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There is love! Not only did he come to China but also to buy candy for the children in the mountains-tinyos

There is love! Not only did he come back to low altitude parachuting China mountain children buy candy Ultra Powerful jump 200km from the edge of the cliff very close over (this has nothing to do with the original video content, only read) the game Xinhua Guiyang October 23rd Sports News Title: "life’s most wonderful experience" – a British skydiver’s China song "jump" Xinhua News Agency reporters Wu Jialin and Luo Yu to live in Guizhou Anshun Baling River Canyon near people, October 22nd is a busy day, 2016 China · low altitude Huangguoshu Waterfalls Balinghe bridge skydiving international tournament is a major event in the. In the crowd, the most happy is the children, not only because of the drop from the clouds, there are a lot of valiant and heroic in bearing athletes, sweets and toys. Originally, a man named Julian · Depp Qi British players before the game to the surrounding Balinghe bridge is relatively poor mountainous areas, for the local children to do whatever thing, he came from England and bought a big bag of small toys and candy to the game at the take-off site and let the players put some in a pocket or purse, after landing to children. This loving and creative move has been praised by athletes and referees. Julian is a drama producer, 10 years ago began to use their spare time to play low altitude parachuting, has completed more than 500 times in 17 countries, and the first time to participate in china. He told reporters that the dam has been held in the five session of the bridge jumping in the circle is very famous, many people want to come. He did not receive the invitation this time, only through the help of friends to the organizing committee to apply for the opportunity to participate. Take off, flip, fall, parachute, landing…… Julian moves freely. After the two jump in the morning, he excitedly said that China’s first jump has become his best experience in life". "The valley is very deep, and it’s very high. I have enough free time to do it. In addition, the canyon scenery is so beautiful, it can be a dream to jump here." Balinghe bridge Balinghe bridge across the canyon to the river 370 meters on both sides of the valley, steep terrain, rugged mountains, meandering rivers and green layers constitute the stereoscopic picture. One is on the bridge watching players jumping into the scene, let a person feel spectacular stimulus. Julian in this game did not get a good ranking, but compared with the results, he would prefer to participate in the competition to know people, experience a new culture. "The audience, the judges, the volunteers are very friendly, polite, very concerned about our feelings." Julian said that he was very good impression of China, hoping to come to the competition, but also want to introduce their drama into china. At present, the Chinese people do not jump at low altitude, but in Julian seems to hold such a high quality of the game, so that the world has more expectations for China, but also to show China’s openness to new things. Has fifth times to Balinghe participating athletes of the United States Amanda · Weiqieerlize found that people came to watch the game a year more than a year, the surrounding floor)相关的主题文章:

Baoying Jiangsu membership 90 after the creation of a prime minister with the shadow of the people –hamimelon

Jiangsu Baoying Ji 90 hit off a film together — Jiangsu Channel – original title with the Prime Minister: Baoying Ji 90 hit off the prime minister made a film together on the afternoon of 12, held in Shenzhen in the Chinese and foreign hit off the leaders at the forum, Premier Li Keqiang met with the business on behalf of China. One 90 hit off is particularly compelling, he is the co-founder of Insta360, from Baoying County 90 entrepreneurs Chen Jinyao. 12 on the afternoon of 4, Premier Li Keqiang arrived in the second national double week in Shenzhen on the road to the main venue, the venue, double week booth are a superb collection of beautiful things. "We are a panoramic camera, you and all of us entrepreneurs to take pictures of Zhang Quanjing!" With a group of young entrepreneurs who escorted Chen Jinyao enthusiastically to the prime minister prime minister, introduced his company’s products, and to find a photo. After listening to the report, Premier Li Keqiang readily agreed to his request. "The prime minister told us that many entrepreneurs gathered to show the wisdom and strength of our nation. No limit to creativity, entrepreneurship endless. I hope we can change our ideas into reality." 12 evening, Chen Jinyao told reporters in a telephone interview, talked about some of the ideas in this forum, "this is a global hit off event, as a 90 hit off, and the other from 12 countries and regions 86 hit off leaders share the latest development concept, I am very excited!" Chen Jinyao was born in 1991, in 2010, graduated from Baoying high school to enter Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Freshman year, he tried to start a business, the first is to do a part-time student travel agents." For two years, Chen Jinyao dug the first pot of gold business. "My first pot of gold investment in the catering industry, take part in the establishment of" mother pay "fast food, fast food online business to pay later upgraded mother, came into contact with the Internet business." In July 2012, Chen Jinyao and Huadian ideal team to create the "eat" ordering website, and get one million angel investment CEO Qin car home caused the. During the University venture has been a lot of company’s offer, but ultimately chose to start their own business this way." 2014, Chen Jinyao has started a new entrepreneurial journey, the beginning of the main broadcast live. Later found the limitations of traditional live viewing angle, but also coincides with the acquisition of Oculus Facebook, for the first time into the magic of the field of VR, we will start the idea of doing a panoramic camera." August 2014, just graduated soon Chen Jinyao and founder of the company began to join the transformation of R & D and set foot in the field of VR panoramic camera. Now, Chen Jinyao, co-founder of Insta360, chief marketing officer. Less than two years, the company has grown to nearly two people scale, gathered a large number of excellent 90 after the creation of passengers. Insta360 company has the favor of investors, in May 2014 won the IDG capital of US $1 million angel investment, March 2015 IDG, Qiming venture capital of US $8 million A round of financing. "In the beginning of this year, B round of financing, by the thunder network相关的主题文章:

Nani Rooney can return to the peak unexpectedly bogeba will return to Manchester United (video)

Nani: Rooney can return to the peak did not think Rooney will return to Manchester United bogeba review wonderful goal peerless barb ultra long lob surprise four Nani said Rooney can continue to write the history of sports news September 23rd (the Tencent ESPN) since the start of the season, Rooney in Manchester is not good enough, and so he was a fan and the criticism of the media. However, the former Manchester United star, the Portuguese winger Nani clearly expressed his support for former teammate Rooney. This season, Rooney in all competitions only for United scored a goal, Mourinho’s tactics in the system, the Reds captain often appear in the waist position. At present, Rooney in the United striker history ranked second, he only scored the Reds legend than Sir Bobby Charlton 3. The Valencia winger Nani made it clear that, although Rooney is 30 years old, but he was still able to find his best. In an interview with reporters, Nani said: "Rooney is a very special player, he has a strong body, superb skills, archery and vision are incomparable, he is a very intelligent player. As Rooney’s former teammates, I was having a good time with him in charge into the enemy ranks at the moment he is still united, very important player. I think, Rooney still has room for improvement, he can still continue to write their own history. If Rooney can continue to maintain their high level of competition, then he will undoubtedly become the best player in the premier league." Next, Nani made it clear that he did not think Pogba in the Juventus (website data) after Tucci success still decided to return to Manchester United, but the Portuguese international pointed out that after seeing Pogba in a club record offer worth joining Manchester United after he felt very happy. Nani said: "Pogba to return to Old Trafford, I was surprised, because there are many of Europe’s top clubs are hoping to get him at that time. See he joined Manchester United, I feel very happy, he will learn very red, can become one of the club’s history of the great star." (Robbie)相关的主题文章:

Han Han durst shoot town youth second director of works to Shanghai channel — ride the wind -beef怎么读�

Han Han durst shoot town youth   second director of works "to" Shanghai channel — ride the wind and waves — original title: Han Han shot second and then directed the cylinder town youth director of works "to" 2014 "to ride the wind and waves directorial debut" won 630 million votes never ever meet again, as a writer, racer Han Han identity and shot the day before, Han Han announced on personal social platform, enter the shooting stage of the second film directed by "the" I’m sorry "ride the wind and waves," three doors "and" sky ", but this is not forgotten, this is inserted ticket." According to the current publicity of the film project information, the film tells the story of a young man in a wonderful story. Han Han also announced the film behind the lineup, which mainly young people: "the film producer Yu Meng and Li Wenwen" ride the wind and waves, the former was involved in making the movie "" who participated in never ever meet again, in addition to "never thought" production, also starred in "report", "boss" star Ying words and other files network drama project; in addition, voice guidance Guo Ming, involved in the production of "massage" ten films. Art Director Wang Kuo, art design from "a simple noodle story" and Zhang Yimou’s participation in the film, praised by the industry; served as the "hero" white man Hot pot clip making technology, as the clip guide in the "ride the wind and waves". For his second film, Han Han also lamented: "I am honored to work with these young and professional friends. Although the staff behind the scenes can only be in the film subtitles in a hurry, but without you, there is no movie." It is reported that, "" ride the wind and waves has now officially entered the shooting. (Yan, Zhao Xuan far commissioning editor: strong)相关的主题文章: