CCTV exposure the Olympic celebration red WeChat new scam click on the need to be cautious xpphone

CCTV exposure: the Olympic celebration red WeChat new scam click on the need to be cautious on September 1st news, according to CCTV financial channel "first time" column reported in WeChat group, if friends suddenly received a bonus not immediately opened, because there may be security risks, there may even be a Trojan virus invasion of mobile phone, caused by the leakage of personal information. Property loss. Red WeChat reported that recently received a lot of people of WeChat group in the Olympic celebration: red, red envelopes are also a lot of the amount shown, but after opening a lot of people have found money, and not directly to the account, but will pop up a page that will display red envelopes to share links 2 the WeChat group can receive, in this link also contains a lot of advertising content, a lot of people follow the prompts, but the money in red envelopes is not arrival, again a few days to click on the red envelope, but found the page because it contains guide to share content, access has been stopped. The Olympic Games at the red police said that to induce users to click on the "false red" link in fact, there is a big security risk. Xi’an police goose branch Mingde Gate police station Zhang Qiang said, "we receive red envelopes to send the bill and the push information, must be careful to point to open the link, may be the Trojan virus, causing personal information, property loss." The police fraud means a new prompt, in to receive a red envelope involves input of the payee information, such as name, mobile phone number, bank card number, this is likely to be fraud, grab a red envelope when do not click on unknown links, do not enter any personal information, if once deceived must retain good evidence, the first time the alarm to the public security organs. Open the envelopes need to be cautious in addition, reported that before the following six types of red envelopes all open but also be careful: 1, personal information, share links to grab red envelopes 2 3, and a friend were to grab the red 4, red 5, high alert "AA red envelope" scam相关的主题文章: