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China will launch the world’s first pulsar navigation test satellite in November – Science and techn cashmere mafia

China in November launched the world’s first pulsar navigation test satellite — technology — October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Zhao Zhuqing) in November 2016, China will launch the world’s first pulsar navigation test satellite (XPNAV-1), to explore the universe of those most mysterious pulsars, exploring X ray pulsar navigation technology feasibility. It is a hot research topic in the field of international space technology to realize long time and high precision autonomous navigation by using X ray pulsars. In the universe of the universe, there is a kind of star, the density is very large, the diameter is very small, the rotation is extremely fast, and with the rotation period is the interval, continuously sends out the pulse electromagnetic wave. This is called pulsar. The presence of pulsars is like a beacon of light in the boundless universe, which can be used as a "landmark" for interstellar navigation". As the pulsar rotation per second up to thousands of times, and the rotation period is extremely stable, hydrogen atomic clock accuracy than the most stable but also more than 10 thousand times, known as "nature’s most accurate astronomical clock". Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation five pulsar navigation test satellite system science mission chief designer Shuai Ping told reporters that the electromagnetic wave can transmit various types of pulsars, usually the pulsar signal in X ray band called X ray pulsars. Because X rays are easy to detect and process miniaturization, X – ray pulsars are well suited for navigation. At present, more than and 160 X ray pulsars have been discovered. Navigation navigation handsome flat, pulsar navigation, navigation satellites can provide navigation information. Shuai Ping told reporters that at present all of the spacecraft, including navigation satellites, require a number of ground stations to track them closely to determine their location. If the navigation constellation can be autonomous navigation, it will effectively reduce the workload of the ground monitoring and control system, reduce the number of stations, reduce the construction of satellite navigation system and long-term operation and maintenance costs." Deep space exploration is constrained by the current navigation technology. "The farther the distance, the weaker the signal, the farther the detector flies, and the greater the burden of ground control." Shuai Ping said. The emergence of pulsar navigation provides a broader possibility for space navigation. In addition, because X rays are difficult to penetrate the atmosphere, the pulsar navigation system is not able to direct navigation on the ground, mainly for the provision of navigation outside the atmosphere. Run and innovation as the aerospace science and Technology Group five developed a scientific experiment satellite, "pulsar navigation is China space" inter generation "development of disruptive technology, from running and running, even lead the breakthrough." Aerospace Science and Technology Group five research and development minister Huang Xianlong said. He said that pulsar navigation technology from the concept to the design and development of the completion of the basic parallel with foreign countries, there is no follow the target, and the use of domestic detectors, is completely original innovation. "Can have today’s situation, the leader of a key role to promote the work of." Huang Xianlong told reporters that this seemingly do not fly, innovation, even if it is feasible in theory, the practice is also very difficult. "At first, only a handsome man on this collar相关的主题文章:

Different styles but must be reliable! 150 thousand less than SUV how to choose – Sohu car yo te amo

Different styles but must be reliable! 150 thousand less than SUV how to choose? – Sohu car in the small SUV market, independent brand models is undoubtedly a considerable portion of the market share. Several manufacturers own brand made out of the car, in appearance, configuration, performance comparison of joint models is completely not to lose, but if the car on the reliability, see car durable, I’m afraid the car of the joint venture will have a greater advantage. If you only have 150 thousand of the budget, want to buy a joint venture SUV, what choice? Professor today to give you an analysis of 150 thousand yuan joint venture SUV. Dongfeng Honda -XRV guidance price: 12.78-16.28 yuan – GAC MITSUBISHI Jin Hyun ASX guidance (16): 11.98-14.98 million Dongfeng Peugeot – guidance price: 9.97-16.37 yuan summary: Professor XR-V’s overall performance is very good, but the earth dream in the engine fuel economy performance; ignore 1.6L chicken the rear power and narrow space, is also a comfortable household car; Jin Hyun’s overall performance more moderate, no obvious advantages and disadvantages. Three cars although the performance is not very outstanding, but wins in high reliability, relatively late worry.相关的主题文章:

Angara – permanent concomitant – tourism Sohu kamikaze love

Angara – permanent concomitant – Sohu tourism across the love lock bridge came to Victory Square, World War II war and did not arrive in Irkutsk, but died on the battlefields of young people said there are still 1/4. This is to commemorate the martyrs square ring 1941-1945 210 thousand people participated in the Great Patriotic War Irkutsk tomb, built in the front there is a pentagram on the silver base never extinguished the fire long to commemorate the passing of their unknown hero. But I feel strange is the cemetery or even local people get married will come to the place of wearing a wedding dress the couple ran to the square to complete their marriage, next to the church before Peter and fee voronya sculpture is a symbol of love, they are also considered in Russia is a symbol of family and the patron saint of love, but married to the custom of Chinese cemetery as I still feel too strange, this kind of behavior in my opinion is not the love strangled in the cradle, it is the love kills at the zygote stage. Hi! People will be the truth, in the Soviet period formed the custom, the couple with flowers in long before the fire, thanks to his previous life in exchange for a happy life, and then along the bridge to the Angara River lock knot under concentric lock, and then put together the key into the eternal lover – Angara River in Irkutsk. So a complete logical chain is clearly in my mind: first came to the cemetery, means two people’s love will never change until death (probably means the grave of love), and then went to the river with the two sides to lock tightly locked together, the key into the forever with the city’s Angara River in low temperature, can ensure the Angara River perennial not let go back one jumped into the river and bring them back. A perfect cycle, the average age of only 31.6 years of the city will provide an endless stream of fresh marriage source. Russian women in recent years, the color of wheat. For this reason many unmarried school-age girls before marriage are trying to stay healthy skin color of wheat new memories, if it is "New Russians" the rich can make the skin a through exposure to Southeast Asia, but ordinary Russian girl can never have the strength, the Russian beauty salons launched this service with special UV lamps, artificial tanning, from the first day of the sun for a minute, gradually increase the number of minutes per day, according to a gradual and satisfactory effect. Of course, the price will not be cheap, seventy or eighty rubles per minute, for ordinary people is not a small burden, anyway, these days I see here, the bride does not have a color of wheat. The tomb of unknown hero every hour with the ceremony, on the square all day long Fire Scout guards are probably teenagers, the square on the edge of a group of waiting for the rotation of the boy scouts very seriously in practice is, but the level is not flattered. Yaqiong left a photo with the tomb of the martyrs in the guard scouts, not really said, after seeing the photos found on duty at the tomb of the martyrs of these scouts standing and Yaqiong far too. The boy scouts are watching with marching, next to.相关的主题文章:

You don’t know the Shengzhou trip travel Sohu – hometown of St. holle树先生�����

You don’t know the hometown for Shengzhou holy book – Sohu of Shengzhou tourism, is a county-level city in Zhejiang Province under the jurisdiction of Shaoxing City, Zhejiang is located in the Middle East, upstream of caoejiang. Shengzhou Gucheng Shan county, in 2148 after the history. Shengzhou beautiful scenery, attracting many people to the Magi celebrities, men of literature and writing range rover. Wang Xizhi, Dai Kui, et al. Settled in Yan Sheng; Li Bai, Du Fu, Lu You and other poets traveled to Shengzhou several times, leaving a lot of Yong Yan masterpiece quatrains. "This is not love into the mountains’ perch, Yan", "Shanxi Yun Xiu, to forget" famous poem, Shengzhou is the beautiful landscape of the sincere praise. On the 2016 Shengzhou tourism culture month "express" let us together into those you don’t know Shengzhou, "in the mood for the weekend, to experience the taste of Shengzhou" village Huatang Yokado village is located in the eastern province of Zhejiang Province, the Eastern Jin Dynasty calligrapher Wang Xizhi is directly descended from the settlement of wang. Address: Zhejiang province Shaoxing Shengzhou Jinting town village is located in the mountains of Wolong, joined the Yu Xiushan peace Creek River surrounded, constitute the space environment of harmony and streams and mountains. The village is also the largest seed Yokado in st.. Wang grand temple, built in the Ming Masanori seven years (1512), has been more than 480 years, the county is one of the oldest extant buildings, landscape design unique, profound historical culture, Huatang king hall has maintained his classic and gorgeous. The building sits east of the west, before and after the three, the scale is not big, but the unique design. After two layers of Doumen,, is a "concave" shaped pool. Walk in the ancestral temple, in "concave" pool is a stone bridge, leading to the "filial piety Festival hall". Building fine carving, Xiaoqing tile roof, roof, the whole floor columns 24, other light stretch. The hall is a shrine dedicated to the father died Wang Qiong son and refused to remarry seppu shishi. After the hall of the large area between the median sat like Wang Xizhi. On both sides of ancestor worship gods and tablets of place, the family’s long and prosperous. The village has two east-west, 300 meters long from north to South Street, street, also has built two bystreets, forming wells font layout. The length of more than 1200 meters of gravel road, smooth black, well preserved. There is a water, about one meter wide, flat water drainage from east to west, meandering run through the village, villagers for drinking. The existing ancient buildings built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the type is rich, the main buildings in the ancestral hall, Taiwan, and the back of the shop before the door in the commercial buildings, in the theater, the shrine as the center to form a village commercial cultural center. Construction in three, the main courtyard, mostly east or south, neat, large scale. Mr Wang’s descendants since ancient times love calligraphy. Especially from 1981 onwards, Haruki established the kanaba books, calligraphy school, learning more popular style of calligraphy. Wang Bojiang has 84 years old is the sun of the fifty-four generation, every day to write a few words. He said, since the childhood home father and uncle are writing, he is also interested in poetry, calligraphy. He not only copy the ancestor Wang Xizhi rubbings, but also hides 0相关的主题文章: