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Su ningyun released results of letters 2015 revenue of 135 billion 600 million net profit of 870 mil 猎杀潜航5视频攻略

Su ningyun released results of letters 2015: revenue of 135 billion 600 million net profit of 870 million hot money flows thousands of thousands of column rating stocks diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to guide Sina Financial News February 28th, Su ningyun released results of letters, operating income of 135 billion 676 million yuan. An increase of 24.56%; operating profit grew 53.57%, the main business losses narrowed; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies reached 872 million yuan. Online platform commodity trading total size of 50 billion 275 million yuan, an increase of 94.93%. In 2015 the total size of Su ningyun online commodity trading platform for 50 billion 275 million yuan, an increase of 94.93%. Suning not only online growth faster than other mainstream business platform growth, and online sales continued to expand. Su Ningyun business performance express data show that as of the end of 2015 12, Suning retail system membership reached 250 million, the number of mobile terminal orders on the whole proportion increased to 60%. By the end of 2015, the number of direct service stations was 1011, and the number of service stations was 1430. In 2016, Suning will plan to re layout 1500 outlets in the three or four tier market, covering 14 townships nationwide, and by the end of 2016, the total number of Direct stores will reach 2500. The rapid development of logistics and financial services provided the impetus for the overall growth performance of Su ningyun. Logistics, Suning has 6051 express points in the country, in the cross-border logistics, rural electricity supplier logistics and other new business areas quickly complete the layout. 2015, Suning financial group’s entire financial product layout has formed, payment, finance, supply chain finance, public financing, consumer credit and other coordinated development, highlighting the advantages of the financial ecosystem platform. As of the end of 2015, Suning easy to pay treasure the number of registered users has exceeded 130 million. The chairman said Su ningyun Zhang Jindong summarized the work in 2015 at the beginning of last year, Suning total service 250 million users, not only provides 20 million SKU products for the majority of users, but also provide a full range of online and offline shopping scene for users. 2015 online and offline performance increased significantly, the fastest growing year since the Internet transformation business growth. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

苏宁云商发布2015业绩快报:营收1356亿 净利8.7亿 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   新浪财经讯 2月28日,苏宁云商发布业绩快报,营业收入1356.76亿元,同比增长24.56%;营业利润同比增长53.57%,主营业务亏损收窄;归属于上市公司股东的净利润达到8.72亿元。线上平台商品交易总规模502.75亿元,同比增长94.93%。   2015年苏宁云商线上平台商品交易总规模为502.75亿元,同比增长94.93%。苏宁不仅线上增速超过其他主流电商平台增速,而且线上销售占比持续扩大。   苏宁云商业绩快报数据显示,截至2015年12月末,苏宁零售体系会员总数达到2.5亿,移动端订单数量占线上整体比例提升至60%。截至2015年末,苏宁易购直营服务站数量1011家,加盟服务站数量1430家。   2016年,苏宁将计划在三四级市场再布局1500家直营店,覆盖全国1 4乡镇,到2016年末苏宁易购直营店总数将达到2500家。   物流和金融业务快速发展为苏宁云商整体业绩增长提供了动力。物流方面,苏宁已在全国拥有6051个快递点,在跨境物流、农村电商物流等新业务领域快速完成布局。   2015年,苏宁金融集团全金融产品布局已经形成,支付、理财、供应链金融、众筹、消费信贷等协同发展,金融生态圈平台优势凸显。截至2015年末,苏宁易付宝注册用户数已超过1.3亿。   苏宁云商董事长张近东在年初总结2015年工作时表示,苏宁去年总计服务了2.5亿的用户,不仅为广大用户提供了2000万SKU的商品,还为用户提供了线上线下全方位的购物场景。2015年线上线下业绩大幅度增长,是互联网转型以来业务增速最快的一年。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

What is the gold pit rumors hit the a major contradiction 媚肉之香攻略

Rumors hit the gold pit, the current A shares the main contradiction is what? The article comes from the micro signal: stock22 securities times as the Commission appointed letter Phi media, authoritative doubt, but today’s performance is disappointing. For the "6000 million insurance risks will continue to withdraw A shares" this article, blade feel very shocked. China Insurance Regulatory Commission just normal insurance products for high interest rates only, which article said so serious? Using alarmist headlines to attract eyeballs, malicious spread panic, and then lead to market volatility, loss of credibility of serious media. Until the close, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission just stood out to appease the market, "clarify rumors": in view of the market about "600 billion universal insurance will withdraw A shares" rumors, the relevant departments of China Insurance Regulatory Commission pointed out that the rumor is untrue. China Insurance Regulatory Commission will further exert its long-term investment advantages and provide long-term stable capital for the development of the real economy and capital market. Li Daxiao’s interpretation, this time relatively reliable: insurance funds into the stock market is a big trend, this time is the norm, not reversed. Don’t panic. Before the disk, the blade also in love stock APP live prompt; ‘six hundred billion’ this news headlines, destined to hit the gold pit! Radical friends, you can bargain hunting! At present, the asset shortage intensified, huge insurance funds to maintain value, must seek investment channels, you do not let it into the stock market, go to the property market to add fuel to the flames? Disk view, today is the bottom up trend, the lowest point is the 20 line. This position, the bottom hunting fund has been waiting for a long time, bargain buying continues to pour in, the major indexes decline narrowed. Turnover increased by 510 billion over yesterday. Stocks, gaosongzhuan is the biggest hot all day long, unilateral concussion high morale, pagoda industry, Huang, Wu Tong, Jinke entertainment holdings four shares limit. The single highest price close to Vanke Jingxian, turned red, from the concept of Jiakai City, Langfang Hengda development trend. The scheme will be released restructuring of Baosteel, iron and steel supply side reforms to accelerate, steel Minguang was trading in early trading, steel hand brokerage, today become the main force to support the market, and real estate, will continue to adjust the color. Wanda privatization and ant gold clothing concept, generally decline, almost occupy the decline of the top screen. With the rebound of the index, the main funds to start self-help, many stocks pulled straight in the end, and ultimately a total of 40 shares closed limit. In the popular new plate and gaosongzhuan drive part, short of funds into multi camp defection. On the face of the market, short-term aspects, the CIRC clarify rumors, help to ease the panic, tomorrow is expected to continue the rebound. Central line, the central bank reverse repurchase triggered "monetary tightening" guess, superimposed the Fed interest rate is expected to rise, but because the "deleveraging" process is still going on, and then back to 3100 points need time. Technically, the shrinking callback is healthy. After carrying this round of bad bombing, the rate will probably rise up again! More money + low interest rate + asset shortage, can not invest in industry, do not want to get high disk property, dare not vote P2P…… Universal insurance will not buy, aunt should roll up their sleeves, personally entered the market!

谣言砸出黄金坑 当前A股主要矛盾是啥? 文章来自微信号:爱股票(stock22)证券时报作为证监会指定信披媒体,权威性毋庸置疑,但今天的表现令人失望。对于《6000亿万能险将陆续撤出A股》这篇文章,刀锋感到非常震惊。保监会只是对高利率的保险产品正常规范而已,哪有文章说的这么严重呢?用危言耸听的标题吸引眼球,恶意传播恐慌情绪,进而引发市场波动,有失严肃媒体的公信力。直到收盘后,保监会才站出来安抚市场“澄清谣言”:针对市场上有关“6000亿万能险将陆续撤出A股”的传言,中国保监会有关部门负责人指出该传言不实。保监会将进一步发挥长期投资优势,为实体经济和资本市场发展提供长期稳定资金。李大霄的解读,这一次相对靠谱:保险资金进入股市是大趋势,这次只是规范不是逆转。莫慌莫慌。盘前,刀锋也在爱股票APP直播中提示;’六千亿这种新闻标题,注定要砸出黄金坑!激进的朋友,可以逢低抄底!当下,资产荒愈演愈烈,庞大的保险资金要保值增值,必须寻找投资渠道,你不让它进股市,难道去给楼市火上浇油?盘面来看,今天总体是个探底回升的走势,大盘最低点恰好是20日线。这个位置,抄底资金已经等待多时了,逢低买盘不断涌入,各大指数跌幅收窄。成交量5100亿较昨日有所增加。个股方面,高送转是全天最大热点,单边震荡走高鼓舞士气,宝塔实业、煌上煌,吴通控股、金科娱乐四股涨停。午后万科惊现大单,股价最高接近翻红,引得恒大概念的嘉凯城、廊坊发展跟风。宝钢武钢重组方案将出炉,钢铁供给侧改革加速推进,三钢闽光早盘一度涨停,钢铁牵手券商,成为今天的护盘主力,而地产、有色则延续调整。万达私有化和蚂蚁金服概念,普遍跌幅较大,几乎占据跌幅榜首屏。随着指数的反弹,主力资金展开自救,尾盘很多股票直线拉升,最终共40股收涨停。在人气板块次新和高送转带动下,部分空头资金反水加入多方阵营。关于后市,短线方面,保监会澄清“谣言”,有助于缓解恐慌情绪,明日有望延续反弹。中线方面,央行逆回购引发的“货币紧缩”猜想,叠加美联储加息预期升温,更因为“去杠杆”进程仍在继续,再回3100点需要时间。技术上看,目前的缩量回调很健康。扛过这一轮利空轰炸之后,大概率还会反身向上!钱多+低利率+资产荒,不能投资实业,不想高位接盘房产,不敢投P2P……万能险再不让买,大妈们就该卷起袖子亲自入市了!相关的主题文章:

Asian stock markets soared and European stock markets opened sharply higher 张明柱手机批发

Asian stock markets soared, European stock markets opened sharply higher, U.S. stock market center: exclusive provision of the U.S. stock industry sector, the disk before, after, ETF, warrants real time market, Sina shares Beijing time 15, driven by the Asian stock market rose, European stock markets opened sharply higher Monday. Pan European Stoxx 600 index opened up 1.7%, the FTSE 100 index rose 1.4%, the French CAC 40 index rose 2.2%, the German DAX 30 index rose 2%. Standard & Poor’s 500 index futures rose 1.1%, but the U.S. stock market this evening due to the president’s day off. Most Asian stock markets closed higher, Chinese stock market after the resumption of trading to strong investor confidence. The Nikkei index rose by 7.2%, despite data showing that Japan’s economy shrank more quickly than expected in the fourth quarter of 2015. RMB spot rose 1%, to 6.4900 yuan, hit a new high this year. The Shanghai Composite Index has fallen by 0.7%, but the performance of the Shanghai stock market has been very strong due to the global stock market turmoil during the spring festival. Crude oil futures were stable after rising 12% last Friday, and the market speculated that OPEC could reach a yield reduction agreement. Editor in chief: Guo Mingyu SF008

亚洲股市飙升 欧洲股市大幅高开 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间15日 受亚洲股市上涨带动,欧洲股市周一大幅高开。泛欧Stoxx 600指数开盘涨1.7%,英国富时100指数涨1.4%,法国CAC 40指数涨2.2%,德国DAX 30指数涨2%。   标准普尔500指数期货上涨1.1%,但美国股市今晚因总统日休市。   亚洲股市大多收高,中国股市恢复交易后的强势给了投资者信心。日经指数大涨7.2%,尽管数据显示,日本经济在2015年四季度萎缩速度超出了预期。   人民币现货大涨1%,至6.4900元,创今年新高。   上证综合指数下跌0.7%,但由于春节期间全球股市激烈动荡,这样的表现已算非常强势。   原油期货在上周五大涨12%后,目前表现稳定,市场猜测石油输出国组织最终可达达成减产协议。 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章:

No.1 Document&quot 探囊取物的意思

The industrial policy behind the development of ecological agriculture in more than 150 million yuan Level2:A shares of sina finance market layout spring speed Kanpan Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors are in use – the newspaper reporter     yesterday; Ren rain; ecological agriculture stocks strong performance of the sector as a whole rose 0.22% against the market trend, the specific point of view, longpinggaoke rose 9.18%, Denghai (2.48% Xindu), chemical (2.11%), (2.02%), Dunhuang Fengle Seed Industry (1.83%), Jin Zhengda, Yu saving (1.3%) (1.27%), Kingfa (1.23%) and Xinjiang Tianye (1.03%) and other stocks also rose more than 1%. In addition, the stock rose and Changqing group, MOGA shares, shares, Guangxin Nuo Puxin, Secretary stewart. Market participants said that the recent introduction of "No.1 Document" provides a strong basic support for the recovery of the agricultural sector. With spring approaching, the upstream industry chain of agricultural products demand is strong, is expected to thicken the performance of listed companies. Based on this, the funds began to layout spring plowing market ahead of schedule.         capital flows, according to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics show that a total of 11 stocks showed a net inflow of large single state sector yesterday, the cumulative suction gold 152 million yuan, respectively, longpinggaoke (115 million 626 thousand and 400 yuan), Changqing group (8 million 896 thousand and 300 yuan), nuopuxin (8 million 407 thousand and 500 yuan) seed, Deng Hai (7 million 13 thousand and 300 yuan), Yu saving (4 million 216 thousand and 500 yuan), Huaxi energy (3 million 264 thousand and 600 yuan), MOGA shares (1 million 618 thousand and 900 yuan), Shun shares (978 thousand and 200 yuan), Dunhuang seed industry (949 thousand and 800 yuan), STANLEY (507 thousand and 400 yuan) and sierte (402 thousand and 800 yuan). The agriculture "No.1 Document" once again emphasized speeding up the development of agricultural modernization. Vigorously promote the integration of breeding and integration, enhance the ability of independent innovation of seed industry, and ensure the safety of the national seed industry. We should further promote the reform of the distribution of scientific research achievements in seed industry, and explore the mechanism of sharing rights, transferring and classifying scientific research personnel. Implementation of modern seed industry construction project and independent innovation project of seed industry. Market participants generally believe that agricultural modernization is the top issue of the "No. 1 document". The pilot reform of the target price put forward by the central government for the first time this year is an important measure to improve the price formation mechanism of China’s agricultural products. The so-called target price system refers to the government set the target price of agricultural products, when the actual market price is higher than the target price, subsidies for low-income consumers; when the market price is lower than the target price, the price difference subsidies producers. This will herald the essence and acceleration of China’s agricultural modernization reform, and the reform of the agricultural sector in the future will exceed expectations. In terms of investment opportunities, the United Nations Securities Association said that China’s agricultural modernization will be brought about by two aspects, which will bring opportunities to the capital market. It includes promoting the reform of land circulation in production relations 产业政策力挺生态农业发展 逾1.5亿元布局春耕行情 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   ■本报记者 任小雨    昨日生态农业概念股表现强劲,板块整体逆市上涨0.22%,具体来看,隆平高科大涨 9.18%,登海种业(2.48%)、新都化工(2.11%)、丰乐种业(2.02%)、敦煌种业(1.83%)、大禹节水(1.3%)、金正大 (1.27%)、金发科技(1.23%)和新疆天业(1.03%)等个股涨幅也均在1%以上。除此之外,实现逆市上涨的个股还有长青集团、莫高股份、广信 股份、诺普信、司尔特。   市场人士表示,近期“一号文件”的出台,为农业板块的复苏提供了强劲的基本面支撑。而随着春耕临近,农业中上游产业链各产品需求旺盛,有望增厚相关上市公司业绩。基于此,资金开始提前布局春耕行情。       资金流向方面,据《证券日报》记者统计显示,昨日板块内共有11只概念股呈现大单资金净流入态势,累计吸金1.52亿元,分别为隆平高科 (11562.64万元)、长青集团(889.63万元)、诺普信(840.75万元)、登海种业(701.33万元)、大禹节水(421.65万元)、 华西能源(326.46万元)、莫高股份(161.89万元)、广信股份(97.82万元)、敦煌种业(94.98万元)、史丹利(50.74万元)和司 尔特(40.28万元)。   上述农业“一号文件”再次强调加快农业现代化发展。大力推进育繁一体化,提升种业自主创新能力,保障国家种业安全。深入推进种业领域科研成果权益分配改革,探索成果权益分享、转移转化和科研人员分类管理机制。实施现代种业建设工程和种业自主创新重大工程。   市场人士普遍认为,农业现代化是此次“一号文件”的首要议题。今年中央首次提出的目标价格改革试点,是完善中国农产品价格形成机制的一个重要举措。所谓 目标价格制度,是指由政府设定农产品的目标价格,当实际市场价格高于目标价格时,补贴低收入消费者;当市场价格低于目标价格时,则按差价补贴生产者。这或 将预示着我国农业现代化改革的实质与加速推进,未来农业领域的改革力度或将超出预期。   投资机会方面,国联证券表示,从两个方面把握我国 农业现代化,给资本市场带来机遇。包括在生产关系方面推进土地流转改革和农垦改革;在农业生产力方面推进高标准农田建设、劳动力素质提升和农业技术提升。 在此背景之下,关注五大投资机会:首先,种业创新和行业整合带来的投资机会;二是农田节水工程建设带来的投资机会;三是土地流转实现土地规模化种植带来的 农机推广投资机会;四是农垦改革带来的投资机会;五是农业信息化的发展带来的投资机会。个股方面,推荐龙头标的:北大荒、海南橡胶、登海种业、农发种业、 大北农、诺普信等。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: