Charlotte Nc Connection For Neck Pain And Chiropractic

UnCategorized If you are experiencing neck pain and chiropractic care is not a part of your treatment plan, perhaps you are not familiar with the effectiveness of chiropractic care in Charlotte NC. The caring and very gentle doctors can ease your neck pain, and help you reach and maintain a level of health that surpasses previous health care results. Soft tissue injury neck pain and chiropractic care Many instances of neck pain are caused by muscle strain or soft tissue sprains to ligaments or tendons, often brought about by a sudden force such as a whiplash motion of the neck. This type of neck pain responds very well to customary chiropractic care, which involves manipulation of your cervical spine, gentle traction and perhaps ultrasound therapy. This initial treatment by your Charlotte chiropractor is part of a holistic plan designed to restore you to full and painless motion, helping to prevent a recurrence of pain and correcting any spinal alignment issues. Unlike practitioners of traditional medicine, doctors of chiropractic do not administer drugs to dull your neck pain; they ease your pain with gentle hands-on treatments and address its source, whether it is from muscle strain, or soft tissue sprain, or other issues associated with proper spinal alignment and function. Arthritic neck pain and chiropractic care Is your neck pain generally at its worst first thing in the morning and at the end of the day? Does your neck pain lessen as you move it during the day? Does it feel better on warm, sunny days and worse on rainy overcast days? People with osteoarthritis in weight-bearing joints experience parallel symptoms; presumably, arthritic changes in their facet joints play a role in their discomfort. Our spine is comprised of many facet joints which slide against each other in movement, but when aging, injury, improper positioning or misuse cause cartilage degeneration, our necks often feel the friction and the loss of motion inherent in arthritic pain. Slow and easy chiropractic manipulation often provides the kind of gentle release for your arthritic neck pain that allows your body to achieve comfort levels you thought were good for good. Your Charlotte chiropractor can prescribe range of motion exercises, physical therapy, traction, and spinal manipulations to help you maintain full motion and lessen your chronic pain. Given the positive link between arthritic neck pain and chiropractic care, why are so many of us still taking pills? Benefits of chiropractic care Among the many benefits of chiropractic care, which center around a healthy and well-functioning spine that allows your spinal nerve to transmit and receive unobstructed messages between your brain and organ systems, is a clear and simple method to achieve and sustain good health. Important features of neck pain and chiropractic care are its preventive aspect of health care, and its drug free and non-surgical approach to healing. Given the incredible design of the human body and its ability to heal itself, it is no wonder that chiropractic care is fast becoming more widely accepted as an alternative health care choice for practical and conservative health consumers. For more information on neck pain and chiropractic care, the neck pain experts will be happy to show you an avenue to a more pain free lifestyle that leaves you feeling great! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: