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Taiwan mistakenly shot the male three missile case prosecutors investigation results the case is a n

Taiwan mistakenly shot the male three missile case prosecutors investigation results: the case is the fault accident – Beijing, Beijing, August 29, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that the Taiwan Navy ship Jin Jiang mistakenly shot three missile by Xiang Lisheng male captain Huang Wenzhong death case, Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office for investigation of nearly 2 months, according to today manslaughter and other accusations prosecution missile sergeant Gao Jiajun, according to the lax post accusations sued the Gunnery Sergeant Chen Mingxiu and weapon long Xu Bo, the prosecutor believes the case is no fault accident, conspiracy or illegal motive. Prosecutors believe that Gao Jiajun alone in the cockpit of missile launching drills and button operation, missile launch, on suspicion of professional negligence, professional negligence and negligence lethal damage destroy weapons crime, Sergeant Chen Mingxiu let high alone in the war room, long weapon Xu Bo for one to 5 in accordance with the provisions of fire, are suspected of neglecting the duty crime captain Lin Boze, no fault. Prosecutors said Jin Jiang in July 1st this year in the morning the ship ready to perform the annual Zuoying naval base, "a fuck" missile test, Sergeant Gao Jiajun and fire control sergeant Chen Mingxiu to ship war room, three male flying missile drill program, Chen Mingxiu temporarily leaving, Gao Jiajun is still in their own practice, the error of missile to Penghu Cheung Lee hit the sea fishing, causing death of captain Huang Wenzhong, 3 crew members were injured. The prosecution after receipt of the report, immediately ordered the military police captain Jin Jiang Lin Boze, interviewed Xu Bowei, long weapons and missile fire control sergeant Chen Mingxiu sergeant Gao Jiajun, in order to avoid questioned, and police forensic officers to command ship Jin Jiang and Xiang Lisheng boat carefully collecting evidence, in-depth investigation of the doubt. The prosecution to clarify doubts, and Jin Jiang is one of Jinjiang class ships, the ship responsible for the missile launch related officers, almost all came to testify, even the development of CAS related personnel, prosecutors also asked in detail about the launch details; prosecutors found that the warship missile launch operational requirements are not the same, even "the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the original manual also differ, may be due to the ship master error caused by inheritance.相关的主题文章:

If you have a girl on the bus to take the initiative to close your belongings

If you have a girl on the bus if you take the initiative to close the property to worry about – the bus has a girl on the initiative to close to you…… Is it a beautiful encounter? Don’t blush, heartbeat, dreams, first look at the personal belongings of not less Henan Daily reporter Wu Zhixing in September 25th more than 10 points in the morning, 63 Road on the bus in Zhengzhou, a woman was caught stealing. Bus companies to remind people on the bus somehow close to you is not necessarily a good thing, both men and women should be careful. [event] put her hand into the bag, the driver, others stop! Don’t open the door! There is a thief on the bus!" The 63 bus car from the back of a woman cry. Pull the handbrake, commander Tian Guanghui stood up, he saw a bespectacled woman clinging to another woman’s hand bag, and repeatedly failed to break. Two people in the back door deadlocked. Originally, woman wearing glasses when the car felt shaking bag is different, looked down the side of a well-dressed woman’s hand inside the package. She took hold of the hand in the bag until the police arrived. Tian Guanghui said, the woman was found, has been in the hand gesture, "is like a deaf man." When the police arrived at the scene, they took a black woman from the car. Afterwards, from the surveillance video can be seen, the two woman on the train from the two Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University after eight road station, a man wearing a striped dress with women’s bags, a man wearing a fashionable dress back black shoulder bag. Zhengzhou city bus three company staff said, at the beginning, the passengers in the car, they have no chance. To the eight the Yellow River Road station gradually, just waiting to start. Remind someone on the bus close to be careful, many people on the bus, the thief love the crime on the bus." Bus company staff said, passengers and other vehicles must pay more attention to the car. On the bus to line up, don’t rush back; the best backpack in the chest, don’t feel back in front of unsightly. The girls don’t think you are near to jiese, another is there. Men also don’t think that beauty is close to you is attracted to you, and not everyone can meet. Full version of the public security alert, please pay attention to the reporter to accompany you to work (hnsbpb) WeChat public number, send reminder two words to the background, you can access to remind the full text". If you have any suggestions or opinions on this issue, welcome to WeChat.相关的主题文章:

high voltage line in the truck compartment, the driver was mistakenly killed by electricity –

The truck scraping off the high voltage line   driver misoperation is electrically killed — Society — original title: truck driver guaduan high-voltage wire misoperation is electrically killed on August 23rd morning, Nanjing city Liuhe District Cheng Bridge Street, a large truck driver forgot after the car will be loaded mud down the carriage top 10 thousand V cable guaduan, truck driver panic operation error, the killed by electric shock. Insiders said Mr. Yip, a large truck driver hole 45 years old, Shandong people. 22 evening, the boss made a hole slag tura and several other large truck drivers while the night will be abandoned to go. 23 am 1 am, kongmou pulled third times quickly after the muck sped away, which know out of less than 10 meters, the roof suddenly heard a similar small firecrackers bomb, he put his head to look, the original is not timely put down at the top of the above 10 thousand volt cable car guaduan. Hole quickly jumped off the car trying to turn off the battery, you can touch the battery switch in his hand, he was suddenly knocked down by the current, and 110 and 120 emergency personnel arrived, he had stopped breathing. Police initially determined that he was killed by electric current. The matter is still under investigation. (reporter correspondent Ye Fanglong Fan Xiaolin) (commissioning editor: MA (Intern) may, Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章:

Friends send the gift of a villager found half of bees is to protect animal 4000dy

Friends send the gift of a villager found half a year from the original title: Burma is to protect animal friends as a gift to send from a villager found half animal protection for wasps can eat 4 bananas a monkey Chang Zongbo Pictured Rocks to sue over to the slow loris forest police Chang Zongbo pictured "Meng Da wasp monkey Chang Zongbo photo the new network in Xishuangbanna on 27 September, (Ma Qian Chang Zongbo) who lives in the Sino Burmese border received a" rock Su Meng Da housewarming gift, but half a year after they discovered that this is a national protected animal, a slow loris. 27 reporters from the Yunnan Dai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna Province Forest Public Security Bureau, the Bureau and the broons reserve police station 26, drove hundreds of miles, came to Jinghong City, Yunnan province Damenglong Cayman scattered new village, accept the transfer of national treasure rock Su endangered species, national protected wild animal, and the bees. Transferred to the Xishuangbanna wild animal rescue center. Half a year ago, who lives in Jinghong City, Damenglong Cayman walled rock bulk new Su Burma transfer to new homes, "roots" (born in the same year friends) have specially from Burma Jing Dong came to congratulate him carrying a gift. Received a gift, open look, let the rock: This is one eye Su be startled at the small round and big animal, this little guy is about 20 centimeters in length, the back has a median gray brown, brown ridges extending from the top to the base of the tail, round head and two small ears hidden in the thick and four limbs; the length of the second toe still retains claws, the tail is short and hidden in the bristles. "Return a friend, but also worried about a friend. If released, it is still small, many people and cars around the stockade, fearing it fall into the hands of criminals will be hurt." Look at the eyes of innocent delicate and touching small animal, rock Su decided feeding time again to the relevant departments for assistance. Feeding more than half a year at home, from the rock Su newspaper and network comparison, it was a gift from, is a national key protected wild animal breeding, without legal formalities at home, and parents will be handed over to the relevant authorities to negotiate from. The village committee director of the old rock, linked to the Forest Public Security Bureau police station Su Xishuangbanna Burung reserve, by Xishuangbanna wildlife protection station of professional and technical personnel identification, it is only from as a national endangered animal, in Chinese distributed in Yunnan and Guangxi, the number of rare, endangered. Xishuangbanna Forest Public Security Bureau police station Burung reserve rock flat said, in accordance with the relevant provisions of National Wildlife Protection Law, national key protected wild animal domestication and do not allow private sale. The 27 day daybreak, reserve police station will arrange Burung car person this bee sent to Xishuangbanna Wild Animal Rescue Centre for assistance. The wild animal rescue center will conduct a comprehensive examination to check whether there is disease, slow loris, for targeted therapy. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: