China Aerospace Jacques is working on a new generation of heavy launch vehicle-e2140

China space Jacques: working on a new generation of heavy rocket panorama news network September 7th for the preparations for the eleventh session of the Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, exhibition Committee held a press conference in September 7, 2016 10. Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group (Chinese Aerospace) working party and Minister Jacques at the meeting, according to the generalization, serialization and modularization idea, developed a new type two engine, a liquid oxygen kerosene engine, a liquid rocket engine, the two engine is no new environment-friendly engine pollution is also very advanced engine technology. On the basis of these two types of engines, China Aerospace has planned and constructed the spectrum of a new generation of large launch vehicle in the future. Jacques introduced, following after 2022, China built space station, manned space station project the final goal, the future core class cabin section also requires long March 5 mission. For the launch vehicle, the direction of the development of China’s aerospace is the Long March 5, Long March 6, Long March 7, Long March 11, a new generation of launch vehicle type spectrum. The future of China’s space is also aimed at more deep space exploration, including Mars exploration and other tasks, but also need a larger rocket. At present, China Aerospace has been planning the Long March 8 rocket, is also working on a new generation of heavy launch vehicles. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: