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Changchun responsibility of unit eight is asked the change on lake around 15 thousand square meters of illegal building on the evening of 26, held the second phase of the TV politics live Changchun City, the comprehensive management of the Yitong River project focus, responsible comrades from the Urban Development Zone, and municipal relevant departments to accept the politics". After the end of the live event, 8 responsible units to act quickly to find the crux of the immediate rectification, achieved initial results. Grab time: rely on the first time it immediately changed the scene, the first time scheduling work, the first time the deployment of law enforcement power…… Accept the responsibility of unit 8 in politics on TV politics exposure problems that know that change, legislation enact change, can be immediately resolved immediately resolved, within a short period of time can not be resolved to develop corrective measures proposed timetable and roadmap. 27, 7 pm, Luyuan District dispatched more than 300 people and 4 excavators, on the lake and Sijiqing surrounding the village to carry out centralized demolition of illegally built houses and greenhouses, the demolition of illegally built 5 houses, an area of about 680 square meters, in 60, the demolition of illegally built area of 15 thousand square meters; the Yitong River on CMC Mission Hill drainage station behind the toilet site investigation, found belongs to Sidaluanjian illegal construction, immediately organize relevant departments to be removed; Municipal Construction Committee promptly opened a hotline, and WeChat mailbox "three interactive platform", people involved in smooth channels, extensive collection of public opinions and suggestions. Dare to tackle tough problems: face the problem for real implementation of flood control, pollution free standard, convenient transportation, beautiful environment and production integration of the city is the five major goals of the Yitong River comprehensive management project to establish the long-term objectives, but also the common aspiration of the masses. Accept the responsibility of unit 8 in politics of different causes, complicated construction, grab planted illegal unauthorized construction and other difficulties, solve the problem of exposure. Nanguan District of Nanxi wetland part of land expropriation problem, the court organization, levy Office, wealthy Street office and other units responsible comrades and experts in Forestry Assessment on-site office, education planning road one hundred and forty road related farmers and advice to guide the work, strive for consensus as soon as possible; the wide city according to the plan to carry out illegal expropriation Xiaochengzi village the battle for the first round of two a wo Bao, demolitions gunner Waterloo fort, to ensure the completion of two other villages surrounding a reservoir of illegal work before the end of 10, before the end of December to complete the collection of work; Economic Development Zone in the construction units do not delay the sewage interception dry pipe construction under the premise of the enterprises related to the remote site reconstruction the problem, instructed the relevant departments of land, planning, construction and other specific coordination of implementation. Objective: no discount for effectiveness of the people with the highest standards of comprehensive control project of the Yitong River, with a real move people are satisfied with the new Iraqi Tonghe building. Asked the government to accept the responsibility of unit 8 Duocuobingju, comprehensive management of the project schedule and project quality. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the city on the 17 rivers (including East Xinkai, on Lake) new 68 monitoring sections, implemented by water period (dry season, water period and high water period) and regular monitoring, monitoring results will be communicated to the relevant county (city) District Management Committee and the government to strengthen the County Development Zone (city) government zone and Development Zone of water environmental quality assessment; water conservancy Wei相关的主题文章: