China police allowed to Philippine fishermen fishing near the island of Huangyan Foreign ministry

China police allowed to Philippine fishermen fishing near the island of Huangyan? Foreign Ministry responded – Sohu news: please introduce the situation of Malaysia Prime Minister Naguib’s visit to china. A: at the invitation of Premier Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Naguib, will pay an official visit to China from October 31st to November 6th. During the visit, President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and chairman Zhang Dejiang will meet with him and talks. Leaders of the two countries will exchange views on bilateral relations and issues of common concern, and attended the signing ceremony of bilateral cooperation documents. Prime Minister Naguib has visited China many times, this is he served as Prime Minister of Malaysia since the third visit to China, both sides attach great importance to. We believe that Prime Minister Naguib’s visit will further enhance mutual strategic trust, deepen bilateral friendship, promote bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership to a new level. Question: during this visit, the two sides will sign any agreements? Premier Naguib will hold talks with Chinese leaders to attend and attend the signing ceremony of bilateral cooperation documents. As for what specific cooperation agreement, I have no information available. I would like to point out that Malaysia is an important partner around china. In recent years, bilateral relations have maintained good momentum of development, both in trade, investment, finance and other areas of fruitful pragmatic cooperation, cultural exchanges increasingly deepened, believe that the relevant documents will cover all aspects of bilateral cooperation. Q: please introduce us Deputy Secretary of state Blinken to attend the China US strategic security dialogue. In addition, the United Nations Security Council to discuss the issue of coal exports to North Korea, there is no progress? A: Wang Yi, 29, met with China in Beijing to participate in the China US strategic security dialogue will be the United States Deputy Secretary of State Condoleezza Blinken, the situation we have released the news. Foreign minister Wang Yi welcomed Blinken’s deputy secretary of state to visit the United States on the eve of the election. Minister Wang said last month, President Xi Jinping and President Obama successfully held "West Lake talk during the twenty G20 leaders summit in Hangzhou". The most important consensus reached by the two sides, cherish the positive progress of Sino-U.S. relations in the past 8 years, continue to maintain strategic dialogue, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and constructive control differences, and work together to a healthy and stable Sino US relations to a new U.S. administration. China is willing to work together with the United States, earnestly implement the above important consensus, inject more positive energy for Sino US relations, to continue to develop along the right path to build a new type of relations between major powers. Blinken, deputy secretary of state, said the United States also believes that the two heads of state meeting in Hangzhou fruitful. President Obama looks forward to meeting with President Xi Jinping during the November APEC informal leadership meeting in Lima. The United States is willing to work with China to promote greater progress in U.S. – China relations, laying a solid foundation for the continued development of bilateral relations after the u.s.. The two sides also exchanged views on the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula and other international and regional issues of common interest. On the Security Council to discuss the resolution on the DPRK, we have repeatedly introduced the Chinese side of the position. China has always adhere to the denuclearization of the peninsula, to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula, adhere to the relevant solution through dialogue and negotiation.相关的主题文章: