Catfish has landed in Taiwan, Fujian start typhoon response norton disk doctor

"Catfish" has landed in Taiwan Fujian start typhoon II in response to the Fujian daily news according to APP- September 27th new Fujian Central Meteorological Observatory, 27, about 14:10 in the afternoon, the fat "catfish" has landed in Taiwan Hualian, Yilan County observed 16 gust (54.5m s), the cumulative rainfall over 300 mm local. According to the "Fujian province typhoon flood emergency response plan", decided in September 27th 12 when Sheng Fangzhi start anti typhoon emergency response grade ii. The storm surge alarm ring moranti catfish is maintained above two times rainstorm circle into Fuzhou Ningde National Marine forecast today continue to release waves and storm surge warning yellow orange alert. In addition, affected by cold air, there will be a storm surge in the northern sea area, the release of the extratropical storm surge yellow alert. The live show, this morning, Taiwan Taitung, Hualian buoys were observed wild waves of wave height of 8.8 meters and 4.9 meters waves, off the coast of Wenzhou, near the Diaoyu Islands to buoy SWH waves over 4 meters; Zhejiang Nanji, Chen ocean observation stations to wave height of about 3.4 meters high waves. Fujian meteorological observatory on September 27th at 7:12 to continue to issue typhoon orange warning signal. Fujian Province, a typhoon emergency warning: the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish", today 07 center from Taiwan city in Hualian Province, 235 kilometers, the largest wind 16 (super typhoon class). Expected, "catfish" moving to the west northwest at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, the strength to maintain or slightly strengthened. 27 afternoon landing in central Taiwan, will be on the morning of 28 am to Huian in the morning to the coast of Zhangpu. Fujian Provincial Meteorological Bureau decided at 07 o’clock on September 27, 2016, the major meteorological disasters (typhoons) III emergency response to major meteorological disasters (typhoons) II emergency response. According to @ China weather enthusiasts reported this morning, although the probability of catfish direct landing in Fuzhou is smaller than Xiamen, but Fuzhou’s wind may be bigger than Xiamen. For Fuzhou, the catfish is a big typhoon real. Today (September 27th) to 7 in the morning, Typhoon Megi came to Taiwan about 250 kilometers southeast of Hualian sea. The catfish has been strengthened as a super typhoon. Its eyes round and thick wall, convection level is very high, from the fish into fish muscle puffiness, loose tight from weak become strong. Catfish is the biggest typhoon this year. It’s six ring diameter up to 1100 km, ten wind circle with a diameter of 450 km, although no catfish miranti is strong, but it’s ten ring size is two times more than the moranti. They will be landing in Taiwan in Hualian this afternoon, then weakened westward between Fuzhou landed in Fujian to Zhangzhou in 28 on the morning of may be the largest Quanzhou area of Xiamen. Although the probability of catfish direct landing in Fuzhou is smaller than Xiamen, but Fuzhou’s wind may be bigger than Xiamen. For Fuzhou, the catfish is a big typhoon real. Why is that? Because the catfish is not directly to Xiamen, it is more than 3 thousand meters high central range, the structure will be over mountains. Its core is strong, but after hitting the central mountains, it will be greatly weakened, landing in Quanzhou and Xiamen with a hollow gesture. But the strong rain on the north side of it is not the same,;相关的主题文章: