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0Chinese protests in India to be on the border to build a military emergency stop|Chinese protests in India to be on the border to build a military emergency stop

Protest China India intends in Kashmir border road of the Indian military emergency stop in the original title: print media: Indian army halted border region plans to build roads due to hit China’s protests [global network comprehensive report] according to the India "Hindustan Times" March 16 report, Indian controlled Ladakh region of Kashmir government recently is planning in India in the actual control line around the construction of a highway, but the plan was subsequently the Indian army emergency brake. The reason is that the Chinese military opposition to the building of the road. Now, Ladakh authorities for the Indian army this approach expressed dissatisfaction with the and to appeal to India’s Ministry of the interior to scrounge statement. According to reports, this road along the line of actual control in the China India, Ladakh region for maldives. A local official who declined to be named, said the road was built in accordance with the "border area development plan", which was developed by the Ministry of the interior, to ensure the development of the border areas in India. However, now the India army, but because of China’s protest and stop the construction of the road, which is contradictory. They have now written to the interior ministry to seek explanation. Reported that, due to Chinese do not think in the line of control darack clear demarcation, therefore opposes any construction in the region. 2014, India has also been on the grounds of territorial disputes to protest China in the area around the road. Local officials said the highway 2.5 kilometers long, is located in the territory of India". They have approached the senior army and reflected the situation to the Department of defense. According to reports, the India army is 4 days before the project stopped, stopped before the authorities received the news of ladakh. The local government said the army is in favor of local Ladakh Road, stopped the plan is the army’s "higher" decision. Reported that the Indian military in 2014 had long seen confrontation maldives. Reported that the Ladakh region and Chinese share the 225 km long line of control and the actual control of the line is 955 kilometers long. Sources said the Indian Defense Minister Ma Hal – barrica will be launched for a period of 3 days trip in, he probably will to China brought China against India’s development activities in the border areas. General Commander of India’s Northern Command, general DS Hu, recently said that the Chinese side in China and India, the basic construction of the real control line is far ahead of India.

9The first section the hit rate of nearly 7 into 7 points and 5 points behind second bucks (video)|The first section the hit rate of nearly 7 into 7 points and 5 points behind second bucks (video)

The first section: the hit rate of nearly 7 into 7 points and 5 points behind second bucks [] Wade was a cry score! Letter step brother turned to long arm layup leaps the news sports news on January 30. With the Milwaukee Bucks team sits at home against the Miami Heat. 10 days ago for the first time in the heat of the first battle team 79-91 defeat, the away game, the heat but feel odd good, the first section of the team 22 cast 15, hit rate as high as 68.2% to 33-28 lead. Miami inside the gates Hassan Whiteside absent because of injury, Stoudemire into the starting lineup. While the heat ushered in good news, the main point guard de Rakic truce after 8 games. A small German comeback after a good state, 7 minutes 3 shots to get 6 points and 2 assists. The opening of the first attack, Stoudemire storm as Miami’s opener, then Bosh banked into the basket, Miami 4-0 start. "Brother letter" and Parke continuous washing basket succeeded, the bucks to 4-4 flat. After Dragic began to get angry, he consecutive singles Maikawei retreat step jumper succeeded and subsequently in attack and defense conversion into a ball. The bucks by Palmer Keqiang play 2+1 return, the Bucks behind 13-16. The middle section of the Myers Plumley separate people fill buckle procurable, Parker back hit a layup, the Bucks 17-16 counter ultra, forced Miami to call a timeout. After a pause "Dwyane" immediately respond, he is the first person hit into 2 + 1, then succeeded Ginobli rookie Winslow inside, Luol Deng scored three points, Dwyane Wade back pick the basket is procurable, Miami hit 12-2 attack wave, 28-19 lead. Bucks suspended after the letter brother even into the two ball, the defensive end of the Green Gerrard big bang. Middleton was fouled three shots after three free throws, the Bucks will Zhuizhi the score 26-30. Houdry Biao in three minutes, Middleton penalty added two points, the first section of 33-28 leading. Copyright notice (Niu Niu): This article is an exclusive copy of the Tencent sports, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held accountable. Scan download Tencent sports APP enjoy NBA video live

2Honda is willing to go to major league exposure position of small Pharaoh definitely leave strong di|Honda is willing to go to major league exposure position of small Pharaoh definitely leave strong di

Exposure Honda stand ready to go to major league little Pharaoh definitely leave many strong dug – Sohu sports exposure or Honda went to Major League & nbsp; according to the Italian football "message, when referring to the future El shaarawy, Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani denied Pharaoh will return to the San Siro. But Dortmund Germany is holding out an olive branch to the former Italy international, and a number of Italian media broke the news, Keisuke Honda intends to leave Milan, his station may is the American big alliance. Last summer, El shaarawy is currently on loan to join Monaco, the two sides in the contract made agreed, if El shaarawy appearances up to 25 times, then a French giants need exercise the right to buy out. But let Milan did not think of is, in El shaarawy played 24 games after Monaco will not let the continued appearance and Monaco have also notified the Rossoneri, they do not want to sign the striker. In El shaarawy talked about the future, "said Galliani," El shaarawy will not return to Milan, he or in Monaco, or to find a club, Luis Adriano also here. We have the players too much. " Prior to Adriano – Lewis has been close to joining the Jiangsu Suning, but the two sides in the last moment to talk about the collapse, Adriano himself and his team last night issued a statement to refute the Jiangsu team in violation of the promise. At present, A De has returned to Milan, the basic block return road chaaraoui. Although El shaarawy return to Milan may not, but he did not worry homes, Bild pointed out that Dortmund intends to introduce El shaarawy, but Milan for the price of the winger up 20 million euros, the Hornets think this price is too high, although the two sides have disagreement, but the two teams still have possible to negotiate an agreement. This season, Sarave made 15 appearances in the French league, but no goals and assists. From the Dortmund purchase motivation, they may also be allowed to introduce chaaraoui as a substitute to Aubameyang. According to Fox soccer said, at present in the array of Milan fell out of favour Japanese forward Keisuke Honda recently brewing to leave Milan. His next stop is likely is the American League team. This season, Honda in the Mikhailovich array is not valued, only 648 minutes in the league appearances, no goal, just get 2 assists. Not long ago, Honda Keisuke in the winter break during a visit to California, he was interested in the position for the American league. (Black Mamba)