how to better hold live oversized long clothes first from the version of the look, you can choose this type of X coat. Improve your waistline by Bangdai, create the following chest leg are both visual sense. You can also select the H type coat, can lengthen the body type in the visual effect. Take the building is also very important, take the same color or choose high waisted trousers (skirt), can help you through the long legs. Oversized lamb coat + boots will say next is oversized lamb coat by fashionable actress after, this coat index completely inferior to eider down coat, but far more than they have become more fashionable, no wonder winter trendsetter street mostphotographed outside the set of a single product. Lamb cashmere coat oversized generally choose a short paragraph, you can like Tang Yan black collocation jeans + black boots, is still stressed N on tight, Panasonic shoes and trousers with the color of the routine, thin enough handsome invincible. A black dress is the most handsome and uninhibited, with a red bag to decorate, can perfectly avoid a black in the end of the monotonous. If you have pull hate long legs, choose a pair of red boots will be more bright. Lamb cashmere jacket can play wear stack routines, and jacket group CP, handsome double invincible aura. Black lamb coat相关的主题文章: