Chinese Consulate General Cup held successfully, Li Xiaoxi won the senior group champion-reshacker

Consulate General China Cup success Li Xiaoxi won the senior champion Li Xiaoxi won the senior title according to the consulate general news on February 13-14, 2016 St Petersburg happy Spring Festival series of activities of the seventh session of the Chinese Consulate General Chinese cup international chess tournament was held in the Baltic hotel. From Germany, France, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and China, 220 players from 35 cities in 7 countries competed. Consulate General in St Petersburg, deputy consul general Zhang Shuyou, general Xia Guangyuan, President of the European cultural Weiqi union Martin, Russian Federation weiqi association chairman Maksim · Volkov and St Petersburg committee vice chairman Pelov attended the opening ceremony and closing ceremony and award winners. The go game is the largest and highest level competition in previous competitions. The competition is divided into two junior and senior group, decide the two groups the top three respectively, the first group of senior player Li Xiaoxi won by Chinese. The competition also arranged calligraphy and painting and tea art performance. The event was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Consulate General in St Petersburg and the holy city government, and the St Petersburg Weiqi Association hosted the Chinese overseas Chinese group in St Petersburg, which provided sponsorship for the event.

中国总领馆杯成功举办 李小溪夺高级组冠军 李小溪夺高级组冠军   据总领馆新闻报道 2月13-14日,2016圣彼得堡欢乐春节系列活动之——第七届“中国总领馆杯国际围棋赛”在波罗的海酒店成功举办。来自德国、法国、以色列、白俄罗斯、乌克兰、俄罗斯和中国7个国家35个城市的220名选手参赛。驻圣彼得堡总领馆副总领事张树友、文化领事夏光远、欧洲围棋联盟主席马丁、俄联邦围棋协会主席马克西姆·沃尔科夫和圣彼得堡体委副主席彼洛夫出席了开幕式与闭幕式并为获奖选手颁奖。   本次围棋赛为历届参赛人数最多、水平最高的比赛。比赛分初级和高级两个组别,分别决出两个组的前三名,高级组第一名被中国选手李小溪夺得。比赛间隙还安排了书画、茶艺表演。 比赛现场   本次活动由中国驻圣彼得堡总领馆和圣市政府联合主办,圣彼得堡围棋协会承办,圣彼得堡华人企业“华人国际”集团为赛事提供了赞助。相关的主题文章: