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Children swim class articulate black Ministry of health to the new network pool water depth detection in Tai’an Qilu Evening News August 25th (reporter) 25, the newspaper "ibid swimming class eight children articulate black", reported eight children in Tai’an a swimming pool in the same period of training the articulate black abnormal. 25, the same day, due to the presence of two children with abnormal renal function index of abnormal detection of unknown reasons, parents anxious for the children to do a kidney examination. Health sector has been testing the water quality of the pool, the depth of detection of bacteria and other indicators, the results of a week or so. 25, the newspaper reported that the body of the Pearl River in Tai’an children’s fitness swimming pool in the presence of abnormal, check the body shows some of the children with fungal infection in the body of the eight. After seeing the report, some people reflected in the swimming pool after the emergence of symptoms such as fungal eczema. A citizen said, go to swim after got mycotic eczema, more than a week did not go to swim, was much better, with the partners also had eczema. One resident said that employees do not have awareness of disinfection, leg disinfection pool is often dry. 25, 2009, the parents of Mr. Liu told reporters that there are two children examined the kidney, renal function creatinine abnormalities. Doctors said the need for further consultation. Although the reasons for the moment can not be determined, but the other six children’s parents can not sit still, all the children with emergency to do a kidney examination, the results of the test can be out for two or three days, contact with copper sulfate to be checked. If there are more children appear abnormal, this thing is not just a matter of parents, the health sector should also attach importance to." Mr. Liu said. The parents suggested that before the field also had the same event, the final test result is iron, manganese and copper exceed the standard, the copper is copper sulfate inhibited algal drug overdose, as well as water replacement cycle is long, the ammonia exceed the standard. Heavy metal exceed the standard on the child’s body effect is very big, black tongue teeth, belonging to the "black dye" symptoms, it is encountered strong oxide copper sulfate after the formation of the cuprous sulfide particles attached to the surface of the tongue and teeth. Taishan District CDC staff, the swimming pool has been closed, the water samples have been extracted before the business, sent to the testing agencies to detect. From the detection of water hygienic standard for artificial swimming pool to do, including the specific index pH value, turbidity, urea, free residual chlorine, total bacteria, coliform bacteria, toxic substances and other provisions of the state, is expected to result in a week’s time.相关的主题文章: