Cannon single 17 points east of Erwin he is a knight’s explosion Nightmare (video)-actv

Cannon single 17 points east of Erwin he is the number one explosion [star] nightmare Knight Lori highlights half cut 25 + 6 ultra far three points Biao Tencent sports news October 14th Toronto today in the preseason to 119-94 victory over the Cavaliers, Kell Lowry played 20 minutes 9 cast 6, three ball 4 throw in 3, the penalty the ball 10 free throws with 25 points and 6 assists, the presence of the efficiency value of +11. The second section Lori single scored 17 points, Erwin Carey completely to guard him, in the East, Lori is the biggest nightmare. Lori single 17 head up, Lori play Knight’s experience, the end of February this year, he has been playing the magic of the war, the Cavaliers off a career high 43 points and 9 assists, 4 steals, 5 rebounds, distal critical moment he hit the winner. The Eastern Conference finals in the playoffs, Lori is injured in the first two rounds of the series under the situation of low efficiency, the Cavaliers averaged 20.2 points, the crosshair is increased to 47%. It is no wonder that the starting point guard Erwin Knight defensive ability is too weak, and the anti Smith Lori incense Alpert type and confrontation is not dominant, Lori has great advantages in the backcourt play. Plus now Delaweiduowa away, Smith did not delay the contract, no one can prevent Lori knight. Beginning with Erwin against Lori also slightly underdogs, offensive firepower, defensive end to suppress Erwin storm and passing, Toronto trailed by two digits. However, as the game went deep, Luo Rui did not show the Mountain Dew began to play. The breakthrough Lori single to get 8 points, several times sent pass team assists the points he was driven in Toronto gradually narrow the points difference. The second section in the rotation time, Lori firepower, he used the pick and roll and fixed-point shooting played Knight retreat. Roll behind on the knight inside the extension resistance, Lori middle distance jump stop. Erwin immediately after the attack succeeded, Lori with color, the basket was forced to break down on the free throw line points. The three point, Lori even voted to succeed, whether the ball fired pull dry cast or pick, Lori can put the ball into the net hollow. Lori played 17 minutes of data reached 20 points and 5 assists last season, averaging almost flat, his impact was powerful, worthy of the "cannon" reputation. Basically Lori rushed to the basket to the foul, it is difficult for Erwin to live with a breakthrough, only behind the foul, the knight to defend the people therefore bear no small pressure, lost a lot of foul. As if to punch out early, second quarter game, Lori crazy dropped 17 points from Toronto trailed by two digits into 19 points ahead, German – Casey in the second half simply didn’t make Lori debut. Although just 20 minutes Lori had 4 turnovers, but it is basically because I want to please the fans, throwing a lot of lob to teammates with air dunks. The second half Lori lying on the sidelines, right knee tied with thick ice, watching the team get a victory on the road. Said the new season will be the Celtic Knight of the most powerful opponents, raptors than Celtic is inferior. Especially compared to the height is too short too obvious weakness of the little Thomas, one of the anti attack, pass, Lori to Cleveland caused more trouble, he is the biggest capital challenge toronto. (from a dozen to five).相关的主题文章: