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2 public officials in Loudi have been accused of playing cards and gambling in violation of the law

2 public officials in Loudi were punished for playing cards and gambling. The original title was: 2 Lengshuijiang officials were accused of playing cards and gambling in violation of the law. In November 3rd, the Standing Committee of the Lengshuijiang Municipal Committee decided to make a removal treatment for Zeng yuan. On the same day, research director of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau office meeting of the Standing Committee meeting decided that Ceng Zhenxiong be given the party a serious warning, administrative demerits punishment of Chen Jiefeng; the Municipal Housing Bureau to give Chen Jiefeng removal treatment. The evening of October 27th, according to the unified deployment of the Lengshuijiang Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the Municipal Public Security Bureau for each unit to implement the Loudi and Lengshuijiang City gambling Judu the relevant provisions of the spirit to carry out a thorough investigation. In the family mahjong hall area, the inspectors seized 4 gambling related personnel, the situation on the spot of gambling, transferred to public security organs. 28, the public security organs according to the law of gambling personnel were sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days and fined 500 yuan penalty. The investigation, 3 party and government office staff of 4 gambling related personnel, are the municipal development and Reform Bureau cadres, the original Price Bureau Price inspection institute director Ceng Zhenxiong (Chinese Communist Party), deputy director of the Municipal Construction Engineering Trading Center Chen Jiefeng, Lengshuijiang city life insurance branch Liang Jiangwei (Chinese Communist Party). In October 31st, the director of Lengshuijiang City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau office meeting of the Standing Committee meeting decided to Ceng Zhenxiong, Chen Jiefeng for review and suggestions according to the procedure eliminates related duties. In accordance with the jurisdiction of cadres, Liang Jiangwei transferred to life insurance Lengshuijiang branch company to deal with. (Lengshuijiang Municipal Commission) (sunshine discipline network video (video) recommendation: has nothing to do with the article, for further reading) to create the Red Cross Red Cross rescue "rescue training" characteristics of colleges and universities around Loudi in the credits

娄底2名公职人员顶风违纪打牌赌博被免职原标题:冷水江2名公职人员顶风违纪打牌赌博被免职11月3日,冷水江市委常委会研究决定对曾振雄做出了免职处理。同日,该市纪委常委会议和监察局局长办公会议研究决定,对曾振雄予以党内严重警告处分,对陈杰锋予以行政记大过处分;市住建局给予陈杰锋免职处理。10月27日晚,根据冷水江市委的统一部署,市纪委会同市公安局对各单位落实娄底和冷水江市禁赌拒毒有关规定精神开展明察暗访。在一小区的家庭式麻将馆内,检查人员查获4 名涉赌人员、赌资若干,当场将有关情况移交公安机关处理。28日,公安机关依法对涉赌人员分别处以行政拘留10日和罚款人民币500元处罚。经查,4名涉赌人员中有3名党和国家机关工作人员,分别是市发改局干部、原物价局物价检查所所长曾振雄(中共党员)、市建设工程交易中心副主任陈杰锋、人寿保险冷水江市支公司梁江伟(中共党员)。10月31日,经冷水江市纪委常委会议和监察局局长办公会议研究决定对曾振雄、陈杰锋进行立案审查,并建议按程序免去相关职务。按照干部管理权限,将梁江伟移送至人寿保险冷水江市支公司进行处理。(冷水江市纪委)(三湘风纪网)推荐视频:(视频与文章无关,仅供延伸阅读) 红十字救在身边娄底 打造红十字特色高校 “救护培训”记入学分相关的主题文章:

The woman at home in the evening bath suddenly encountered a man with a knife broke into (video) kasey chase

Long knife bath at home suddenly a man woman broke into the night following the detection of 2016.9.9 knock on the head robbery ", Yangzhou and Baoying police quickly uncovered knife burglary cases, the incidence of the detection of only 24 hours. In late September 21, 2016 8 o’clock, Zhang girl (a pseudonym) riding electric cars home from the city, from home to live in the suburbs, the home has nearly 9 points, after dinner went to a shower in the room. Who knows showered and dressed, just come to the door, the door opened half, they see a man wearing masks into the bathroom, Zhang girl was frightened in the mouth, began to cry. The man looked at the girl’s mouth quickly, and took out the fruit knife to threaten the money. Fortunately, Xiao Zhang’s parents heard quickly after they heard the news, and a family of three started fighting with the gangsters and ran the gangsters. In the struggle, Zhang’s hand was scratched, and Xiao Zhang’s mother’s leg was scratched. Xiao Zhang’s father hastened to call the police. After the alarm, Baoying police immediately launched an investigation, continuous fighting, round the clock, overcome difficulties, to quickly determine the identity of the suspect as Ryu (male, 40 years old, Anhui people), was convicted of robbery and sentenced to a year, has just been released, is currently working in a factory in Baoying county. Because of the identity of the suspect, deputy magistrate, county public security bureau party secretary, comrade Xia Zhongping personally directed the deployment of arresting work in 9 22 April at 8 o’clock in the suspect Liu dormitory to arrest. After the interrogation, the suspect Liu confessed that it was released from prison after being introduced to our county enterprise work, due to the decoration of the house to talk about marriage, they suffer from a lack of money, they want to do business, riding in the area along the highway and the station around, waiting for the single carrying bag robbed. After meeting Xiao Zhang girl, all the way trailing, think Xiao Zhang girl only mother and daughter two people, more daring, the implementation of the robbery. The wages of sin is death., Liu will continue his prison. The video has nothing to do with the original, Shanghai white collar lost 30 hours was robbed, was close to brain death

女子晚上在家洗澡 突遇一男子持刀闯入 继侦破“2016.9.9敲头抢劫案”后不久,扬州宝应刑警又快速破获一起持刀入室抢劫案件,从发案到破案仅24小时。2016年9月21日晚8点多钟,小张姑娘(化名)骑电动车从市区下班回家,因家住郊区,到家已近9点,吃过晚饭便去位于厢房的洗澡间洗澡。谁知洗完澡穿好衣服,刚想出门口,门才打开一半,便见一戴口罩的男子冲进洗澡间,小张姑娘当时就被吓倒在地,嘴里开始喊叫。男子见状连忙捂住小张姑娘的嘴,并拿出水果刀威胁要钱。好在小张姑娘的父母在家中听见动静后迅速赶来,一家三口与歹徒展开了搏斗,把歹徒给打跑。搏斗中小张姑娘的手被划伤,小张妈妈的腿被划伤。小张姑娘的父亲连忙报警。接警后,宝应刑警立即开展侦查工作,连续作战,夜以继日,攻坚克难,迅速明确了犯罪嫌疑人身份为刘某(男,40岁,安徽人),曾因抢劫被判死缓,今年刚被释放,目前在宝应县一工厂打工。因嫌犯身份特殊,副县长、县公安局党委书记、局长夏忠平同志亲自指挥部署抓捕工作,于9月22日晚8点多钟在犯罪嫌疑人刘某的宿舍将其抓捕归案。经审讯,犯罪嫌疑人刘某交待,其从监狱释放后,经人介绍到我县一企业打工,因急于装修房子谈对象结婚,又苦于缺钱,便又想干老本行,骑车在车站及公路沿线一带转悠,伺机寻找单身携带包的人抢劫。遇见小张姑娘后,一路尾随,以为小张姑娘家中仅有母女两人,愈发胆大,实施了抢劫。多行不义必自毙,刘某仍将继续他的牢狱生涯。该视频与原文无关 上海一女白领失联30小时遭抢劫 被勒濒临脑死亡相关的主题文章:

The International School of barbaric growth chaos there are school year is closed yvette yates

International School barbaric growth chaos: schools closed one year after school, from kindergarten to receive international education children International School corner. A school year the school closed within a year for the two schools in the international school to remind the industries need to think twice in the past two years, Shenzhen is the International School of "the great leap forward, more and more international schools appeared, only a dozen reporters rough statistics. Some of the "international schools" are hard to find; some schools do not have a year of "rookie" period, and even withdraw in a hurry to end the acquisition. What is "International School"? Why is "International School" emerging suddenly? In the mess, how to polish the eyes, looking for a good school for their children? This reporter for the reader from the end of the Shenzhen international school". Phenomenon: more and more foreign schools at Shenzhen reporter learned that, in recent years, Shenzhen is the "International School" the great leap forward, the reporter rough statistics the new school has more than a dozen. Among them, there are many excellent schools developed in the background of large consortia, from kindergarten to high school. There are also developers involved in the field of international education. In addition, in the "Shenzhen East strategy" to promote education in the rapid development, Longgang. In the autumn, two international schools in Longgang have begun to recruit students. Survey: operation management team who lantern for reporters to understand, because a lot of foreign school hastily launched, part of the school teachers are not in place, leading to students after the discovery and promotion of entry is too large, and flow rate is large. In addition, due to the concept of investors and management team is not consistent, leading to management team instability is also a lot of "foreign school" problems. There are schools in a year, two principals leaving an international high school is a good reputation in the new school, but the management team is unstable. According to insiders broke the news, the school opened in September last year, and the first president Liu Qiuyun, because of disagreement with investors, the end of last year has left. At the same time, the first executive president of the school Xu Kajia also run away in the school after a year, the current successor is Zheng Huiyi. Previously, Zheng Huiyi served as an international school, a new international school, the school is also the last year began enrollment, so Zheng Huiyi said here not long time. Unstable schools in the Shenzhen management team are not one. Zhu Yuan, who served as head teacher and department director of junior class of University of Science and Technology of China for 20 years, won the "China extraordinary education Lifetime Achievement Award"". In 2014, Zhu Yuan participated in the founding of an international school in Shenzhen. But it is understood that Zhu Yuan in the school work only one year left. An international school started its first enrollment in Shenzhen last year after it was opened for half a year. However, reporters call the school website, telephone, have all is empty. Insiders disclosed that the school has been bought at the beginning of this year. The school year is to stop enrollment in September 1st last year, an international school ushered in a new semester, it was reported there are nearly 150 years old 15~18 new students, as the first company in Shenzhen to navigation is a compulsory course for international school. However, the new school stopped enrollment in the first year of the school year. In addition, some of the parents of the international school had questioned the school’s qualifications, and thought that the school had false propaganda, tuition fees and other phenomena.

国际学校野蛮生长乱象:有学校开学一年就停办从幼儿园阶段就接受国际教育的孩子国际学校一角。有学校开学一年就停办 有学校一年内换两校长 业内人士提醒读国际学校需三思过去两年,深圳可谓“国际学校”大跃进,越来越多的国际学校亮相,仅记者粗略统计就有十几家。有的“国际学校”一位难求;有的学校却没有挺过一年的“新人”期,甚至匆匆退出以被收购告终。究竟什么是“国际学校”? “国际学校”为何异军突起?在乱象丛生中,如何擦亮眼睛,寻找适合自己孩子的好学校?记者在此为读者起底深圳“国际学校”。现象:越来越多的“洋学校”亮相深圳记者了解到,近一年来,深圳可谓“国际学校”大跃进,经记者粗略统计新开的学校有十几家。其中不乏有大财团背景开发的优秀学校,学制从幼儿园到高中。也有地产商介入国际教育领域。此外,在深圳“东进战略”的推进下,龙岗教育在快步发展。今年秋季,龙岗就有两所国际学校新鲜亮相开始招生。调查:谁运营 管理团队走马灯换记者采访了解到,由于很多“洋学校”匆忙上马,部分学校师资没到位,导致有学生入学后发现和宣传出入太大,师生流动率都比较大。此外,因投资方和管理团队理念不合,导致管理团队不稳定等也是不少“洋学校”面临的问题。有学校一年内两校长离职某国际高中是新开学校中口碑不错的,但是管理团队不稳定。据业内人士爆料,该校去年9月开业,而首任校长刘秋云因与投资方意见相左,去年年底就已离开。同时,该校首任执行校长徐卡嘉也在该校开学一年后出走,目前继任者是郑会翊。此前,郑会翊曾任另一所国际学校的校长,而该校也是去年才开始招生的一所新的国际学校,所以说郑会翊在这里待的时间也不长。在深圳管理团队不稳定的学校并非一家。朱源,曾担任中国科技大学少年班班主任、系主任20年,摘取了 “中国超常教育终身成就奖”。2014年,朱源参与创办了深圳一所国际学校。但据了解,朱源在该校工作仅一年就离开了。开业半年就被收购某国际学校去年才在深圳开始首届招生。但是,记者拨打该学校的官网电话,已经全部是空号。业内人士透露,该校已经在今年年初被收购。开学一年即停止招生去年9月1日,某家国际学校迎来了第一个新学期,当时报道有近150位15~18岁的新同学,为深圳第一家以航海为必修课程的国际学校。然而,这所新学校挺过第一学年就停止招生。另外,此前,一些国际学校学生家长曾一起质疑该校的办学资质,认为学校存在虚假宣传、乱收费等现象,甚至有家长申请退费退学。谁在读 生源质量参差不齐都是什么样的学生在上国际学校呢?记者了解到,不仅“洋学校”口碑参差不齐,到了高中阶段,进“洋学校”上学的生源质量也参差不齐。“洋学校”中的口碑好学校同样也择优录取,一位难求;部分刚刚上马的国际学校或者知名度不够的国际学校,面临的却是“一生难求”,招生都成问题。深圳有家国际学校创办于2003年,可谓是深圳国际学校中的老牌名校,每年都有20名左右的学生获得牛津剑桥的录取通知书。由于口碑不错,吸引的不仅是深圳的学生、甚至有全省乃至全国的优秀学生慕名而来,参加该校的入学选拔,给人的印象也一直是“超难录”。该校生源情况可以说是让深圳很多国际学校羡慕嫉妒恨。深圳某学校长丁辉告诉记者,就深圳现状而言,部分从幼儿园和小学就开始开设国际班的学校,大都不愁生源,因为市场“刚需”多。到了初高中阶段,尤其是高中阶段,有国际学校因为各种原因不被市场所知和认可,招生存在困难,“有学校最惨的一年只招到5个人”。徐先生的小孩目前正在深圳一所国际学校上高一。他告诉记者,在过去半年里,自己摸底了深圳很多国际学校,部分学校因为匆忙上马生源不行,很多学生都是走国内高考无望而转走国际学校路径的,结果就是差生扎堆,校风不行,这点家长一定要留意。剖析:为何扎堆亮相?需求旺为什么最近两年如此多的国际学校在深圳突然扎堆亮相?业内专家表示,这主要是由于深圳对国际教育的需求旺盛且接受程度高。首先,深圳公办普通高中学位紧缺,而能够进入深圳 “四大名校”(深外、深实、深中、高级)更是难上加难。数据显示,2016年“四大名校”共提供学位3712个,其中面向深圳户口的有3112个,面向非深户的有600个。而中考报考人数中,深户考生约32700人,非深户约35100人。这意味着,深圳本地籍考生进入“四大名校”的概率不到10%,而非深户考生的情况更不容乐观,录取率仅为1.71%。因此,许多家长为了孩子能上好点的高中和大学,将孩子送往国际学校。其次,在2012年“零双非”政策实行之前的十来年间,超过20万“双非”婴儿在港出生,深圳更是“双非”婴儿扎堆的城市。因为跨境上学辛苦,不少“双非”儿童也被送往私立国际学校,产生大量学位需求。此外,在深圳某学校长丁辉看来,最重要的一点就是深圳家庭对国际教育的认识理解和接受程度高。作为一个移民城市,深圳家长以高学历的白领和知识分子居多,普遍重视家庭和学校教育,许多家庭都认同海外的教育方式,希望孩子成为国际化人才。那么为何深圳国际学校乱象多?“市场有需求,而监管却不到位,国际学校开办几乎没门槛,有资金就能上。”丁辉称,有些学校开学了师资都没到位,有些投资方只看到短期利益,与校方团队容易一言不合就一拍两散。据他了解,除了只招收国际学生的7所纯外籍学校外,在深圳市教育局批准备案的民办国际课程实验学校只有16家。就官方备案来说,很多学校并不具备国际学校的资质,只是全日制的培训机构。提醒:选择国际学校恐难再适应高考“现在深圳学位房这么贵,与其花那么多钱买学位房,还不如早早地让孩子上国际学校,长大了直接出国留学,平常的学习压力还没那么大。”昨日,深圳一位家长张先生道出了选择国际学校的初衷。目前他需要每年缴纳十几万元的学费。记者了解到,在完成国家义务教育课程基础上,深圳不少民办学校从小学起就开设了“国际班”,同时上中外课程。丁辉提醒,国际学校是条“不归路”,一旦你决定了让孩子上国际学校,就要考虑家庭经济的可持续能力,“小学阶段因为只有语数外三门课程还可以掉头,一旦到了初高中阶段,因为课程体系与普通高中完全不一样,孩子很难再重新适应国内高考”。另外,上国际学校,并不意味着有出国捷径可走。有的家长给孩子择校,只是觉得国际学校比较宽松,不会限制孩子的创造力。事实上,国际学校课程压力同样也很大,要想申请好的国际学校,孩子同样需要聪明加勤奋。个案:从国际学校回到普通学校 学霸变“学渣”周小姐是名深二代,目前刚刚大学毕业,是深圳一所私立小学的老师。周小姐告诉记者,自己小时候家境很好,小学初中时家长就将其送进了传说中的贵族学校就读,高一上的也是国际学校,在国际学校里,自己可谓是个小学霸。但是,在高一下学期,父亲生意失败,负债累累,自己不得已从国际学校转到一所私立普通学校。“由于高一刚开始在国际学校接触的是国际课程,回到普通学校后,除了英语好一点,其他课程都跟不上,自己压根也不想学。”周小姐说,最终自己从一名学霸沦落成一名“学渣”,高考时也只考上了一所普通的三本院校。国际教育都在学什么?记者咨询了深圳多所国际学校,收费都是13万元至16万元每学年不等。小班教学、多外交、注重多学科兴趣发展是国际学校学费贵的一大原因。目前深圳国际学校教育课程主要有A-level课程、AP课程、IBDP课程三种。A-level课程是英国本土高中课程,择校的方向是英国,同时美国及其他英联邦国家也可以,A-level 的优势在于毕业后可选择英国大学排名较好的学校;AP是以美国为主,中文一般翻译为美国大学先修课程,基于移民和就业等考虑,目前深圳学生选择AP课程的比较多。IBDP课程,同时也可视作被全世界范围认可的大学预科课程。留学方向含英美澳加等140个国家。相关的主题文章:

Quanzhou and Jinjiang two public security organs cracked a large telecom fraud case — Fujian channe

Quanzhou, Jinjiang two public security organs have uncovered large telecommunications fraud – Fujian channel — original title: Quanzhou, Jinjiang two public security organs have uncovered large telecommunications fraud in August 21, 2016, arrested in Hunan province was Moulun, Lin, Huang Mouru, Cai min six Taiwan suspects before Quanzhou, Jinjiang two public security organs cracked Jinjiang "2016? 8? 15" major telecom fraud case. In August 15th, Ceng Mouping went to Jinjiang City Public Security Bureau police said, from mid July this year, has been to "posing as public security" means to defraud about 2900000 yuan. Quanzhou, Jinjiang two public security organs leadership attaches great importance to the case, the rapid deployment of criminal investigation, technical investigation, network security and other departments, the elite police task force set up to carry out detection crucial, and timely report to the provincial public security department. According to reports, the ad hoc group from the flow of funds and telecommunication flows embarked on combing judgments, in the 30 hours after the bank accounts involved 5 million 25 thousand and 700 yuan and all queries are clear, quick freezing, payment account in (including the case and other cases of money). After further investigation, the panel found the suspect withdrawals to concentrated in Guangdong city of Guangzhou province and Hunan Province, Yueyang City, Changde City, Changsha city and Hubei city of Jingzhou province and other places, immediately sent four investigation team dispatched to Guangzhou, Yueyang, Shanghai, Changsha to carry out investigation. Investigators in Guangzhou found that since August, more than one bank card involved in withdrawals was the same man, and the withdrawals were concentrated in Beijing Road, Guangzhou, Yuexiu District. In August 18th, the task force police successfully arrested the suspect in Moulin Cai Guangzhou city Beijing Road Pedestrian Street in Yuexiu District Tianhe City (male, 25 years old, Taiwan). According to Cai Moulin confession, in Hunan Province, investigators arrested Huang Mouru on August 19th in Yueyang city (male, 26 years old), Cai Moumin (female, 38 years old), Zengmou (male, 20 years old) theory, Ann Lin (male, 19 years old), Yang? (male, 17 years old), Hwang (male, 38 years old, as are Taiwanese) 6 suspects, seized more than 25 yuan in cash and 221 bank cards crime, freezing, payment amount of 2 million 139 thousand and 400 yuan. In August 20th, the task force in the city of Xiamen arrested Zhang Rong (male, 26 years old), Liu Moukai (male, 27 years old), Huang Mouyu (female, 22 years old), Wu (female, 21 years old,? Are Taiwanese) 4 suspects and seized a bank card, mobile phone and other objects and part of the crime stolen money. At present, the case is still under further investigation. (correspondent Chen Rong Li Zhaoxing, the network reporter Wang Jiaorong) (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?)

泉州、晋江两级公安机关破获一起特大电信诈骗案–福建频道–人民网 原标题:泉州、晋江两级公安机关破获一起特大电信诈骗案   2016年8月21日,在湖南省先后抓获曾某伦、林某安、黄某儒、蔡某敏等六名台湾籍犯罪嫌疑人   日前,泉州、晋江两级公安机关破获一起晋江“2016?8?15”特大电信诈骗案。   8月15日,曾某萍到晋江市公安局报警称,从今年7月中旬起,先后被人以“冒充公检法”的手段诈骗了290多万元。泉州、晋江两级公安机关领导对此案高度重视,迅速抽调刑侦、技侦、网安、经侦等部门精干警力成立专案组,全力开展破案攻坚,并及时将案情向省公安厅汇报。   据介绍,专案组从该案的资金流和电信流着手开展梳理研判,在案发后30个小时内将涉案银行账户全部查询清楚,并迅速冻结、止付账户里的502.57万元(包括本案及其他案件赃款)。   经进一步侦查,专案组发现犯罪嫌疑人的取款地主要集中在广东省广州市和湖南省长沙市、岳阳市、常德市以及湖北省荆州市等地,立即派出四个侦查小组分赴广州、长沙、岳阳、上海开展调查。赴广州的侦查员在工作中发现8月份以来多张涉案银行卡的取款人均为同一名男子,且取款地集中在广州市越秀区北京路一带。8月18日,专案组民警在广州市越秀区北京路天河城步行街成功抓获犯罪嫌疑人蔡某霖(男,25岁,台湾人)。   根据蔡某霖供述的情况,赴湖南省的侦查员于8月19日在岳阳市抓获黄某儒(男,26岁)、蔡某敏(女,38岁)、曾某论(男,20岁)、林某安(男,19岁)、杨某?(男,17岁)、黄某达(男,38岁,均为台湾人)6名犯罪嫌疑人,现场缴获现金25万余元和作案银行卡221张,冻结、止付金额213.94万元。8月20日,专案组又在厦门市抓获张某荣(男,26岁)、刘某凯(男,27岁)、黄某瑜(女,22岁)、吴某?(女,21岁,均为台湾人)4名犯罪嫌疑人,当场缴获作案银行卡、作案手机等物和部分赃款。   目前,该案件仍在进一步审理之中。(通讯员 陈荣省 李肇兴 本网记者 王娇榕) (责编:张?、吴舟)相关的主题文章: