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Internet-and-Business-Online You’ve started your online business by creating a compelling vision statement that motivates you in the tough times. You’re ready to take the first step on your powerful action plan. Yet you sense that you’ve overlooked something but you’re not sure what it is. The missing piece is your thoughts. What do you contemplate as you take the first step to implement your vision? Do you think about the problems that you had in previous businesses? Do you constantly re-examine the difficulties you experienced? If you ponder what didn’t work previously, that’s what will show up now. In his book, The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles states "Do not tell of your past troubles of a financial nature, if you have had them. Do not think of them at all. Do not tell of the poverty of your parents or the hardships of your early life. … Put poverty and all things that pertain to poverty completely behind you." In fact, Mr. Wattles declares that you should "Give your attention wholly to riches. Do not focus on poverty." The same principle applies to building a successful business. Your thoughts are powerful; the right thoughts can create the life you want. Mr. Wattles states that "a thought in this substance [thinking stuff] produces the thing that is imaged by the thought." The key to creating a successful business is to own what you desire, not only in your mind, but your body as well. When you truly OWN something you think and act differently. So how do you own your successful business in your mind and your body? What if, up until now, you’ve never had a successful business? What do you do? You could start by reading the biographies of successful entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump. Imagine yourself in their shoes. Connect with positive, like-minded business owners who see the possibilities that are emerging at this time of global transformation. Wondering where you can meet like-minded people? Start online. Visit the Meetup groups in your community ..meetup../. Check out local business networking groups or if you are involved in a network marketing business, attend your .pany’s business meetings. Also review your action plan – what’s the first goal that you are working on? Is it generating the in.e to buy a new sofa? Then check out the sofa you want at furniture stores. Sit in your dream sofa. Put pictures of the sofa around your home. Soak up the energy of what it would be like to have the new sofa. As you implement the steps of your action plan, concentrate on the new sofa. How will your family feel with the new sofa? What color is it? What kind of fabric? What does it feel like to watch TV sitting in your new sofa? As you own the sofa and see it in your home, the steps to the action plan will be.e clear to you. As you visualize yourself as a thriving entrepreneur and own your success, you will flourish! You are the successful entrepreneur of your dreams! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: