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Self-Improvement The variety and diversity of what shows up in your life stems in a large part to the fact that you constantly change who you choose to be. Make no mistake about it, who you choose to be at any given moment is a choice. If you are being loving, it is because being loving is what you chose. If you are being fearful, it is because being fearful is what you chose. If you are being generous, it is because being generous is what you chose. If you are being hateful, it is because being hateful is what you chose. Every state of being that you go through, you go through because you chose it. You may be in a circumstance where you feel you have no control, but every circumstance is external, and every state of being is internal. No matter what is happening external to you, you still have ultimate choice over how you choose to be concerning it. We have gotten ourselves under the illusion that we can’t control how we feel about something and therefore how we choose to be. This illusion stems from our prior history were we made so many of our choices automatically that when we faced a similar situation, we once again automatically chose the same state of being. It may be automatic but it is still a choice. When this happens, the illusion tells us that it looks like what other people or circumstances are doing is making us respond the way we do. Nothing, no person, place, or thing is making you do anything. When you do something it is because you choose to do it because of your state of being. The key is to choose the state of being consciously when confronted with exterior experiences, instead of automatically going to a state of being that has been programmed into you by your memory. In your illusion, if somebody threatens you, the typical automatic state of being you go into is one of fear. Out of this state of fear you have a variety of doingness options. All of them fear based. What you think of as a reaction to a threat is, in actuality, a choice of beingness to external stimuli. You chose fear. By being fearful you do fearful things. Your response was so automatic that you felt that you had no choice. But you do have choice. The person living consciously is aware that she has choice in all matters and has the conscious option to choose any variety of beingness choices when confronted with a person who threatens them. She may choose to be loving and do loving things. She may choose to be understanding and to do understanding things. She may choose to be kind and react with kindness. It’s all a matter of conscious or unconscious choice. Conscious choice .es from living in the present moment and unconscious choice .es from living from your memory and conditioning. The choices you make are determined by your definition of who you are. Once you decide who you are you begin to be those states of being that describe who you are. Those states of being that are in alignment with who you are, are what is on the top of the list of choices available to you when you encounter an external stimuli and you need to make a choice about who you choose to be in response to it. You still have an infinite variety of choices available, but now you have prioritized the states of beingness that describe best who you choose to be. Every state of being has built in consequences. Some states of being serve you and some do not serve you. When you look at your past experience you can see the consequences of your chosen states of being and begin the process of cataloguing what serves you and what does not. Or you can just as easily feel, in the moment, if what you are currently thinking feels good or feels bad. If it feels good your Inner Guide is telling you that you are in alignment with your goals. If it feels bad your Inner Guide is telling you that you are not in alignment with your goals. It is a simple system and it works all the time, every time. It all starts with your choices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: