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05Chinese football Xuanshuai is not easy 12 match promising coach or wanjiebubao|Chinese football Xuanshuai is not easy 12 match promising coach or wanjiebubao7

Chinese football Xuanshuai is not easy 12 finals prospect coach who will replace Gao Hongbo or wanjiebubao "Xuanshuai work experience and lessons learned in the past, will find in the range of outstanding coaches, familiar with China Asian Football in the Chinese coach or foreign coach is not the key, as long as the best coach, has become the new coach may, in yesterday’s briefing, Chinese Football Association executive vice president Zhang Jian announced the national football coach Xuanshuai standard, Xuanshuai work starts with immediate effect. The 12 round of the next race will be on November 15th at home against Qatar, Kunming, the next race is still a month away. For Xuanshuai "schedule", said Yu Hongchen will accelerate the progress, not drag over the preparation period, "now all Xuanshuai program, or according to the procedures, procedures not less, but will speed up. According to the needs of the game, we from the team point of view, to be able to generate a new head coach around 20, this is an ideal time, but it will not drag the game preparation period". At the same time, Yu Hongchen said that the main task of the coach around 12 strong match, do not rule out the office. A national football coach candidate rumors recently included Manzano, Lippi can be heard without end, are is expected to pass into the media exposed yesterday even Chinese Football Association has contact soil Shuai Li Tie, according to French media "France Football" news, Chinese Football Association has made contact with the legendary French coach Herve Renard, 48 years old, and even Fan Zhiyi cover as football coach. For all the rumors, Yu Hongchen said, "now without any human contact, any contact until after Xuanshuai start". For the top 12 before the 4 round only scored 1 points in the foot, although the next 6 games and 18 points with the country foot, but in the past 4 Games record, in qualifying prospects bleak situation, the game will be more difficult. In the short term to find a coach of the cohesion of the people, well done 12 match task, I’m afraid it is not easy to go astray, will face many. Information Times reporter Zou Tian

97In the morning Sports Awards Hengda chengdayingjia Chelsea win over Manchester City _ draw Phoenix S|In the morning Sports Awards Hengda chengdayingjia Chelsea win over Manchester City _ draw Phoenix S2

The post | Super Sports Awards Hengda chengdayingjia Chelsea win over Manchester City _ draw Phoenix sports GalAT won the MVP Phoenix sports news weekend night football in Europe, a sudden change in the situation, people here like singing and dancing, chunxindangyang, some people dream of cold shock. After this night seems to be a lot of fans think of the phrase "air made the visitors drunk straight to Hangzhou as bianzhou", the moment see light suddenly, we don’t have to worry about our experience. In 1, Wu Lei won the MVP award GalAT best local evening of November 5th, the Super League Awards ceremony held in Kunming International Exhibition Center in Dianchi. Hengda foreign aid Gaolathe at the same time to get the best striker award, the best super 11 team and best athlete award. Wu Lei won the "best local shooter" award, Zeng Cheng won the best goalkeeper award, the Shenhua player Cao Yunding won the "most popular player" award, Scolari won the best coach award. For the multi award LVL simultaneously, many fans praise: Hengda foot seven textbook goal saw countless times, we know the GalAT deserved. There are fans looking forward to the early arrival of the high God of Chinese nationality, the country needs you! There are fans that were not injured Ba, Ba is most likely the golden boot of course, Paulinho not to be ignored. Top scorer in the Wu Lei distance high God has 5 ball gap, Wu Diego fans will be dubbed the five ball ". The fans also poured cold water on Wu Diego: in front of the soft! But it is the first Wu Lei hard soft, how many other strikers in front of the door even hard wood louse are hard up…… Perhaps with the women’s football to shoot into the shot? Considering the current situation of national football fans also have, for this super Awards: China football like a contemptuous disregard the dead, how can this award the prize? Awarded with a true estimate, foreign media laugh in the irony: Chinese football really put foreign aid as one of their own, the player and coach removed, what is left? Cai Zhenhua Cai Zhenhua: the voice of the 2, Lippi can not guarantee the win but the Orangemen have changes in Qatar League Awards ceremony at the last moment, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, Chinese Football Association President Mr. Cai Zhenhua said, the game 15 and Qatar, Mr. Lippi will bring changes to the team, will have a good performance. Cai Zhenhua said: "this morning we together with Mr. Lippi on the 15 game… He can’t say he will win, he would say, China national team must change, must have a very good performance." After that, he couldn’t help running! Laocai and Lippi research, what is this dish in the foot? What is what they say, let you do what, have a chant, forcing Lippi back in advance for the pan man? A lot of fans claiming to be just burning starting point hope, see together on the heart and cool half there? There are fans coined by Cai Zhenhua and Lippi studied the truth should be like this: I think the next drop tactics that you want to serve the player first storm, then again straight cuts, first quarter net score, then rub the ball, and turn the forehand loop, quick backhand backhand, fast cutting, side spin, straight backhand… Fans have said, in fact just two words laocai death spiral: "do you need? Do not need it? …)

42Murray won the Vienna opener Ess Neil first to qualify for the quarter finals – Sports Sohu|Murray won the Vienna opener Ess Neil first to qualify for the quarter finals – Sports Sohu5

Murray won the Vienna opener Ess Neil first to qualify for the quarter finals – Sports Sohu Murray local time on Wednesday, the top seed, 2014 champion Murray started the tournament in Vienna journey. He 6-3, 6-7 (5), 6-0 defeated klizan, advancing to the second round. The first half of the game can be described as placid, Murray successfully won the first. In the second set of grab seven, Murray was also ahead of the top 42. In the last few minutes, the British state of ups and downs, the opponent was chasing points, and 7-6 (5) recovered a plate. However, the decider, Murray firepower, Kriza did not give any chance to send eggs across. In the rest of the tournament in the first round, the three time in Vienna second harvest German veteran Kirsh Ray 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 "(3) Robert win, with a time of 2 hours and 17 minutes. He will face No. 6 seed tsonga. Ramos took 56 minutes to two 6-2 sweep Fogler Jhnny, will face 2009 and 2010 champion Meltzer in the next round. The American players Ess Neil became the first player in the quarter finals. He 7-6 (1), 3-6, 7-6 (2) was tough to beat the champion in 2004 Philippines – Lopez. When used in this game for 13 hours and 2 minutes, Islamic Nell fired a 52 victory points, including 32 ace. It was his eight win against Lopez in the last fifth games.

98Cishiping by a crazy woman continued harassment who is so bold|Cishiping by a crazy woman continued harassment who is so bold6

Cishiping by a crazy woman continued harassment who is so bold? The tough guy cishiping had to ask the judge to protect sina sports news Beijing time on September 22nd, according to the TMZ website, cishiping NBA is a famous guy, but he was faced with a more horizontal person. Due to the long time by a mad woman’s threats and harassment, the world peace had to seek help from the police. It is understood that cishiping has been reported to the Losangeles police, and said a man named Camille Shakespeare – schacks the strange woman begins by e-mail to launch a series of harassment of cishiping from 2015. Cishiping also revealed that he and his family has been a crazy woman threat, the woman not only attack cishiping personal belongings (house and car), and was waiting outside the school cishiping children school. At present, the world peace has been granted a ban on the woman. Ci Shiping said, the woman sent him e-mail containing a lot of violence, she also threatened to attack the cishiping car, accused cishiping raped women and with a knife threatened cishiping personally. These contents are reflected in the level metta world to the court file. Cishiping also claimed that the woman had a brick through the window into his home, but also his punctured tyre. In addition, the woman had also attacked the world peace 19 year old daughter, and outside the school waiting for the son of the world peace day after school, daughter of the age of 13. Obviously, this series of madness for guy cishiping feel afraid, so he asked the judge to let the crazy woman distance between himself and his family "far". In the end, the court asked the woman to be at least 91 meters away from all the places (home, workplace, and children’s school) required by Tzu chi. A hearing on the case will be held later this month. (Rosen)