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Net transfer after the purchase of second-hand housing in Nanjing surge said the industry maintain w 硕大无朋的意思

Net transfer after the purchase of Nanjing second-hand housing industry called "surge" keep "wait and see" Nanjing Beijing 28, September (week Sihang Zhang Yao) between Nanjing 25 days after the introduction of restriction policy overnight, online crazy second-hand housing market is the seller took the opportunity to price increases, random increase phenomenon. 28, the reporter learned that, with the second-hand housing homeowners currently on the market, more choice is a "wait and see" attitude, dare greatly "price". In September 25th, the Nanjing municipal government issued the main city property purchase restrictions policy, made it clear that in the main city area, in Nanjing has 1 or more housing units, and non city residence households, not to purchase new housing and second-hand housing; with 2 sets and two sets in Nanjing residents family on the purchase of new housing, no new housing. Restrictions on new houses but not limited to second-hand housing, so that developers and investors to fight a great deal, while the sale and upcoming sale of the project will also be tested. But for the new second-hand housing market gap left by local people to buy second-hand housing is still no limit, then, overnight online crazy second-hand housing market took the opportunity to price increases, the seller random increase, anyway, the house buchoumai. "There is no Internet rumors before the crazy prices, homeowners from the registration information, the price is the same as before, only a few homeowners, at the time of purchase after second days, give us a call to the staff said the price high point, but is not much. So there are two or three homeowners." A real estate agent in Gulou District said. Compared to individual owners of second-hand housing to the price situation, the reporter learned that, with the second-hand housing homeowners currently on the market, more choice is a first to maintain a wait-and-see attitude, dare to action. Because the future of the market in the end, no one dare to determine. I love my house agent introduced, compared to the land before the auction of property listing, there is no obvious change. However, he told reporters that there is a very interesting phenomenon, after the purchase, he continued to receive a lot of second-hand housing owners currently hold a telephone call, they want to put in the hands of the house for sale now postponed for a period of time to sell. In the real estate website, many of the owner’s notes on the information, are written "external sale, showings at any time, but wait until December."". Some of them didn’t even have time to write, but they said it would take a while. In this regard, insiders said, first of all, the house is limit, then the future new home premium rate will be high, but this is in the secondary housing body is not reflected, second-hand housing will not be affected. Secondly, the price of land to give rise to the speed of housing prices, but this can not rely on second-hand housing, mainly by the new listing of new projects will be driven. So, in the short term to start with second-hand housing is indeed good, but the market can maintain for how long, this one who dare not assert. After all, it is not impossible for Nanjing to change its house price day by day. More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

网传限购后南京二手房“暴涨”业内称多保持“观望”中新网南京9月28日电(周思航 张遥)南京25日出台限购政策之后,一夜之间,网上疯传二手房市场存在趁机涨价,卖家胡乱加价现象。28日,记者了解到,目前市场上持有二手房的房主们,更多选择的是一个先保持“观望”的态度,不敢贸然大幅度“涨价”。9月25日,南京市政府出台了主城区的住房限购政策,明确表示在主城区范围内,在南京已拥有1套及以上住房的,且非本市户籍居民家庭,不得再购入新建商品住房和二手住房;拥有2套和两套以上住房的南京市户籍居民家庭,不得再新购新建商品住房。限新房却不限二手房,这样对开发商和投资客来说打击很大,同时在售和即将开售的项目也将受到考验。但是新政对二手房市场留下的缺口,本地人买二手房依旧是没有限制的,于是,一夜之间网上疯传二手房市场趁机涨价,卖家胡乱加价,反正房子不愁卖。“并没有网上传言的疯狂涨价,之前房主们过来登记的信息、价格还是和以前一样,只有个别的房主,在当时限购出来后第二天,给我们工作人员打了电话说想把价格加高一点,但是加的也不多。这样的房主也就最多两三个。”鼓楼区的一家房产中介经纪人说。相比极个别二手房房主的趁机涨价的情况,记者了解到,目前市场上持有二手房的房主们,更多选择的是一个先保持观望的态度,不敢轻易动作。因为未来市场到底走向如何,这个谁也不敢断定。我爱我家的房产经纪人介绍,相比土拍前的房产挂牌量,目前还没有很明显的变化。不过,他告诉记者,有这样一个现象很有意思,限购出来之后,他陆陆续续的接到很多目前持有二手房房主电话,他们打电话过来想把手里现在挂牌出售的房子推迟一段时间再对外出售。在房产网站,很多房主的备注信息上,都写着“对外出售,随时看房,但要等到12月份”。有的干脆连时间都没写,只说明了要等一段时间。对此,业内人士表示,首先,新房被限价,那么未来新房的溢价率肯定会很高,但是这一点在二手房身上却是体现不到的,二手房也并不会受到很大的影响。其次,地价赋予房价上涨的速度,但这并不能靠二手房,主要还是靠新楼盘新项目的上市才会带动的。所以,短期内对入手二手房确实是有利好的,但是市场能维持多久,这个谁也不敢断言。毕竟,南京房价一天一个变化也不是没有可能的。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章:

New energy vehicles in the future how to play will increase access threshold – Finance – Peop 湖南城市学院老校区

The new energy vehicles in the future how to "play"   will improve the access threshold – Finance – new energy vehicles in the future how to "play" the? Reporter He Xiaoliang China for new energy vehicles, although the industry’s history is not long, but almost every day to face the question and choose the new. At the just concluded 2016 China auto industry development (TEDA) forum, participants again discussed around the next phase of the development of new energy vehicles. Representatives from the Ministry of industry, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and other government departments have released a lot of supply side management signals. There are indications that China’s new energy vehicles will usher in a major change in rules. Really let the market decide as an emerging industry in the old industry is still at the peak of the history of the development of new energy vehicles, subsidies is undoubtedly the most important keywords. In the huge subsidies under the support of new energy automotive industry in our country from scratch, and gradually expand production and sales from less than 500 before 2009 to 2015 reached 350 thousand units, since 2016, continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth. However, in recent years, the "cheating and mending" incident has made the new energy vehicles in the minds of the general public vulnerable to the image, suffered a serious blow. While responsible for illegal enterprises, the competent authorities also recognize the root of the problem, that is, loopholes in the policy can be drilled. High subsidies and easy adoption are one of them. Statistics show that from 2013 to 2015, the central government allocated subsidies and reward funds of 28 billion 444 million yuan. Local financial subsidies from 2013 to 2015 amounted to about 20000000000 yuan. Central and local total subsidies of 48 billion 444 million yuan. Media statistics, which means that China’s average subsidy of 115 thousand yuan per new energy vehicles, approximately 18 thousand and 600 U.S. dollars. The United States and California from March 2010 to June 2016 for tax rebate of 153 thousand new energy vehicles, a total of $326 million refund, the average tax rebate of $2 thousand and 100 of new energy vehicles. China’s subsidy intensity for new energy vehicles is 9 times higher than that of the United States, and the subsidies are too high. Song Qiuling, deputy director of the economic construction Department of the Ministry of finance, said at the forum, in addition to cheating, new energy vehicles promotion still exist other problems. At present, there are 3411 models in the catalogue of energy saving and new energy vehicles demonstration and promotion, but no more than 1000 products have reached more than 100. Of the 227 passenger car models, only 43 are more than 1000. Data show that China’s car prices in order to get high subsidies, subsidies in accordance with the "standard system" big new energy vehicles, so, although to achieve the subsidy standards, but in the security problem and the comprehensive performance appeared defects. Financial support for new energy vehicles, the central government will achieve from policy pull to market driven change. Song Qiuling said at the meeting: "the subsidy policy, the Ministry of finance will establish the selection and elimination mechanism, improve the technical threshold, strengthen the subsidy policy on positive incentives to promote technological progress; while the implementation of subsidy policy back slope, increase enterprise to the market to survive) 新能源汽车将来怎么“玩” 将提高准入门槛–财经–人民网   新能源汽车将来怎么“玩”   文?本报记者 何晓亮   对于中国新能源汽车来说,虽然行业的历程不长,但几乎每天都要面对新的问题与选择。在刚刚结束的2016中国汽车产业发展(泰达)论坛上,与会者再次围绕新能源汽车下一阶段的发展展开了讨论。来自工信部、发改委、财政部等政府部门的代表,释放了诸多供给侧管理信号。种种迹象表明,中国新能源汽车将迎来规则的重大变化。   真正让市场做主   作为在旧产业尚处巅峰时出现的新兴产业,新能源汽车的发展史中,补贴无疑是最重要的关键词。   在巨额补贴的支持下,我国新能源汽车产业从无到有,逐步发展壮大,产销量从2009年以前的不足500辆到2015年达到了35万辆,2016年以来,继续保持这种快速增长的势头。   然而,近一年间爆发的“骗补”事件,却让新能源汽车在普通公众心中本就脆弱的形象,遭受严重打击。在追责不法企业的同时,主管部门也认识到问题的根源,在于政策存在漏洞可钻。补贴高额而轻易可取就是其中之一。   统计显示,2013年至2015年,中央财政共拨付补贴、奖励资金284.44亿元。地方财政2013年至2015年拨付补助资金合计200多亿元。中央与地方合计补贴484.44亿元。有媒体统计,这意味着中国平均每辆新能源汽车补贴11.5万元,约折合1.86万美元。而美国加州自2010年3月至2016年6月为15.3万辆新能源汽车退税,共计退税3.26亿美元,平均每辆新能源汽车退税0.21万美元。中国对新能源汽车的补贴强度是美国的9倍,补贴额度过高。   财政部经济建设司副司长宋秋玲在论坛上表示,除了骗补,新能源汽车推广还存在其他问题。目前列入节能与新能源汽车示范推广目录里的车型共3411款,但产量达到1000辆以上的未超过100个。其中,227个乘用车车型中,产量在1000辆以上的只有43个。数据表明,我国车企为了拿到高额补贴,按照补贴标准大肆“拼制”新能源汽车,如此一来,虽然达到了补贴标准,但在安全问题和综合性能上出现了弊端。   对新能源汽车的财政扶持,中央财政则将实现从政策的拉动型向市场驱动型转变。宋秋玲在会上表示:“在补贴政策上,财政部将建立遴选和淘汰机制,提高技术门槛,强化补贴政策对促进技术进步的正向激励作用;同时落实好补贴政策退坡,增加企业向市场求生存、求发展的紧迫感;健全监督监管体系,严格追究骗补企业的相关责任。”   从近期国家颁布的一系列政策以及相关政府官员的解读来看,国家对新能源汽车的财政补贴政策调整的方向,将通过新的政策方式,从补贴转向奖惩,让市场而不再是行政成为企业的动机,进而提高新能源汽车的创新发展。   以“碳”换“补”   这一新的政策转变方式,便是碳配额。   8月2日,国家发改委印发《新能源汽车碳配额管理办法(征求意见稿)》,力求以碳配额交易替代现行的补贴政策,成为以市场化手段推动机动车产能绿色化的创新支点,并拟于全国碳市场启动运行的2017年开始试行,2018年正式实施。   有专家表示,推出以“碳”换“补”的目的,是在补贴政策退坡的过程中防范企业骗补,同时通过市场力量激励和倒逼企业进行技术创新,把更多资源投入到产品的研发和技术创新上,从而提高产品的质量和安全系数。   所谓新能源汽车碳配额,即二氧化碳减排配额,是新能源汽车在使用过程中,与燃油汽车相比减少的二氧化碳排放量。《意见稿》明确指出,企业根据应承担的新能源汽车比例要求,计算出应减排的二氧化碳排放总量,即企业必须上缴的新能源汽车碳配额总量。企业可以通过生产和销售新能源汽车达到碳配额总量要求,也可通过碳排放权交易市场向有多余碳配额的企业购买。   新能源汽车碳配额制借鉴了美国加州“零排放车辆积分交易制度”(ZEV),ZEV其核心为政府强制限定企业环保型汽车的销售比例,汽车产品的碳排放量越高,积分越高。企业偿还积分,一是生产零排放的汽车;二是向其他积分富余的车企购买积分;三是接受州政府的罚款。   在国家发改委看来,新能源汽车碳配额管理既能解决中国企业发展新能源汽车动力和安全系数不足的问题,又能建立燃油汽车支持新能源汽车发展的有效机制,接力退坡的财税扶持政策,从而成为新能源汽车发展重要的制度保障。同时这种市场化的管理手段,更能推动新能源汽车真正实现商业化:技术先进、市场认可度高的产品能够获得财政补贴,可以推动企业加快技术进步,有效弥补成本投入,提升产品质量,树立品牌。   提高准入门槛   尽管新能源汽车的产量呈倍数增长,相关行业也随之水涨船高,但在主管部门这里,新能源汽车最重要的指标,不是里程,不是销量,只有安全。   之所以对安全如此警醒,在于当前电动汽车尤其是动力电池的水平,尚不能完全令人放心。2011年4月11日,杭州首批电动出租车上路运营尚未满三个月,一辆运行中的众泰朗悦纯电动出租车突然自燃;2013年10月1日,一辆特斯拉ModelS型豪华轿车在美国西雅图南部的公路上发生车祸起火……人命关天,在新生事物彻底成熟前,安全性自然占有最重要的位置。   8月16日,工信部发布《新能源汽车生产企业及产品准入管理规定(修订征求意见稿)》,要求加强新能源汽车准入、销售、使用等环节的监管,以保障新能源汽车产品的安全和性能。   《意见稿》指出,自“十三五”开始,中国电动汽车产业由起步阶段进入加速阶段,加上消费者意识的提高,生产技术的进步,国家政策法规管理的完善,预计到2020年,中国将成为世界最大的电动汽车市场,也是全球电动汽车的核心主战场。但是安全和配套设施仍是未来新能源汽车发展的主要瓶颈,特别是安全问题,隐患正在逐步显现,整车性能品质应该说还没完全达到消费者的需求。   值得关注的是,国家发改委今年将在汽车投资项目管理上有较大幅度的改革措施。国家发改委产业协调司处长吴卫透露:“根据政府核准的投资事项削减90%以上的要求,发改委近期已经上报了政府核准的投资项目目录2016版。在新的目录当中,我们一方面大幅度下放有关权限,同时完善投资项目的相关条件。”   针对我国已经存在比较明显的汽车产业结构性过剩,和新能源汽车盲目投资、低水平建设问题,发改委建立了产能预警机制,以防范产能过剩。   吴卫表示,新能源汽车、新能源乘用车的企业建设还是严格执行去年的《新建纯电动乘用车企业管理规定》,并将逐步提高准入条件,以防范新的低水平建设。   关于目前最受关注的电池目录问题,工信部有关人士近日透露电池目录并不会直接影响新能源企业和产品准入规则。财政部对新能源汽车补贴政策的调整,会对动力电池企业和产品提出一些要求,但不会简单地与电池目录挂钩。   ――延伸阅读――   国家正在制定汽车产业中长期规划   在第十二届中国汽车产业发展(泰达)国际论坛全体会议上,工业和信息化部原党组成员、总工程师朱宏任发表了“供给侧结构性改革视角下的汽车产业发展思考”的主题演讲。他表示,传统汽车在未来一段时间内仍占据主导,新能源汽车技术还面临电池能量密度、安全性等诸多挑战,所以要坚持节能与新能源汽车共同创新发展。同时我国已具备智能汽车快速发展的基础,后续还要攻克驾驶辅助系统核心技术研发及产业化、构建支撑产业化的标准体系、推动制定并实施与智能汽车发展配套的基础设施等。“加强创新驱动是推动汽车产业长期向好的关键因素。”朱宏任强调。   “在《中国制造2025》战略目标的指引下,对于稳居并将长期处于全球最大汽车市场的我国而言,实现产业由大变强的目标,机遇与挑战并存,但总体机遇大于挑战。”工业和信息化部装备工业司副司长瞿国春指出。据悉,围绕建设汽车强国目标,工信部正在牵头开展中国汽车产业中长期规划2016至2025编制工作。   规划初步总结制定出六大目标、六大任务和六大措施。其中六大任务主要针对关键领域实现汽车强国过程中面临的短板实施,如强化自主创新能力,完善产业链的链条体系,夯实零部件基础。六大措施则剑指管理保障,如深化体制改革,研究制定机动车生产管理相关法规,加大对节能与新能源汽车研发投资力度,加快人才队伍保障等。 (责编:王子侯、杨迪)相关的主题文章:

The launch of the fund three annual exams 83 only to shrink the size of the loss is only more than 1 西华大学教务处

The launch of the fund three annual exams: 83 the loss is only more than 130 only to shrink the size of the launch of the fund, the fund manager to take the lead for sponsored funds, compared with the average of 200 million yuan fund first raised the threshold, the launch of the fund only to raise 50 million yuan can be established. The amount of the subscription shall be no less than ten million, and the holding time shall be no less than three years. This approach to the interests of fund managers often becomes one of the selling points of the fund. In addition, this approach reduces the threshold for the establishment of the fund, many small and medium-sized fund companies have joined them, hoping to achieve "counter attack" with it". Since the founding of the first wave of start-up funds has been in the past three years, those who once advocated risk sharing, income sharing fund today? Does the sponsor fund become a win-win product for both fund companies and investors as expected? The news on the surface of the fund launched a panoramic comb, for investors to present the true appearance of such funds. In 2015, the number of blowout to equity varieties, according to Wind information statistics show that as of January 31st this year, the current set up a total of 208 sponsored funds. The following table is the overall statistics of the launch Fund: in 2012, the CSRC promulgated and implemented the relevant regulations, formally added the launch fund audit channel, simplified the audit procedures, giving priority to audit, and launched the fund officially opened. As you can see from the chart, the fund launched last year is more than the sum of the past three years, reaching 109. The initial fund was mainly based on bonds and currency, and then gradually increased equity funds. On the whole, most of the products are still low risk products. Even higher risk equity funds are mainly managed by passive managed index funds and hybrid funds with absolute return as the target. There is only one high-risk active stock fund, China Europe Pioneer stock (001938), which was established in November last year. In the last two years, hedge funds have become one of the most popular types of start-up funds (the alternative investment fund on the map), and 17 have now been established. Large scale shrinkage or liquidation or transformation, according to the regulations, the establishment fund after three years of establishment, if the fund asset size is less than 200 million yuan, the fund contract automatically terminated. Today, the first fund set up in 2012 has ended three years’ protection period". Public information, the fund has two — the League of Nations (253070) an debt credit debt and Western gains stability and increased profits (675021) have been winding up. And those still operating in the same period of funds, from the scale of change, 2/3 of the scale of the fund than the size of the establishment of shrinkage, less than 20%, more than 90%. Another 1/3 of the fund compared with the beginning of the scale of growth, the interface news found that, or with the help of institutional funds, the state Jin Guoxin flexible configuration (762001) is one of the typical. The fund was founded in August 2012, the first raised size of 179 million copies. By the end of the first quarter of last year, the scale was only 88 million yuan. When the contract expires in August 2015, if the scale still does not reach 200 million yuan

发起式基金三年大考:83只亏损 130多只规模缩水   发起式基金,指基金管理人带头认购发起的基金,与一般基金2亿元的首募门槛相比,发起式基金只需筹集5000万元即可宣告成立。带头认购的金额不少于一千万,且持有时间不少于三年。这种与基金管理人利益绑定的做法往往成为基金卖点之一。此外,这种方式降低了基金的成立门槛,不少中小基金公司纷纷加入其中,希望借助它实现“逆袭”。   距离第一波发起式基金成立浪潮已过去三年,那些曾经宣扬风险共担、收益共享的基金如今怎样?发起式基金是否如想象中那样,成为基金公司与投资者双赢的产品?界面新闻对发起式基金进行全景式梳理,为投资者呈现这类基金的真实面貌。   2015年成立数量井喷 转向权益类品种   根据Wind资讯统计显示,截止至今年1月31日,目前共成立了208只发起式基金。下表为发起式基金总体情况统计:   2012年,证监会颁布并实施相关条例,正式增设发起式基金审核通道,简化审核程序,优先予以审核,发起式基金正式开闸。从上表可看到,去年成立的发起式基金比过去三年的总和还要多,达到109只。   发起式基金最初以债券和货币类为主,而后逐渐增加权益类基金。总体来看,目前仍以低风险产品居多。即使是风险较高的权益类基金,也以被动管理型的指数基金和以绝对收益为目标的混合型基金为主。目前仅有一只高风险的主动股票型基金中欧时代先锋股票(001938),于去年11月刚刚成立。过去两年里,对冲基金也成为发起式基金的热门品种之一(即上图的另类投资基金),目前已成立了17只。   规模大幅缩水 或清盘或转型   根据规定,发起式基金在成立三年后,若基金资产规模低于2亿元,基金合同自动终止。时至今日,2012年时成立的首批基金已陆续结束三年“保护期”。公开资料显示,目前已有两只基金――国联安中债信用债(253070)和西部利得稳定增利(675021)相继清盘。   而那些仍在运作中的同期基金,从规模变化上来看,有三分之二的基金规模均比成立时的规模缩水,少则两成、多则九成。   另有三分之一的基金与成立之初相比规模增长,界面新闻梳理发现,其中或借助了机构资金的力量,国金国鑫灵活配置(762001)便是其中的典型。该基金成立于2012年8月,首募规模为1.79亿份。到去年一季度末时,规模仅剩0.88亿元。在2015年8月合约到期时,如果规模仍不达2亿元,很可能遭遇清盘命运。”   从该基金半年报可发现,它选择了一条“投靠”机构资金的道路。数据显示,6月末时资产净值扩大到27.33亿元,机构持有比例则从14年年报时的20.38%扩大至98.2%。   要成为机构专用产品是有代价的,机构资金的风险偏好通常比较低。该基金在三年期限将至时摇身一变,改变投资思路,奔向绝对收益。一方面,它将业绩比较基准从“沪深 300 指数收益率×60%+上证国债指数收益率×40%”调整成“金融机构人民币三年期定期存款基准利率(税后)”。另一方面,投资范围也变得更加宽泛灵活,股票投资占比从 30%-80%调整到了0%�95%。从资产配置看,股票占净比从过去的五至七成下降至不到一成,现金占比升高至三成左右。   业绩差距大 风险也不小   界面新闻梳理发现,截止至1月31日,有83只基金成立至今处于亏损中。若剔除指数型基金,仍有22只基金收益为负,它们大多成立于去年。下表为成立以来净值亏损(以复权单位净值增长率计算)最严重的10只主动型基金:   中原英石灵活配置(000986)去年2月成立至今,以近三成的跌幅高居亏损榜首。作为中原英石基金公司旗下唯一一只公募产品,它的最新规模仅为0.13亿元。新华稳健回报(001004)、中欧精选A(001117)的亏损幅度也在两成以上。而与它们的亏损业绩形成鲜明对比的是,中原英石灵活配置和新华稳健回报设立时均围绕“一年期银行定期存款收益率”制定业绩比较基准,致力于提供投资者以稳定的绝对收益。   也有部分基金实现了较好的收益。以去年年度收益为例,下表为去年收益居前的10名:   从上表可看到,发起式基金收益差距较大,收益前十的基金中,最高的华商创新成长(000541)达到85.4%,第10名的嘉实绝对收益策略(000414)只有17.48%。   从风险角度来看,上表中许多基金在今年1月大跌中也难幸免。华商创新成长跌幅29.76%,北信瑞丰无限互联主题(000886)更是跌了32.63%,把成立至今累计收益都跌没了。   上表中躲过1月大跌的基金仅有4只。从基金类型来看,它们是偏债混合型基金(包括保本基金)、对冲基金以及半年前刚刚完成转型的国金国鑫灵活配置。   综上,经历了三年尝试,从业绩上看,此类机制基金并未体现出明显优势。而从风险上看,虽然整体风险偏好度较低,但一些基金的业绩波动较大,与其绝对收益目标明显背道而驰,应引起投资者警惕。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

A variation of Chinese home ownership love and worry of an old port enterprise – Sohu Finance 炮灰嫡女翻身记

Chinese Estates variations: an old love and sorrow of Hong Kong enterprises – Sohu financial group Zheng Yutong to 3 billion 750 million yuan in one fell swoop acquired Hongkong Tongluowan SOGO, this acquisition is regarded as the most attention in the early twenty-first Century Hongkong property transaction projects. This is not, also has Chinese Estates, Evergo Chinese (0631.HK), guangshenghang (0189.HK), Zhi Xiang home (0112.HK), 2003 acquisition of g-support enterprise (0286.HK), major shareholders of Chinese Estates kept in a number of related companies move assets, expand asset package. In 2007, the third year in ten, the highest income for Chinese home business, reaching 8 billion 846 million 900 thousand Hong Kong dollars. While the Chinese home total revenue growth is not stable, from 2005 to 2009 showed fluctuations, this value was 2 billion 275 million, 4 billion 763 million 800 thousand, 8 billion 446 million 900 thousand, 1 billion 264 million 900 thousand and 2 billion 151 million 300 thousand Hong Kong dollars. It was also true from 2006 to 2 billion 671 million, which amounted to HK $527 million 800 thousand, HK $2 billion 433 million 500 thousand, HK $2014, HK $6 billion 452 million 700 thousand and HK $2 billion 627 million 300 thousand. Except for 2013 and 2009, Chinese buyers in the past 10 years rent income growth accounted for at least half of total revenue, the specific value of HK $715 million 600 thousand and HK $666 million 790 thousand, HK $773 million 300 thousand and HK $961 million 600 thousand, HK $1 billion 13 million 100 thousand and HK $1 billion 126 million 300 thousand, HK $1 billion 513 million 800 thousand and HK $1 billion 673 million 200 thousand, HK $1 billion 791 million 300 thousand and HK $1 billion 939 million. After the completion of a series of assets sold, the financial structure of Chinese home buyers is expected to be optimized, which is also the tradition of Hong Kong enterprises. Of course, the Chinese home holding cash can also buy and buy again in the market". In the 2015 annual meeting of shareholders, the son of Joseph Lau Liu Mingwei had to respond to media reports, expected 1 to 2 years, can use the cash to attract more land, Chinese buyers will continue to develop market, depending on the rate of return on investment, "do not want to grab the blind". Until now, the Chinese family followed the Chaoshan business group for hundreds of years of "family model"". Chinese University Hong Kong in the family business succession of van Bohong believes that Chinese real estate business has always been Chinese traditional relational business, therefore, the operation of enterprises will be decided by the success of the business and the relationship between the boss. Such enterprises, professional managers do not have space to play. From 2000 to 2006, the board of directors was the Joseph Lau brothers’ dual executive position, and his brother Liu Luanhong was chairman and chief executive officer until December 2006. The situation continued until 2007, Liu Mingwei in 2006 to replace Liu Luanhong as executive director, but Liu Mingwei does not seem to intend to take over the family business, in 2008 he was transferred to a non-executive director. Between 2008 and 2011, the executive director of the board of directors of the Chinese property board was appointed by Joseph Lau. The non-executive director is Liu Mingwei. In the event of Macao fermentation in 2012, the Chinese real estate company adjusted the management structure of the company and was promoted to be the executive director of the three company

华人置业变奏曲:一家老牌港企的爱与愁-搜狐财经   集团郑裕彤以37.5亿元一举购入香港铜锣湾崇光百货,这一收购被誉为21世纪初香港最瞩目的物业成交项目。  这不算,还拥有华人置业、爱美高中国(0631.HK)、广生行(0189.HK)、至祥置业(0112.HK),2003年又收购金匡企业(0286.HK)后,华人置业的大股东不停地在多家关联公司中腾挪资产,壮大资产包。  第三个十年中的2007年,为华人置业营业收入最高的一年,达到88.469亿港元。  而华人置业总收入的增长并不稳定,2005年至2009年呈现波动,这一数值分别为22.75亿、47.638亿、84.469亿、12.649亿和21.513亿港元。2006年至2014年间亦然,具体为26.710亿港元、5.278亿港元、24.335亿港元、64.527亿港元和26.273亿港元。除却2013年和2009年,华人置业在过去10年里租金收入的增长占总收入的至少一半,具体数值为7.156亿港元、6.6679亿港元、7.733亿港元、9.616亿港元、10.131亿港元、11.263亿港元、15.138亿港元、16.732亿港元、17.913亿港元和19.39亿港元。  在完成一系列资产抛售后,华人置业的财务结构有望得到优化,这也是港资企业一贯的传统。当然,手握现金的华人置业亦可在市场上再度“买买买”。  2015年年中的股东会上,刘銮雄的儿子刘鸣炜曾回应媒体称,期望1至2年内,可以用手头现金吸纳更多土地,华人置业会继续发展商场,视乎投资回报率,“不想盲抢”。  直至现在,华人置业沿袭潮汕商帮数百年的“家族模式”。香港中文大学从事家族企业传承研究的范博宏教授认为,华人置业的生意一直是中国传统关系型的生意,因此,企业的运作成败会由老板的经商模式和关系而决定。这样的企业中,职业经理人不太会有空间去发挥。  在2000年至2006年,董事局为刘銮雄氏兄弟双执董局面,弟弟刘銮鸿为主席兼行政总裁直至2006年12月辞任。局面持续到2007年,刘鸣炜于2006年接替刘銮鸿成为执行董事,但刘鸣炜似乎并不打算接管家族生意,2008年他调任为非执行董事。2008年至2011年间,华人置业董事局执行董事由刘銮雄一人担任。非执行董事为刘鸣炜一人。  澳门事件发酵的2012年,华人置业曾微调了公司的管理架构,升任三人为公司执行董事。这是华人置业4年来一改往日刘銮雄为公司唯一执行董事,首次出现2人以上执行董事的一幕。在公司工作了20余年的老臣现公司董秘林光蔚、刘銮雄女朋友的姐姐陈诗韵和刘銮雄的红颜知己吕丽君为执董,与刘銮雄共同组成4人执董局面。2014年,刘銮雄宣布辞任,刘鸣炜接任执行董事兼行政总裁,但到了2015年又宣布辞任。同年吕丽君宣布辞任。  2015年11月11起,陈诗韵担任公司行政总裁,华人置业迎来了新的话事人。现在,华人置业的公司治理模式较为偏向U形结构,即unitary一元结构,集权程度高。留给这位已过耳顺之年的老先生问题依旧是,他的财富传承又该如何继续。来源时代周报)相关的主题文章: