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New York Times editor newspapers should be transformed into entrepreneurial thinking-yuria

New York Times should be transformed into a newspaper editor: Recode Chinese startups thinking "New York Times" station reported in September 2nd has been 164 years of history, but the person in charge of its digital strategy said, "New York Times" can’t cling to the past. "New York Times" assistant editor Clifford · (Clifford) in the latest issue of Recode Levy, said: "New York Times" tradition is to avoid failure in Media. However, I do not believe that in this new era, we can adhere to this tradition. We need to be willing to try new things." Levi and "New York Times" assistant editor Sam · dolnick (Sam Dolnick) introduced the "New York Times" how to adapt to the current era. They said that the current priority is to find the voice of digital news, the original report, as well as help you live a better life, the professional convergence together. Dolnick said: "the question is not" do you think we should do the investigation report "what", but how to make your life better. You are busy, you have 20 minutes on the way to work, but you want to know what happened at the Democratic National Convention last night. The key is how to put our news into your life in the most helpful way." "New York Times" is the most famous digital news test is a mobile application NYT Now, but this application was closed in August. As one of the people responsible for the application of Levi, said NYT Now, many popular features have been integrated into the "New York Times" in mobile applications, and the development of the NYT Now iteration but also allow the company to separate departments to learn how to cooperate. Levi said: in the New York Times, which is a new way to develop products, similar to the work carried out in Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley, this is a common practice. But for the New York Times, so that cross functional departments to work together to develop products focused on the needs of readers, the situation is completely different." Levi and the dolnick also talked about the "New York Times" how to enter the virtual reality market. By the end of 2015, the New York Times has delivered over 1 million Google (micro-blog) Cardboard virtual reality devices to subscribers in the delivery of a Sunday edition. Dolnick said that the NYT VR project shows that the scale and the traditional experience can help to "New York Times". He said: "we use the infrastructure in nineteenth Century, including delivery vehicles and printing factory, develop the market in twenty-first Century. We call Google, this is a heavyweight cooperation, even for them, too. Printing 1 million 100 thousand Cardboard is a huge job. They’re involved because the New York Times says we want to do this." (compile Li Wei) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章:

Net about the driver of the car must be the national level two examinations – People’s network car –onavo protect

Net about car drivers must be approved by the national two level exam, car — original title: Network about car drivers must be approved by the national two level exam in September 9th, the Ministry of transport announced the "new car as a taxi network about supporting policies and regulations" management of taxi driver qualification and "cruising taxi business service management regulations". According to the taxi driver qualification management regulations, from October 1st onwards, the driver engaged in the network about car service needs to participate in the national and local two examinations. Regulations also set the threshold of the exam, the examination staff to participate in the no five, there must be no violent criminal record. After passing the exam, you need to register to post, qualification registration valid for 3 years. At the same time, the "provision" taxi service management has been modified, the program provides cruising taxi operators shall timely adjust the contract fee standard according to the cost of operation, price changes and other factors or fixed tasks, the "money" will be adjusted according to the actual situation to adjust. Net about car drivers need to participate in the examination to obtain the qualification in September 9th, the Ministry of transport announced the "Regulations" management of taxi driver qualification and "cruising taxi business service management regulations", as the taxi network about the new car policy. The revised "taxi driver qualification regulations" on the scope of a clear, taxi driver qualification including cruise taxi driver qualification and network reservation taxi driver qualification, and combined with the characteristics of a new form of network about the car, the driver on the condition, the content of the examination, registration, management, document type continuing education and legal responsibility as well as the corresponding adjustment. Qualification requirements will be implemented from October 1st. According to the relevant provisions of the qualification of the future network, about car driver can not streaking on the road, like the taxi driver to participate in the same exam. Network about car drivers need to apply for qualification examination, the need to participate in the national and local two examinations. Including the national public and regional subjects. The national public subject examination is the knowledge of the national taxi laws and regulations, professional ethics, service standards, safe operation and so on. Regional examination subjects, according to their own circumstances can be set according to the specific content of the examination. There are some differences between the traditional taxi driver and the network about the driver test. The taxi driver who has obtained the qualification certificate shall, after being registered with the competent administrative department for taxi, be engaged in the taxi passenger service. Taxi driver qualification registration valid for 3 years. Only five no personnel is allowed to participate in the examination of the provisions of the provisions of the network about the driver of the car set the threshold, that is not all people can apply for the network about car qualification examination. Specifically, only obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points recorded; no violent criminal record personnel might become net about car drivers. Those who meet the above conditions may apply相关的主题文章:

Former chairman of the company was accused of taking bribes 12 million 180 thousand accused of

The former chairman of the FAW 12 million 180 thousand were accused of taking bribes that prevent tissue examination is alleged to have interfere with the organization review said in court pleaded guilty to repentance China First Automobile Group Corporation former party secretary and chairman Xu Jianyi alleged bribery, yesterday in the Beijing first intermediate people’s court trial. Prosecutors accused him of taking advantage of his position, to help others in business operations, job promotion and other matters on the adjustment, directly or indirectly accepting other people’s property to give a total of 12 million 189 thousand and 740 yuan. Xu Jianyi said in court pleaded guilty to repentance, the case will be scheduled for sentencing. 13 years of bribery of more than 1200 public information, Xu Jianyi 1975 to enter the FAW, sacked before had run the company for 7 years, from 2003 to 2007 briefly ruled outside Jilin, he has spent in the FAW group. Beijing City People’s Procuratorate accused, from 2000 to 2013, Xu Jianyi served as deputy general manager of FAW Group, deputy party secretary, general manager, Party Secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and party secretary of Jilin, the convenience of duty to help others in the business, position adjustment promotion and other matters, directly or indirectly illegally accepting other given property totaling RMB 12 million 189 thousand and 740 yuan. A former rectification team leader in October 29, 2014, the central thirteenth inspection team to the FAW Group special inspections feedback, the FAW Group Leader Zhu Baocheng said, "honest government responsibility is not in place, lack of implementation of the" three major "system, the problem of discipline violations have occurred on 2011, inspections found problems rectification ineffective, multiple corruption configuration the field of automobile sales, resources". FAW Group subsequently set up the rectification work leading group, Xu Jianyi served as head of the inspection teams feedback problem rectification, determined the 26 rectification task, has held 15 Party Standing Committee and the enlarged meeting of the deployment of rectification task. FAW Group in the rectification of the briefing, said, to the judiciary handed over three other suspected illegal clues, the central inspection team is working on the rectification of the second phase (2015) work plan". Is to interfere with the organization review in March 15, 2015, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department announced that the China First Automobile Group Corporation chairman, party secretary Xu Jianyi alleged serious violation of law, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. In August 13th of the same year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Xu Jianyi was "double". Xu Jianyi said that the investigation, not conscientiously perform their main responsibility for honest government, not the performing organization decision; for his son in the promotion for personal interests; a serious violation of the provisions of self-discipline, accepting gifts, occupation of the interests of the state, in the purchase of housing illegal bonuses; taking advantage of his position in selecting and appointing cadres, business etc. respect for others to reap the benefits of accepting bribes. Among them, the alleged bribery crime. In addition, Xu Jianyi also interfere with, hinder the organization’s review of behavior. Xu Jianyi as the party’s leading cadres, should bear in mind the purpose of the party, strict compliance相关的主题文章:

Air conditioning blowing up the infertility – Sohu maternal and child-mcncc

Air conditioning blowing up the infertility – Sohu maternal and child weather is hot and dry, many people can not adapt to the outside of the strong sunlight. So, they choose to stay indoors, exposing his arms thigh, blowing air conditioning, eating a cold drink. Many women do not know, although these methods solve the hot outside. But hiding in the indoor air conditioning is also harmful to the health of women, often blowing air conditioning may lead to female infertility. The uterus is one of the most important reproductive organs, is the cradle of the baby’s initial growth. A woman’s uterus is very cold, so we often say that the cold palace, when the cold is not to say that the temperature is low, but the function of the uterus is in a state of relatively low. Summer Palace is the highest frequency of cold palace, a little do not pay attention to, palace cold may appear, it will lead to a series of complications, such as gynecological diseases, female infertility, etc.. Female friends to pay special attention to the summer, do not take it lightly, moderate heat preservation is very important. Long enjoy air conditioning "bath", a female friend is very vulnerable to air conditioning disease, often cold hands and feet, every weakness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain also can hardly be avoided. Female friends really cool, cool, from the heat of the troubled, but they can’t bear the uterus, it does not love this kind of "cool", resulting in a cold house phenomenon, make the function of the uterus is greatly reduced. If you want to be a mother at this time, you may also have a certain impact. If pregnant women, do not drink cold water and drinks, etc., but to drink hot water, and even regular warm water also try not to drink. In addition, beautiful face will appear due to dysmenorrhea have some adverse changes, appear the mirror’s nasty spots. Not only that, life is not the past passion, is always casual, no mood to get throught a thing carelessly. It can be seen from the above, women blowing air conditioning may be more likely to lead to infertility this argument has its reason. The uterus of the female is pregnant baby a cradle, and the female female palace very cold, easily stimulated, a state of blowing air may make a woman’s uterus function in the low, so it is difficult to conceive.相关的主题文章: